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Media: 2 CD Audio
Time: 1:48:46
Catalog: None:
Source: Giant Squid Cardioids > Sony MZ-R700 minidisc
Date: August 30, 2007
Location: Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, USA

McKenzie Brothers / The Larger Bowl   4:55
Secret Touch   7:51
Circumstances   3:53
Between the Wheels   6:05
Dreamline   5:42
Intro Set 2   2:23
Far Cry   5:22
Workin' Them Angels   4:49
Armor and Sword   6:41
Spindrift   5:48
The Way the Wind Blows   6:28
Subdivisions   5:51

Geddy Cam (Hello, Canada!)   :58
Natural Science   8:33
Witch Hunt   4:47
Malignant Narcissism   2:14
Neil Freakin' Peart   8:03
Hope (Alex Acoustic Solo)   2:20
Summertime Blues   4:12
Spirit of Radio   5:13
Geddy Cartman (South Park Intro to...)   :46
Tom Sawyer   5:39

CD01-01 Larger Bowl.flac:60ca9cdbcbd0fba7194668229ab9403f
CD01-02 Secret Touch.flac:502a10a58a18c6c48797e93bb472c285
CD01-03 Circumstances.flac:5de7fc4e8646d462c37ceb09edd23b35
CD01-04 Between the Wheels.flac:f090f2cdba177a480b447e6a6481ef46
CD01-05 Dreamline.flac:6f00e9b7e5814b20e6bd67c54681771d
CD01-06 Intro Set II.flac:23f6fb8aa1fd8cca4e8c3d054a26bdfb
CD01-07 Far Cry.flac:22fa419e3005fd3835fee8f0706bb648
CD01-08 Workin' Them Angels.flac:6b5b6202891654e328c7bd2d32e9b63f
CD01-09 Armor & Sword.flac:5c14c7fe060ee6a4667f5a5ff315d317
CD01-10 Spindrift.flac:452307773db2e2bf2a52951faffb9861
CD01-11 Way the Wind Blows.flac:0c43fa82106f036f6711366983e2fe4a
CD01-12 Subdivisions.flac:f5092fd5c9c367167ce45ac54356265e

CD02-01 Geddy Cam.flac:d23f7685ee6c0d90f6976b9accedfeb3
CD02-02 Natural Science.flac:b7a116de92ab140d8c49a7c07d69b0bd
CD02-03 Witch Hunt.flac:78db45ced4687118ef7bc266e0de6df4
CD02-04 Malignant Narcissism.flac:7153a893a37de5b61724b38b30951ba7
CD02-05 Neil Freaking Peart.flac:4fc806b782d31cac755bee2c71813739
CD02-06 Hope (Alex).flac:17c7ecd783a4ac63bf21113d8ec634d3
CD02-07 Summertime Blues.flac:bb111d8fbda487a89199a910774bfcd8
CD02-08 Spirit of Radio.flac:75ebbd1e5f9e3ba007ce872156227dc4
CD02-09 Geddy Cartman.flac:fe146c595309b35cf0b07ab0563e8336
CD02-10 Tom Sawyer.flac:189ffdccda44759e9f3466c1af3e926c

Abbreviated Arrows Back.jpg
Abbreviated Arrows Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7.5

   (Audio - 7.5)

I recorded this and I'm proud of it. I only bemoan that I arrived five songs into the set, thanks to traffic congestion in Cuyahoga Falls (I left two hours early for what should have been a 40 minute drive). Great show by the fellows. I'm probably being conservative with my rating, but then again, it's mine and I want to be as objective as possible.   (2007-10-10)

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