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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: Doinker Production:
Source: 1st gen master audience tape
Date: December 16, 1978
Location: Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Intro   :29
Anthem   4:45
A Passage to Bangkok   4:15
Bytor and the Snowdog   5:13
Xanadu   12:24
Somthing for Nothing   4:01
Cygnux X-1   6:30
Hemispheres   19:37
Closer to the Heart   3:49

Circumstances (cut)   3:22
A Farewell to Kings   5:43
La Villa Strangiato   10:28
2112   18:50
Working Man   3:44
Bastille Day   1:46
In the Mood   2:46
Drum Solo   5:08

HOV Back.jpg
HOV Front.jpg

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Production Notes: This show is uncirculated, even among the most rabid Rush fans. It has the earliest known "Xanadu" ever performed. This is my first posted collaboration with another Dime member. Another will follow shortly. What do you do when you have something great to listen to, and you simply can't figure out what's on it? You contact an expert, that's what you do! I had this tape in my collection for a very long time. It has an interesting background, let me tell you about it: During the very early 1980's, there was a guy operating out of upstate New York, who did a huge operation in live tapes. I don't have his permission to use his name as I haven't contacted him about it, but the name he used was Quality, Incorporated. His main business was selling live tapes, as a matter of fact he did that well enough that it put him through school. We sort of struck up a friendship, he and I. I sent him as much material as I could, and he never charged me a cent for the stuff he sent me. He used to say that kids would send him their master tapes, just to have the music put out there. That's what we're doing here on Dime, isn't it? This is one of those tapes. There's sort of an unwritten rule here on Dime about setlists, and about the way that concerts are split up. For one thing, you may be able to get away with no list of tracks at all if the music is largely improvisational. You can certainly get away with a partial setlist if you've tried. The true fans of that particular artist will try to help you, if they can. But, there probably is no excuse for not knowing the names of the songs for a group like Rush. Except if you're me, that is. I never paid attention to song titles. Hell, I have trouble with Pink Floyd track names. As for this particular concert, not only could I not figure out track names, I couldn't always figure out where one track ended and the next one started! This is a great, fabulous, kick-ass show. I wanted to post it, so I got help where I knew I would be able to: Thanks, GeddyOnDime! Someone whose entire Dime *existence* consists of supporting this group would have to be the place to turn to! I have to thank GoD for taking the time to listen to this show, for identifying and splitting the tracks up for me, and for some awesome cover work. And, from him, I know the following: This show is uncirculated, even among the most rabid Rush fans. It has the earliest known "Xanadu" ever performed (sorry for the repeat there). The sound quality starts off good, then gets better and better. The performance is top-drawer. The name HOV is an American term dealing with a special lane of traffic, that is only open during rush hour (the time when people are most likely to be traveling to and from work). It requires two or more people to be in the car. Rush hour does not have to be a single hour. In fact, in this area, it's from 6am-10am in the morning, and from 3pm-8pm in the evening, during the weekday of Monday through Friday. If you travel during this time alone in your car in the HOV lane, you will get a heavy ticket. Lineage: MC-> This copy ->Sound Forge 6.0 ->CD Wave Editor > Flac Frontend -> Please keep all files intact when trading this tape in other groups. Feel free to add your own comments. Please do not encode to lossy formats for trading! We are watching common places where this material might come up for sale if you are stealing. Don't sell this material! We might trace it back to your Dime membership! Enjoy! A DoinkerTape    (2007-01-19)


I don't have this boot, but I'd just like to point out something that should be obvious to any Rush collector. This is hardly the earliest version of Xanadu, as it's from A Farewell To Kings and had been played for an ENTIRE TOUR. The earliest recording of it being played live, to my knowledge, is on You Can Trust Your Car To The Man Inside The Star, 5/10/77, Milwaukee, when they began previewing it on the ATWAS tour.   (2008-06-27)

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