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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 66:02 61:55 34:28
Catalog: Snowdog Productions: SPD~011
Source: Audience Master
Date: June 25, 2007
Location: Post-Gazettte Pavilion, Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, USA

[Bad Dreams]   2:49
Limelight   4:39
Digital Man   6:46
Entre Nous   5:35
Mission   5:50
Freewill   5:54
The Main Monkey Business   6:18
The Larger Bowl [a pantoum]   4:55
Secret Touch   7:45
Circumstances   3:54
Between The Wheels   6:04
Dreamline   5:33

[The Madness of King Lerst]   3:12
Far Cry   5:23
Workin' Them Angels   4:52
Armor And Sword   6:40
Spindrift   5:47
The Way The Wind Blows   6:30
Subdivisions   6:41
Natural Science   8:18
Witch Hunt   4:45
Malignant Narcissism   2:25
The Professor's Drum Solo   7:22

Hope   2:13
Summertime Blues   4:24
The Spirit Of Radio   5:09
Southpark Lil Rush~>Tom Sawyer   7:29
One Little Victory   5:28
A Passage to Bangkok   3:46
YYZed   4:56
[Chickenman]   1:03

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9bc2bed39f8b856f93c8e56d39b3cbf5 *d1t02.flac
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40791f6ae232ae4da4feea86070ad6ed *d1t12.flac
db524f6b333d3459d64f64b494c5ca39 *d2t01.flac
25f3ec9074efb375605d8bb95bbfe27c *d2t02.flac
874ce0585ab11785bb284a17ef05d098 *d2t03.flac
932856ece2a10336edc0b9a5ba375e54 *d2t04.flac
cbf625f49c266871d0efc8635d03fee2 *d2t05.flac
1c31a27ff17a01fe4090263497d4b663 *d2t06.flac
65eb963dd542de07f279a98c4ed31524 *d2t07.flac
37363e744dfcbfbc5aecfd61b308c0b0 *d2t08.flac
23905060bbe180d28e2d1dbeefba8a91 *d2t09.flac
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723e092921fbcbcd2dc832a80bb5c06d *d3t04.flac
9d5be3ad3846158fa8dc3f9417baab4f *d3t05.flac
2a225cf860ee27d4fbd2437ab4d904c6 *d3t06.flac
a72246924990510728e0fe13aeb3770e *d3t07.flac
4acec480389278cb6fb6f7050348a20f *d3t08.flac
34fda3e06ce5021d9be24710fe9357b7 *rush2007-06-25pittsburgh.txt

Rush Steel City Armor Back.jpg
Rush Steel City Armor Front 2.jpg
Rush Steel City Armor Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 9.5

Production Notes

Taper:~~David Murray [ninjadave]
Mastering:~~SiriusJoe [Sirius Records]
Location:~~Section 6, Row K, Seat 12 [Right center - Front of PA]
Config:~~Audience stealth - Mics in Beret style hat
Source:~~SP CMC-8 [AT933] cardioid ~> SP BB [flat] ~> Edirol R-09 [Line In ~ WAV 24bit/44.1kHz]
Conversion:~~Master WAVs ~> PC ~> Editing/Tracking ~> Dither to 16bit ~> FLAC Level 8
Editing:~~Cool Edit [fades, normalization, etc.]

Second show for me (first to be uploaded next) and I brought the entire family so you can hear them occasionally, nothing too bad...we're all having a good time. great seats and the sound was pretty good, loud as hell. one for the record books. Geddy's vocals on the new tunes are ok, seems he is having a slight off night when compared to the other shows i've listened too (just those tunes...odd). in any case, nice show. in your face a bit and a good mix. hope you can find some enjoyment in it.

Big thanks to SiriusJoe for mastering this, another stellar job!

TRADE FREELY but please, do not trade in MP3 or other lossy format. Thanks to those who pay it forward and share it back.


   (Audio - 9.5)

In my mind, the best of the tour as of this writing (7/31/07). I know some people think that title should go to "Snakebites in Tampa," but I'm not one of them. Unlike the Tampa recording, Alex's guitar comes through well in the mix. Still not where it should be, but that's an issue with the overall sound on this tour. This recording has excellent clarity, and great midrange punch without the overbearing bass of some other recordings. My only minor gripe is the "woo-wooer" who seems to be getting drunker as the show goes on, he really kicks in during "Subdivisions." He's not a terrible distraction though, but this recording would be better if he had piped down. Other than that, audience noise isn't much of a factor. Many thanks to everyone involved in this...wonderful job of taping and mastering. This show sets the standard for the tour.    (2007-07-31)

   (Audio - 9.5)

As above, this is quite possibly the best audio capture of the tour. Bass if full and deep, vocals are distinct and Alexs' guitar comes through nicely. It is better than the Tampa, Hollywood and probably most others from this tour.   (2007-09-29)

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