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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience Master
Date: June 16, 2007
Location: Ford Amphitheater, Tampa, Florida, USA

Digital Man
Entre Nous
Geddy talk
The Main Monkey Business
Mckenzie talk
The Larger Bowl
Secret Touch
Between The Wheels

Far Cry
Workin Them Angels
Armor and Sword
The Way The Wind Blows
Geddy talk
Natural Science
Witch Hunt
Malignant Narcissism
Drum Solo

Summertime Blues
The Spirit Of Radio
Tom Sawyer
One Little Victory
A Passage to Bangkok

r2007-06-16d1t01 intro.flac:3262dbfffca2094438552b9d4507418d 
r2007-06-16d1t02 limelight.flac:cc9d64d5a8a0dd138cbf93761f021c7a 
r2007-06-16d1t03 digital man.flac:09f818a404d385031b3ed3bae9d322ea 
r2007-06-16d1t04 entre nous.flac:a555eeed5424b3c7a759a6a5e5577368 
r2007-06-16d1t05 mission.flac:6f3a4a8fa102470134adb73c8b4ef9af 
r2007-06-16d1t06 freewill.flac:19548ba99d6a60d1b1b00a85acf5ca73 
r2007-06-16d1t07 getty talk.flac:26ed3836ebeaccfcd8fddf30b6dad0f2 
r2007-06-16d1t08 the main monkey business.flac:accd9db140070cf7a0c2ed443730dbad 
r2007-06-16d1t09 mckenzie talk.flac:ff0ca56af770bf84fe7954a194bca117 
r2007-06-16d1t10 the larger bowl.flac:f924a6cb3e803fb593b2fa7302918c16 
r2007-06-16d1t11 secret touch.flac:e1ebdb9f47f8486be0712a6b032ecf34 
r2007-06-16d1t12 circumstances.flac:f4ae27241e13ad1be8978d0ef3cc1c12 
r2007-06-16d1t13 between the wheels.flac:bfc8229a04a27960128310e7ff4831ab 
r2007-06-16d1t14 dreamline.flac:a9f3adba97cfeebed3ff94537d6d0209 
r2007-06-16d2t01 Intro 2.flac:85757bcdce6a6eb574971e1c51fa9775 
r2007-06-16d2t02 Far cry.flac:aeb85e37eab9418430a924122ce8a9e6 
r2007-06-16d2t03 Workin them angels.flac:d9dc864addb4a28aab05bc13ea1d75db 
r2007-06-16d2t04 Armor and Sword.flac:2b25a2cb0faadb4493e397f781bc645d 
r2007-06-16d2t05 Spindrift.flac:8115c3e00c90c6b2755e9c475c0419be 
r2007-06-16d2t06 The way the wind blows.flac:8ae0482323c1e8b54ffba9440cbba478 
r2007-06-16d2t07 Subdivisions.flac:ce6b576bbb83457470f0e7c799d0081e 
r2007-06-16d2t08 Geddy talk.flac:c06deaa47e1c37b8fea198c963554c6f 
r2007-06-16d2t09 Natural science.flac:5187b5e57839646d26ad825bc74f1fc6 
r2007-06-16d2t10 Witch Hunt.flac:181e32fd34b2000b6ec73ce8064255d3 
r2007-06-16d2t11 Malignant narcissism.flac:f534e693d3a179295043f8265d6948de 
r2007-06-16d2t12 drum solo.flac:bd39420d5b0a63bb91c57cda64053c79 
r2007-06-16d3t01 Hope.flac:2780933ed2784b0b6685d9ec9a3a0f8c 
r2007-06-16d3t02 summertime blues.flac:f84b1761bef89c622c7d3e9d28084b90 
r2007-06-16d3t03 Spirit of the radio.flac:3302704e7178ae6916992ca48dc1e78f 
r2007-06-16d3t04 Tom sawyer.flac:e9bfac3ced19e2bdf10e7b87ea095e87 
r2007-06-16d3t05 encore break.flac:dfc07b5d86b85fbc03e3bf2be841ba10 
r2007-06-16d3t06 One little victory.flac:e711555e5746fc100acf59f46fae5433 
r2007-06-16d3t07 passage to bankok.flac:cbfdf348fcf7ab42a78cce7704466548 
r2007-06-16d3t08 YYZ.flac:cace8aaed16be387984bc7baca153d98 
r2007-06-16d3t09 outro.flac:fe14c806024cf8d0d44845690d6f84cb

