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The Mighty Three: 1994 Encores & Things


Media: 1 CD Audio
Time: 53:50
Catalog: Cygnus: 008
Source: SOUNDBOARD (rehearsal)
SOUNDBOARD (rehearsal/show)
Date: January 18, 1994
April 02, 1994
April 29, 1994
Location: Civic Center, Pensacola, Florida, USA
Dane County Coliseum, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Force Ten   4:39
Distant Early Warning   3:11
YYZ / Cygnus X-1   4:39
Force Ten   4:49
YYZ   4:59
Nobody's Hero   4:51
Bravado   8:15
Stick It Out   2:35
Double Agent   4:14
Bravado   6:30
YYZ   5:06

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05927015509c6fb0eab45169ba8f3497 *Rush_1994_TMT_05.flac
839365731478ad2c449a1160cbba2034 *Rush_1994_TMT_06.flac
0856fe961e8544997462628f275c1faa *Rush_1994_TMT_07.flac
e88462c8f4f867a57c185f9beec170ec *Rush_1994_TMT_08.flac
a691a7458c5cbe4d057dba6809fd85b9 *Rush_1994_TMT_09.flac
941fae7a8b1a007e43327c1f514a90aa *Rush_1994_TMT_10.flac
3bdbf9c1fd7a530cf5c5c14560495a6d *Rush_1994_TMT_11.flac

Rush 1994 TMT back 1.jpg
Rush 1994 TMT back 2.jpg
Rush 1994 TMT disc.jpg
Rush 1994 TMT front 1.jpg
Rush 1994 TMT front 2.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 9

Jun'ya aka the_sphere
   (Audio - 9)

Original pressed silver > EAC (secure mode) > .wav > dbpoweramp > .flac Released in mid Sep., 2005, under the RUSH specialized label CYGNUS in Japan. This is the bonus disc for the 3rd CYGNUS release, "Earthshine" - Oct. 13, 2002 Atlanta, GA Soundboard (Scanner ?) recording. Unfortunately, "Earthshine" is only a pirate copy of "One Big Victory" (exactry the same except for the gain level... reduced 1db) and it is not our interest but the first press of this title has an bonus disc named "The Mighty Three: 1994 Encores & Things". Tracks 1-3: Jan. 18, 1997 @ Pensacola, FL (Dress Rehearsal) Recorded at Jan. 18, 1997, Civic Center, Pensacola, FL. Four days prior to the opening night at the same venue and this is a part of the dress rehearsal soundboard recording released as "First Part of Counters" but this time the last track (YYZ) is not faded out, it is complete version. I have no idea why "First Part of Counters" has incomplete version but anyways we could have entire rehearsal recording fortunately. However, tracks 2 and 3 have cross faded with different amount so it would not utilize for the last track of "First Part of Counters". This is further mystery. Why ? Tracks 4-5: Apr. 2, 1994 Madison, WI (show) The same as the tracks from "Nuts and Bolts (DR)" but this ones sounds slightly better than that I think. Sourced lower gen. tape (DAT) ? If it is true, need to release the whole recording. Tracks 6-9: Apr. 29, 1994 Philadelphia, PA (soundcheck) Leader tracks for thes release. Completely new, uncirculated soundcheck performances for the first show after concert cancelation due to Ged's illness (he had caught a cold). I believe it is rare that RUSH plays newer songs at their concert soundcheck but here are 3 tracks from new album (CP) and 1 from RTB. Possibly boys played these newer songs as the "test" for Ged's voice, but it is only a speculation. Tracks 10-11: Apr. 29, 1994 Philadelphia, PA (show) "A Night at the Spectrum (Watchtower)" has the same show but does not have the encores. However, "YYZ" is here ! If we could obtain "Force Ten" from this show, we could have one more complete soundboard recording. I think this is like a "sampler" release from the bootlegger so I hope we could have upgraded versions of some CP soundboard recordings soon. Jun'ya aka the_sphere Nov. 1, 2005 p.s. please do not upload this one on public BT like Dime a Dozen, The Traders Den until Dec. 1, 2005. Thanks.   (2002-01-01)

   (Audio - 10)

EX+   (2007-01-19)

   (Audio - 8)

I'm completely confused about the above comments by the first reviewer of this disc? The reviewer references January 18, 1997 but the actually date is 1994. He is also puzzled about the April 29,1994 traacks 6-9 and wondering why they played "new songs" at soundcheck. Well the Counterparts tour was practically over at that time and the only "new" song they played was Bravado which was added to the setlist at the tailed end of the tour. Why would there be confusion over this??   (2007-04-01)

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