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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 65:49, 62:21, 35:00
Catalog: Sirius Records: SIR0540/0541/0542
Source: Audience Master
Date: June 13, 2007
Location: HiFi Buys Amphitheatre, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Intro   2:50
Limelight   4:34
Digital Man   6:39
Entre Nous   5:28
Mission   5:48
Freewill   5:50
The Main Monkey Business   6:22
The Larger Bowl   4:50
Secret Touch   7:34
Circumstances   4:06
Between The Wheels   6:03
Dreamline   5:39

Intro   3:41
Far Cry   5:23
Workin Them Angels   4:50
Armor And Sword   6:37
Spindrift   5:42
The Way The Wind Blows   6:30
Subdivisions   6:04
Natural Science   8:18
Witch Hunt   4:46
Malignant Narcissism   2:23
Drum Solo   7:01

Hope   2:08
Summertime Blues   4:24
The Spirit Of Radio   5:10
Tom Sawyer   7:46
One Little Victory   5:31
A Passage to Bangkok   3:49
YYZ   5:00
Outro   1:09


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Average Rating:Audio: 8.875

Sirus Records

Recording Equipment: (2) Audio Technica 933 cardioid mics > (2) Audio Technica 8532 Power Modules > Edirol R09 recorder

Location: Section 102, Row M (13th row center)

Taper: KingLerxst
Mastering: SiriusJoe


   (Audio - 9.5)

Outstanding recording! If someone told me this was soundboard sourced, I would never argue. What a way to kick off a new summer tour. The setlist is a very refreshing change and the boys rock through Entre Nous and Circumstances as if they have been playing them for years. Some of the new songs are a little rough around the edges but after all, this is the first time any of them have been performed in front of a crowd. This recording is a MUST HAVE for every Rush fan out there! Great job KingLerxt and SiriusJoe! You guys do an awesome job and really understand how to keep the spirit of trading alive! I look forward to more quality recordings to come this summer.   (2007-06-16)

William Hildenbrand
   (Audio - 10)

This is a very well captured audience recording of the Atlanta show. There is not any noticeable movement in the stereo image. The audience and band mix are virtually perfect. Frequency response and dynamic range are simply superb. This recording most certainly could be one of the best during this era. Thanks very much to the taper.    (2007-06-16)

Chris J
   (Audio - 9.5)

An absolutely superb recording! I adjusted the EQ slightly to increase the high end to my liking; otherwise it's a near perfect recording. For opening night, I thought the band sounded incredible despite the technical glitches they experienced. Geddy's voice sounded awesome with just one notable exception during Limelight. He seemed to be straining a bit during the choruses as he has been on that song during recent years. First song of the tour can also be expected to be a bit rough. As for the new songs, I thought they nailed them rough edges that I noticed. Digital Man, Entre Nous, Circumstances, Mission, and Passage to Bangkok were sweet surprises in the setlist...all of which the performances were nothing short of outstanding (particularly Entre Nous and Circumstances). Hats off and many thanks to the tapers for a fantastic piece of work!   (2007-06-18)

   (Audio - 9.5)

Thanks to the taper for getting this concert out so quick with such great quality. It's wonderful to not have to wait so long to hear the set. Production wise, the recording is a little bassy, but nothing a little adjusting with the stereo can't fix. There are some annoying audience voices at various places, but what can you expect? Some are actually kinda funny ("Here we go!" at the beginning of Armor and Sword). Rush themselves are in great form for their opening night, with only a few comical flubs that they quickly recover from (guitar problem at the beginning of Between the Wheels and Alex and Neil getting off on the Chinese cowbell fill on Passage to Bangkok.) It's so great to have a GOOD recording of Entre Nous finally and they bring Witch Hunt, Digital Man, and Mission out of the vault and rock them hard. Circumstances is dropped a key or two for Geddy's voice, and it makes it rock all the harder. The new material from SNA sound great live, especially Far Cry and Armor and Sword. So, all in all, you can't go wrong with this one. Remember, help your fellow traders and offer this one for free trade ONLY. Never buy or sell this material for ANY price, since you don't own it. Keep the music alive.   (2007-06-22)

   (Audio - 8)

I am very surprised by the grading for some of these shows. An EX+ around the board? This is an EX-. Thank you very much to all the tapers but it isn't a better recording than say 30 years strong.   (2007-07-10)

   (Audio - 9)

The playing was decent, not as good as later tour dates. however, it is worth hearing because this is a great raw performance where they are working to get it right. while other shows may be 'better' performance wise, there is that cruise-control factor. the recording is awesome, absolutely no complaints at all   (2007-07-23)

   (Audio - 8.5)

now that the first n. american leg of the tour is complete we can all put in perspective the magnitude of this show.. when removing the sentimentality factor of it being opening night, i'm not as in love with this show as everyone else. that said, it's a damn fine recording that captures the energy and surprise of the crowd as they respond to Entre Nous and some of the other gems from the vault... as to be expected early in the tour, there were a few kinks to work out -- while Geddy had no problem hitting the screeching highs in the Freewill crescendo, he seemed to sing the lower octave on Circumstances; a couple other opening night mishaps are captured as well as there's a fun crowd response to Alex getting a new guitar during the opening verse of Between The Wheels (i think he had broke a string). it's a solid recording but these 9.5 and 10-ratings were issued within six weeks of the actual show date and there wasn't nearly the broad frame of reference of S&A ROIOs in circulation as now. definitely pick this up but if you were only going to grab up one S&A show (as if you would just want one!) i'm not sure this one is the creme de la creme.    (2007-10-14)

   (Audio - 7)

Who is grading all these shows?? I mean don't get me wrong , another show I was at, and recorded by one of my all time favorite tapers, and friends, and great show/recording. But honest grade would be VG+   (2008-10-21)

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