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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 66:03, 68:15, 33:05
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience 1st Gen
Date: June 13, 2007
Location: HiFi Buys Amphitheatre, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Video Intro
Digital Man
Entre Nous
The Main Monkey Business
The Larger Bowl
Secret Touch
B etween The Wheels

Thunder (End of Intermission prompt)
Video Intro
Far Cry
Workin Them Angels
Armor And Sword
The Way The Wind Blows
Natural Science
Witch Hunt
Malignant Narcissism
Drum Solo

Summertime Blues
The Spirit Of Radio
Tom Sawyer
One Little Victory
A Passage To Bangkok
Video Outro

c925e4a7c0eb1f238656e434e785d386 *D1Track01 Video Intro.flac
6e684898d3f9887f188754938876b95d *D1Track02 Limelight.flac
1c15372593e7688a33ea2c49a8f97419 *D1Track03 Digital Man.flac
a3c332a3f09ecc8c2be190d448493738 *D1Track04 Entre Nous.flac
7c59b3070889331c342b5bf2d7631960 *D1Track05 Mission.flac
24b431880a7df585b3e1901774e95c84 *D1Track06 Freewill.flac
74740d005f68df78c5a80fc0e22cd406 *D1Track07 The Main Monkey Business.flac
70e24160e94cbc8af2a6cc68cfa9a994 *D1Track08 The Larger Bowl.flac
3c3b36e95acde4f5a91f7ed3662cfd15 *D1Track09 Secret Touch.flac
27b3fd3d7b5be1885474f6ce2bb93edd *D1Track10 Circumstances.flac
472e59162a739088953f6fc63b2aabd8 *D1Track11 Beneath The Wheels.flac
1c4c4f89c39fb828baff60866544c0ee *D1Track12 Dreamtime.flac
88a4414d9ccc6b32d83bd67eead85844 *D1Track13 Geddy Speaks & Intermission.flac
be9b1216385bcf7782edae03ecfb7dab *D2Track01 Thunder.flac
d994f05f354f26cc70e5a7ea404e59b5 *D2Track02 Video Intro.flac
bb001b43de4bec036dc717f39e778a49 *D2Track03 Far Cry.flac
ead00a89009fabb9323e36d443773049 *D2Track04 Workin' Them Angels.flac
7a9fb0e3b7212bc7c38201d73b065d78 *D2Track05 Armor And Sword.flac
ee75a69573915d445cb53da4d616f270 *D2Track06 Spindrift.flac
3ab09fce45ac231ed64e595530d18ebf *D2Track07 The Way The Wind Blows.flac
3795687978b7bfea1b5bfa290a67c4f9 *D2Track08 Subdivisions.flac
54b35717f06432221f85d62a176d2396 *D2Track09 Natural Science.flac
ba3a9487b8ada1a41ed6ffba317a6057 *D2Track10 Witch Hunt.flac
f2bd619e14e6ad07221ce0d1b4b69f09 *D2Track11 Malignant Narcissism.flac
154e06de18320743101abc8447e83c19 *D2Track12 Neil Peart's Drum Solo.flac
01d1eab44412f9f6c2ca41a28635e2be *D2Track13 Hope.flac
db81be8f25bc0dcbdedf837c4d1e7212 *D3Track01 Summertime Blues.flac
1e85e846bc9131fed11e39bd211e62c3 *D3Track02 The Spirit Of Radio.flac
0a304d517a5484580ec4d75b61e4267f *D3Track03 Tom Sawyer.flac
631f08a12103c15d8bfcf39ef965aac8 *D3Track04 Applause.flac
8015b958608d13c7b5651fc825a93239 *D3Track05 One Little Victory.flac
5f2110362e72cd05bc1384470af8a20b *D3Track06 A Passage to Bangkok.flac
ab50e72b747d2283e302da2be8a2bd97 *D3Track07 YYZ.flac
618241866bb5ca858d071fb716b6994d *D3Track08 Video Outro.flac
d056f995cc191dea721ff7da1d426298 *Rush 2007-06-13 FIXED VERSION fingerprint.txt
d1b760ea9dcec96835218217cf33f1e0 *Rush 2007-06-13 FIXED VERSION text file.txt
e395f5fafbc96332be5e3f35261a7ef1 *Rush 2007-06-13 FIXED VERSION.shntool.txt
9357c7e6203819d6a20865871f41afb0 *Rush Overnight Delivery - Atlanta 2007-06-13 Back Cover.jpg
ac2f50c38de1e726f92c46fa17c079a4 *Rush Overnight Delivery - Atlanta 2007-06-13 Front Cover 2.jpg
79131cc9c5bfbe27e8866408ab631677 *Rush Overnight Delivery - Atlanta 2007-06-13 Front Cover.jpg

