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Media: 1 CDr Audio
Catalog: DR Productions: 01
Source: Audience
Date: July 06, 1984
Location: Richfield Coliseum, Richfield, Ohio

The Spirit of Radio   5:09
Subdivisions   2:46
Between The Wheels   1:32
Red Barchetta   7:58
Distant Early Warning   5:33
Red Sector A   5:17
Closer to the Heart   3:53
Afterimage   4:59
YYZ   3:14
Temples of Syrinx   1:51
Tom Sawyer   5:00
Red Lenses   2:13
Drum Solo   4:50
Red Lenses Conclusion   2:15
Vital Signs   5:07
Finding My Way    1:11
In The Mood   2:09

01 The Spirit Of Radio.flac:549a70aa35528788ec633c1f2749378b 
02 Subdivisions.flac:a16bf3e5af53ef0dab18857cc4c552d8 
03 Between The Wheels.flac:31ef910134008e1a67465843d9c7a699 
04 Red Barchetta.flac:c6ccec82be0f1524b56310728621b8e7 
05 Distant early Warning.flac:a5ed4e48d2aec3b718f7b5762e4d9d2b 
06 Red Sector A.flac:bae64ac0bdd0de8bd62cdb99dd6e130c 
07 Closer To The Heart.flac:d3b58e17a053b54a5a98900d629649be 
08 Afterimage.flac:3b2838d2de0deceace1d33e05ae87a24 
09 YYZ.flac:4632b8d45439dddb48cea32ae90e109a 
10 Temples Of Syrinx.flac:7a345ac02ddd94ee36291bfa5472620f 
11 Tom Sawyer.flac:5fa84494169bfd30d5e9494edb6bbf27 
12 Red Lenses.flac:10347b0eb0767de9239af03e43e9b974 
13 Drum Solo.flac:0731126f747c3643c80bb0459d55cf8a 
14 Red Lenses conclusion.flac:4a071505337182e3bb74e47f1ef66040 
15 Vital Signs.flac:80aa9d9d7969e90c22d35a34fe0c3513 
16 Finding My Way.flac:0da4b5d92328dbb33c5998d76ef94ef7 
17 In The Mood.flac:90fcda3f09e3d2c4f32b3f11b005c67d

Richfield OH 7 6 84 Back Cover.jpg
Richfield OH 7 6 84 Cover .jpg
Richfield OH 7 6 84 Disc .jpg

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This recording was never intended for release. We were all ages 16-18 and I just wanted something to capture the memory. To my knowledge no other recording from this date is available. This was back before you had to stand on the seats. Does anyone else remember that?. Considering the primitive style of recording(walkman in shirt pocket), I think this came out decent. My huge regret is accidently hitting the pause button early into Subdivisions missing the Fear Trilogy, The Body Electric, New World Man & most Of Between the Wheels. My disappointment is plain to hear. Our chatter is mostly between songs, but sometimes overlaps. The funniest memory is my friend trying to take pictures over the guy to his front left who thought he was at a Duran Duran concert. There are two tape flips(TSOR & Red Lenses). All instruments are clearly present. Alex & Neil are about equal. Geddy is slightly lower. I pushed this tape to its limits(perhaps beyond) boosting bass and treble. Also tried to bring down the mid-range a bit. Unfortunately the low end could not be helped very much. There is digital popping contained. Whether it is due to age of the tape or the transfer deck is unknown. If I get access to another deck I will isolate and re-seed if applicable. There is also slight phase shifting thru out. This is do to obstruction between me and the pa(i am only 5'7"). I believe this is worth the download. I know rush completeists like myself will enjoy this.- Dave R 3/1/06   (2007-02-16)

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