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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: Nickeh Productions: 050
Source: Audience
Date: November 30, 1996
Location: Special Events Center, El Paso, Texas, USA

Intro   1:17
Dreamline   5:03
The Big Money   6:55
Driven   5:09
Half the World   3:51
Red Barchetta   6:49
Animate   6:53
Limbo   5:10
The Trees   5:07
Red Sector A   4:53
Virtuality   6:02
Nobodys Hero   5:02
Closer to the Heart   4:53

2112   20:57
Test for Echo   6:53
Subdivisions   5:39
Freewill   5:39
Roll the Bones   6:22
Resist   4:27
Leave That Thing Alone   4:40
Drum Solo   8:06
Natural Science   8:02

Force Ten   4:10
The Spirit of Radio   5:24
Tom Sawyer   5:09
YYZ   4:24
Cygnus X-1   0:36

e878fc94babb0f29df853446b14aa216 *rush1996-11-30.txt
e709e6bfd65df266d27d5576395ab063 *SSASPT_back.jpg
da5fae9871bc0a32b1cc4dd0a327196d *SSASPT_front.jpg
8f3f9537c01bb7536333494a624923a3 *SSASPT_gatefold.jpg
106d064445cafa80db1b890301046619 *Disc 1\D1T01 - Intro.flac
b18bc769130d2a0dd9bb724c9bc6a9d5 *Disc 1\D1T02 - Dreamline.flac
1154dcc5162d821d45326c38c64eacd6 *Disc 1\D1T03 - The Big Money.flac
adefb36b71847e9898365da6f8200822 *Disc 1\D1T04 - Driven.flac
77aca903c9e3cdbd6deac9bf86c72cb1 *Disc 1\D1T05 - Half the World.flac
abd6426ee55902f23cf3e5303de76eda *Disc 1\D1T06 - Red Barchetta.flac
aaac52c9796e72384ae55a78e23522e0 *Disc 1\D1T07 - Animate.flac
70d5a9747d791b0f031f919ea7a9b6d0 *Disc 1\D1T08 - Limbo.flac
db3ceadc2d5a66213fdc28f990e7e3a1 *Disc 1\D1T09 - The Trees.flac
74e15dddadd0dc30426db4af2f4a3551 *Disc 1\D1T10 - Red Sector 'A'.flac
d58f508bb19010df587b4b399acd2a2e *Disc 1\D1T11 - Virtuality.flac
7bb05a14ebdce4c85ef84eaba89afccd *Disc 1\D1T12 - Nobody's Hero.flac
8f5c1cdb7002f36466b800c9631c348a *Disc 1\D1T13 - Closer to the Heart.flac
297ec84dee744bf7831b3a77f9cb8e80 *Disc 2\D2T01 - 2112.flac
6ca8da8f32ffdd46b85db51a7a5cf59b *Disc 2\D2T02 - Test for Echo.flac
0b94cc292f6fa7b4d965e61fc4ce506f *Disc 2\D2T03 - Subdivisions.flac
dadd0e20400ff69180a11a38470dbc31 *Disc 2\D2T04 - Freewill.flac
a5c1fe6e4bdad01d831fcd77a24314a2 *Disc 2\D2T05 - Roll the Bones.flac
b78f6d2775caee07d11a51e5ee01566c *Disc 2\D2T06 - Resist.flac
81f68bc27a00dee59bdba7aa0b0d482e *Disc 2\D2T07 - Leave That Thing Alone.flac
11d7a0e52461a28c592fbd57573dcd3c *Disc 2\D2T08 - Drum Solo.flac
4da129f5c1e8b319e53ce34781b0645a *Disc 2\D2T09 - Natural Science.flac
db3d4eb3416926ff5a8a72daeae301a0 *Disc 3\D3T01 - Force Ten.flac
d77fe67362e7e270250d6103cda76a5c *Disc 3\D3T02 - The Spirit of Radio.flac
ffbc21bde479dafe51b1b6cfc0de1788 *Disc 3\D3T03 - Tom Sawyer.flac
6ef0e57c98debe5ad3216db23fbd1a01 *Disc 3\D3T04 - YYZ.flac
1a10eb39063996a5b13d6c29ff3d5b18 *Disc 3\D3T05 - Cygnus X-1.flac

SSASPT back.jpg
SSASPT front.jpg
SSASPT gatefold.jpg

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First of all, many thanks to Sundeep for contacting me and getting me his masters of this show! And of course thank you to Nephronic for providing the artwork for this show!

Now, a generated version of this show is lightly traded, but this is the first showing of the master on CD. There are several cuts in this show where casettes were flipped or changed. The first is between The Trees and Red Sector 'A'. A small piece of Red Sector is missing. The next is between Natural Science and Force Ten. Once again a small piece of Force Ten is missing. Finally, the encore break is taken out on the original recording, so you can hear a noticable cut in the audience noise between Tom Sawyer and YYZ. The sound is not great, but not really bad either, and it is certainly very enjoyable.

Please do not sell this show or convert to lossy formats.

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