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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience Master
Date: July 27, 2007
Location: Cricket Pavilion, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Limelight   4:48
Digital Man   6:55
Entre Nous   5:31
Mission   5:41
Freewill   6:08
The Main Monkey Business   6:40
The Larger Bowl (eh)   4:22
Secret Touch   7:55
Circumstances   3:49
Between The Wheels   6:06
Dreamline   5:29

Far Cry   5:25
Workin Them Angels   4:51
Armor And Sword   6:37
Spindrift   5:52
The Way The Wind Blows   6:32
Subdivisions   6:45
Natural Science   8:26
Witch Hunt   4:41
Malignant Narcissism   2:22
Drum Solo   8:12

Hope   2:15
Distant Early Warning   4:55
The Spirit Of Radio   5:11
Tom Sawyer   6:16
One Little Victory   5:36
A Passage to Bangkok   3:57
YYZ   5:02

dcdfb8cb831f6181c5bc7a830510f772 *D1T01 - Limelight.flac
6f43261fe3c29cf2b05993ebae82f4ff *D1T02 - Digital Man.flac
e2a885928442b504c85d0003c82555ba *D1T03 - Entre Nous.flac
ee9864d2b433fb299ece4b8944bfd369 *D1T04 - Mission.flac
fedf42e7b9772fbc666c676b95e7e680 *D1T05 - Freewill.flac
65c10e937f04c6206dca13a7a10a69ea *D1T06 - The Main Monkey Business.flac
3cca4d9db17a7686c713f3c3945cbcc3 *D1T07 - The Larger Bowl.flac
aedd38790570d64da8c109ddbaea2c1f *D1T08 - Secret Touch.flac
5d3ee2f36ac66cd9b199777c98823dbf *D1T09 - Circumstances.flac
07b2e48fc9f62a0c95a837376bd0b413 *D1T10 - Between The Wheels.flac
1ebf6c94fd89da42d5ca5b292265181e *D1T11 - Dreamline.flac
faa8b644cfb6fd485d612f6192b67508 *D2T01 - Far Cry.flac
2f688d24ace034293f3df354b41cb1e9 *D2T02 - Workin Them Angels.flac
e67f1cffe6046f5409f6400d780fed41 *D2T03 - Armor And Sword.flac
711421efe1b249357e310e04ce4f7c35 *D2T04 - Spindrift.flac
9bbe170b297f542312fa020fcd7ba97a *D2T05 - The Way The Wind Blows.flac
d29105fd436b8c94af750fd169602eeb *D2T06 - Subdivisions.flac
e41fd3a419253f1a227f38ee6941dde3 *D2T07 - Natural Science.flac
da1d8f55eaa07b3c3dc81fa086e4b314 *D2T08 - Witch Hunt.flac
9c9029006a2b2557edac925b09e5f99b *D2T09 - Malignant Narcissism.flac
6ebc340f17f6e6773683015566630780 *D2T10 - Drum Solo.flac
0b0ede95d92013bd2dd2ce05f1add084 *D3T01 - Hope.flac
516540063474cd8a5e51824da27dd32a *D3T02 - Distant Early Warning.flac
9577676bd18bde3f0183a11e1ac89dff *D3T03 - The Spirit of Radio.flac
e2d6f82cd83a1a62232a3d2ea157897b *D3T04 - Tom Sawyer.flac
623a391ba4356e4867edb913bf52c1a8 *D3T05 - (encore) One Little Victory.flac
807c9a8211f2caefa6fa5eab9d043415 *D3T06 - A Passage To Bangkok.flac
07b3bfd847246d97b0ffe9aaf185ac5e *D3T07 - YYZ.flac

rush2007 07 27back.jpg
rush2007 07 27front.jpg
rush2007 07 27front3cd.jpg

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Production Notes

Lineage: Sony ECM-DS30P>Batt Box>Nomad Jukebox 3 | Post processing done with Samplitude and Waves plug-ins (minor eq'ing and compression)

This is a recording that almost wasn't. They almost confiscated my digital recorder at the gate, but I passed it off as a CD player. Then, during the show, there were security guards walking back and forth near me all the time. Because of that, during Spindrift, I came very close to getting busted, but somehow evaded detection. Then, unfortunately, because of my lack of stealth, there is a bit of 'mic handling' noise in the recording, particularly in between songs. Sorry aboot that. To add to all that, there was quite a bit of wind (and my cheap windscreen would not stay on the mic) but somehow there is no wind noise! The whole time I thought 'if this turns out ok I'm lucky'. What a relief, the show turned out great! The crowd was ecstatic the whole time. Enjoy the show, there's lot's of genius captured in this recording!

Please do not sell this show or trade it in MP3 format. If you do I will no longer share my shows.


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