Overnight Delivery Disc 1.jpg
Overnight Delivery Disc 2.jpg
Overnight Delivery Disc 3.jpg
Overnight Delivery Foldout Inside.jpg
Overnight Delivery Back.jpg
Overnight Delivery Front.jpg
Overnight Delivery Front2.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8.75

Jerry B aka The Grovner

I hope you are as excited about this torrent as I am making it! What a great way to start off the "Snakes And Arrows" tour! But as with most concerts this one did have a lot of mis-steps before I got to the venue. I did take a half a day off from work to allow myself plenty of time to get to the show incase anything went wrong....and I glad I did! After getting lunch @ Bojangles I got on I-75 from Lovell Road at 1:50pm for what should have been about a 3 hour drive. When I got down to about the 45 mile marker traffic came to a dead halt! After creeping just a few miles while relaxing to Gov't Mule's "Life Before Insanity" it was an accident......a semi was on it's side and took Southbound I-75 down to 1 lane so I know some of the people coming from Tennessee and all points North prolly missed most of the first set if they didn't leave early like me! After making it thourgh that I'll be damned if traffic didn't come to a standstill again before getting to Chattanooga..... a car had caught on fire! It was a litte after 4pm when I finally crossed the Georgia state line! The rest of the trip was uneventful and mad it into the parking lot right at 6pm after dealing with "Rush Hour" traffic (no pun intended!). I met up with a friend of mine who brought her sons to the show (thanks for the $4 bottle of water Marie!) and hung out by the sound board where their seats was....until the owners of the sets showed up to claim them! I moved back to my seat (Sec 205 Row JJ seat 15) and unlike the recent Roger Waters show was around some well behaved humans and I was very pleased with the sound I was getting as I was on Alex's side of the pavillion (but was still somewhat centered in the amphitheatre) and with the exception of the 2 dickheads who kept entering and leaving the row for beers I couldn't have asked for better taping conditions for the seat I had! I have decided to call this torrent "Overnight Delivery" as I'm sure you have seen the express delivery service who has the same name as the band and I was "Driven" to get this up as soon as possible for a few reasons....
(1) it is a great show and people will want it ASAP and
(2) Rush seems to have a good base of tapers who do quality work and there is always multiple sources for the Atlanta I want to get mine out first
(3) For my friend Danny (dan1972) who I wished could have been at the show with me......wait until Noblesville, Cincinnati & Columbus!
and last but not least for GeddyOnDime who has went beyond the call of duty to post the finest Rush audio that is out there!

I did include the "Thunder" prompt in for those who want to have the show as they heard it (and as a "heads up" for all the other tapers!). I split the 2nd set before "Summertime Blues" at the same peak that "Hope" ends on so if you want to make it a seamless recording for your computer (or if you choose to try & edit it to fit on 2 cds for your "personal" use).

I'm sure there will be others to be offered but for now here is mine..... please be kind when comparing recordings as I do know that other people can do better work and if you are harsh with your "criticism" it may prevent somebody from posting a really great recording or discourage future taping. I like to think I'm pretty thick skinned but some shows I thought was garbage that I taped when I just started out have had some really good comments from people who was really glad to get them!



Thanks for the effort but the files torrented on Dime a Dozen of this show have Sector Bountry Errors (SBE) which will cause pops between tracks if you burn the show to CD and play on a standalone player. Hopefully this will be corrected and a new version will be released...   (2007-06-14)

The Old Dog
   (Audio - 8)

Ok having listened to this show and not having played it on a standalone machine i've no idea about the problems regarding SBE .Its a clean sound though to my ears a tad flat (imho) it sounds very bass light so maybe some mastering will clear that up .Taking nothing away from the tapers efforts and the speed of the release a nice job thanks :-)   (2007-06-15)


The show f'n rocked!!!!! onna see them in Dallas in August....can't wait!!   (2007-06-14)

William Hildenbrand
   (Audio - 9)

This is a very well recorded show from Atlanta. Stereo separation perhaps could be a little better, though minor. Very good frequency response. You really have to give credit for this person and others since this individual took in about a thousand dollars worth of equipment to make this show. As far as the sector boundary issue I used Nero to burn this to CD-R without track gaps and it plays seamlessly between track changes. So not an issue there for me. I have about 184 Rush boots burned with Nero. Thanks to the taper!!   (2007-06-16)

Hal Willingham
   (Audio - 9.5)

This show was done flawlessly by the taper IMO.It burned via Nero to 3 audio cd's without any trouble.I was there at this show and witnessed the great ones as they continued to prove they are still the best!! Bravo on getting this show out there a scant 2 days after the event!! Bless You!! :) Hal   (2007-06-19)

   (Audio - 8.5)

Great recording! I did myself a favour and cut out some of the talking at the very beginning, and split the tracks at better positions. But that is minor. This a great boot! Everyone should have this as part of their Snakes & Arrows tour bootleg collection!   (2007-10-02)

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