Snakebites in Tampa Back.jpg
Snakebites in Tampa Back2.jpg
Snakebites in Tampa Front.jpg
Snakebites in Tampa Front2.jpg
Snakebites in Tampa TrackListing.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 9.0625

Production Notes

Taper: Bluntforcetrauma
Lineage: DPA 4022>Denecke PS2>Hosa MIT (canare 1/4")>RCA 1/4">(Oade mod 6DB)Edirol r-09
Conversion: PB>Peak>normalize>BBE maximizer>L3 ultramaximizer>24bit/44.1khz dithered>16bit/44.1khz>SBE>xact

   (Audio - 10)

If there were an audio rating that exceeds a 10, this recording has achieved it! This production has absolutely set the standard for digital recording and the summer tour that has just barely gotten underway. A mere three shows in and we already have 5 amazing recordings. Of the five, I have listened to four and although they are all excellent, Snakebites in Tampa is certainly the king! The clarity here is better than most SB recordings I have heard in my short experience with Rush boots. This recording could darn near pass for an official release as it stands. If you are a fan of Rush, you must get a copy of this production. We all know that this may be their last time around (we can certainly hope for more, but you never know when it will end.) Once you have listened to this, you will cherish it forever as it acurately captures every detail of the entire performance. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the effort put forth and the generosity displayed by the taper in sharing this with all of us whose lives have been touched by the wonderful music of Rush.   (2007-06-20)

   (Audio - 10)

It doesn't get much better than this. The perfect audience recording. Not much else to say really, its clean, crisp and in your face sound. The bass sound is amazing. You don't want to miss out on this show/source. Just imagine a SBD recording but with more ambience and atmosphere. This beats any SBD recording in my honest opinion. 10/10    (2007-06-20)

   (Audio - 10)

This recording is a treasure to have. I was at the Charlotte show and hope someone has recorded that one as well. I must give praise to the quality and professional sound recording of this Tampa show. Vocals are clean, bass is powerful, drums are exceptional and guitar is, well what I can say, some of Alex's best. All Rush fans should have this one in their collection. The setlist of this Tour is one of the best I have heard and witnessed. This was my tenth Rush show ever and I give it a 10+. The boys have never let me down and they seem to be getting better and better. 30 years is long career for bands and Rush is still rockin'. We always hope for more and you know there will be. Peace out. GWeiss   (2007-06-21)

   (Audio - 10)

This is simply the finest live recording of Rush I have ever heard. I have more than a few ROIOs, including some of the "required" ones. This recording beats out even the "official" live albums in capturing the feel of a live performance. Geddy's voice is clearer than I've ever heard it. The bass has the punch it needs, Lerxt's guitar is clear, guitar tech miscues and all. The drums sound crisp and clear. I was at this show, and to finally have a great ROIO of a show I attended is of particular significance to me. My eternal gratitude to the taper for providing us with this. Thanks also for the signal path diagram. Hopefully it will help others to try to rival this endeavour later in the tour. I know researching the components used has taught me a lot about the current state of recording equipment.   (2007-06-22)

Chris J.
   (Audio - 10)

WOW! First of all, many thanks and appreciation to the tapers who willingly gave their time, incredible effort, and devotion at the Atlanta and Tampa shows and quite simply released their fantastic work in record time. We, Rush fanatics, certainly couldn't have expected anything better or sooner (I don't know how you guys do it!). With that said, I've listened to all 5 of these fantastic recordings and while each is a gem in and of itself, I must give my top rating to Snakebites. As another reviewer put it, this recording is simply in your face and the performance is stellar. While I'm not a skilled audiophile, to my ears, the clarity of this recording is nothing short of superb. All instruments are crystal clear and Geddy's vocals are right up front (where they should be). Congratulations to the taper, and with no intended pressure, PLEASE keep them coming! Thanks again for your extraordinary work and this is a must-have for all Rush fans.   (2007-06-22)

Don H.
   (Audio - 9.5)

With a bit of EQ I have found this to be a highly listenable show and very enjoyable. The guitar was mixed low, I thought, by the sound guy and this is reflected on this recording. The bass is booming as well so I EQ'd some of it out. After those adjustments, I ended up with a great document of a show I attended and greatly enjoyed. The new songs were awesome and played to perfection. Thanks Mr. Taper for your effort.    (2007-06-24)

   (Audio - 9)

Wow guys,this is truly amazing. we can't wait till Rotterdam October 2007.   (2007-06-24)

   (Audio - 10)

