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Lunar Eeklips Matrix


Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 60:35, 58:32
Catalog: Eeklair Rems: RTB-01
Source: Matrix of two known recordings, "Vital Dreams" Soundboard (DAT Master Clone) & "Southern Charms" Audience Recording
Date: June 14, 1992
Location: Blockbuster Pavilion, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Force Ten   5:01
Limelight   4:21
Freewill   4:04
Distant Early Warning   4:26
Time Stand Still   6:16
Dreamline   5:07
Bravado   6:53
Roll the Bones   6:06
Show Don't Tell   6:17
The Big Money   6:30
Ghost of a Chance   5:32

Vital Signs   4:52
The Analog Kid   5:24
The Trees   5:12
Where's My Thing   5:28
The Rhythm Method   7:46
Closer to the Heart   4:43
Xanadu   6:39
Superconductor   5:07
Tom Sawyer   6:03
The Spirit of Radio   4:50
2112 Overture   1:28
Finding My Way   2:06
La Villa Strangiato   3:12
Anthem   1:43
Red Barchetta   1:34
Spirit of Radio (concl.)   :47
Cygnus X-1 (teaser)   :45

LunarEeklipsMatrix Back.jpg
LunarEeklipsMatrix Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 9


I was grabbing a torrent from GeddyOnDime and I told him I had done this matrix and wasn't sure I should share it because i thought there'd be a lack of interest really. I told him that I went to the show and gave him a hypothetic title for it - if and when I decided to share it on DIME... Geddy graciously offered to "throw something together to go with it." The guy created this amazing artwork with my stupid title, he fills out the songlist, ups it to me, and sez, "i threw this together last night. I had a few minutes free time. Tell me what you think and don't hold back.." What a class act that Geddy (OnDime). And Geddy is his real given birthname, btw!! So now that my arm was twisted, I had to dig out the discs I made from the 2 shows. I ripped em, cut an mp3 sample (see below), then as I listened back to the whole thing. I recalled how it rained during the 3.5 hour drive from Raleigh to Charlotte, but then the sky cleared up with a high broken overcast as the sun set. And all the colors of that sunset together with the anticipation of seeing RUSH helped me to forget all about the opening act, MR BIG. God they were awful. RUSH was in top form, Geddy had some vocal intonation problems.. Alex broke a string at 5:15 into Big Money. I remembering him looking for his roadie and a guitar being brought over. Alex just muscled through it with the broken string and the crowd ate it up. Favorite moments in this matrix are Leave that Thing Alone, and Rhythm Method. The audience responce is clear as are the instruments. Neil pulls out some stops in one of his best ever performances. As I listened back to this matrix, I remembered driving back to Raleigh with my friends, and gazing up at the Lunar Eclipse that was taking place. I didn't dream that one day i'd be creating a matrix to share of the concert that i'd just experienced - Let alone a gracious illustrator nudging me to put it out there for y'all to grab... THis ones for you Geddy, and for you Tammeh, and Nickeh, and Cynergestic, and all others on the ole HUB. This is my 2nd attempt at doing a matrix. Hopefully you will like it. My idea was to create the ambience I experienced at the show, as I did attend this one. Instead of lining the two recordings up perfectly in time, I offset the two recordings by about 50ms (SBD > 50ms > AUD). Every matrix recording I've ever heard - the two sources are lined up in perfect sync with each other - with no offset. In my mind this is wrong, because the music travels through time from the stage to the audience. It is logical to me that the Audience source in a matrix recording should be offset from the stage or SBD source. I hope this makes sense to any and all reading this - and I hope it's a tip to those interested in doing Matrix recordings going FWD. There was limited SBD source material to work with as, "Vital Dreams," ends after Spirit of Radio, so everything past the Guitar solo in Spirit is Audience sourced. Enjoy. AND PLAY THIS SUCKER LOUD AND YOU'RE REALLY AT THE SHOW!    (2007-02-14)

   (Audio - 9)

EX-   (2007-09-13)

   (Audio - 9)

An absolutely tremendous effort from Eeklair. That Rush0212 gave it a '9' says quite a lot. A great blend of SBD + AUD. You really need to hear this. Bravo, Eeklair.   (2007-11-17)

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