Well what can I say about this awesome show that hasnt been said already? If it weren't for Alex's guitar being drowned out by the other two during "Entre Nous" and his problem during the intro of "Between The Wheels" this (IMO) could pass as a "official" live set. Geddy can still hit those high notes. :D   (2007-06-25)

   (Audio - 8.5)

I don't know what kind of system you guys are listening on that would warrant this show getting straight 10's, but I wouldn't put this any higher than any of the other recordings so far this tour. It sounds pretty good, I'd say it's about an 8.5 recording, but it's so very far to the left, that it tends to be pretty hard to make out the guitar for the most part. There isn't a lot of crowd noise, the vocals are clear, Neil and Geddy sound great...but where's Alex? If he were louder in the mix, maybe I'd think about giving this the ratings you guys are. A solid show. Not "better than an official release," not by a longshot.   (2007-06-27)

   (Audio - 7.5)

I don't know what kind of listening abilities you people have who are giving this recording 10s. This is a decent boot, but Al is buried and barely audible at parts. The DRE used to be a VERY valuable tool for me to form a great collection of 'must-have' boots and in general, in the past, the reviews have been bang-on. Yes, Snakebites is probably the best sounding of the first 4 or 5 shows, but come on, let's not water down the expectations so that people don't really get the good boots. Remember, there is nowhere to go up from 10, but there is a WHOLE long way to go up from this recording. It's a good effort and I'm glad to have it, but to give it perfect scores is not only a disservice to the rush boot collectors, but it's a disservice to Alex who is generally absent on this recording. ALSO... apart from the sound, which is 'good', the guys didn't play very well. Particularly their encore is a mess. Mistakes abound and OLV is an absolute mess. Yes, the recording quality has a lot to do with the 'collectibility' of a boot, but I like to hear them play too. I think I maybe have been mildly disappointed in the boyz on this night if I had paid my 100 bucks to hear them. I guess I've been lucky though... some 40+ shows and I've never seen them suck.   (2007-07-03)

   (Audio - 9)


   (Audio - 8.5)

This is the best one so far. Much louder and brighter than "Tastes like Chicken", and the boys seem to be a little tighter. I still have to say that many of the reviews are too high. Thank you to all the tapers out there nevertheless.   (2007-07-10)

Shrimp Cot
   (Audio - 9)

Definitely the BEST sounding boot so far. Not a 10 simply because I prefer SB recordings, but having said that, for an Audience Boot, it is great. Crowd is not annoying and the boys play very well.   (2007-07-31)

Aramis K. V.A.
   (Audio - 8.5)

This recording has been controversial due to the different reactions it has collected since its release. In other forums (or fora), it is named as “Guery Goes Out the Roof”. It has been claimed to be “soundboard”. I haven't heard about the existence of two recordings of this venue. Now, let’s face it; the recording is very good; it exceeds other AUD recordings from this very gig (the explosion in “Far Cry” is a clean shot). Still, you can perceive it is an audience source. The instruments are a little bit distant, and the crowd is clear in some portions, not distracting though. About the set list, it is hard to please everybody’s taste. There are some tunes left out – “Red Sector A”, “Distant Early Warning”, “Closer to the Heart”-. The main remark is the trainwreck during “One Little Victory” when they have to stop briefly due to Alex’s problems with the guitar. Let’s try to help people not confuse them with “emotional” reviews.   (2008-02-05)

   (Audio - 9)

I hope to dispel any rumors. This is my Pull. I record quit a few shows. I like this recording. It was recorded from row 9 Mr. Lee's side. I am not a huge RUSH fan. It is a huge Capturing an event from beginning to end is a huge undertaking. Many things to consider when attempting a pull. Even though you might get passed security, then its on to set up ( mics, cables, pre's, recorder) then to your seats, then you hope others around you are not too loud, and you scan the crowd during the show for possible security spotters, then you hit record and you still dont know if you got anything until you get home to check the recorder. Then if that goes, onto post production. I just thought I would offer it to those who really follow the band and this is the place to be if you are an avid fan. The last time I saw RUSH was in 1994 - Philly, The Spectrum. This recording is a little light and i wish the boys would have played a little bit louder but I think the mics grabbed the sound very nicely. A bit thick with the mids, but none the less it is what it is. Now as recent as 2.16.2008 and 2.18.2008 I recorded VAN HALEN and compared to those shows the RUSH sounds a little low.    (2008-03-25)

   (Audio - 6.5)

Nice show, but 10? I think not, and I was also at this show, which usually if anything makes me grade higher. Honest rating of show VG/VG+   (2008-10-21)

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