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Project R30: New York-02


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 77:35, 47:27, 58:07
Catalog: BumbleBee Productions: BBP-2004-25
Source: Audience (DAT Master)
Date: August 19, 2004
Location: Radio City Music Hall, New York, New York

Intro   3:05
R30 Overture   6:35
The Spirit of Radio   5:04
Force Ten   4:48
Animate   5:53
Subdivisions   5:46
Earthshine   6:19
Red Barchetta   6:51
Roll The Bones   6:07
Bravado   6:13
YYZ   4:51
The Trees   5:39
The Seeker   3:50
One Little Victory   6:29

Darn That Dragon Intro   3:42
Tom Sawyer   5:05
Dreamline   5:09
Secret Touch   7:35
Between The Wheels   5:59
Mystic Rhythms   5:27
Red Sector A   5:10
O Baterista   9:17

Resist   4:43
Heart Full Of Soul   2:50
2112: Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx/Grand Finale   8:09
La Villa Strangiato   9:54
By-Tor And The Snow Dog   4:47
Xanadu   7:05
Working Man   6:59
Summertime Blues   3:51
Crossroads   3:13
Limelight   4:57
Outro   1:37

fea6de01dd8cb669a5be189a44edd336 *rush2004-08-19at853hd1t01.shn
5806b5576c24eef73b83056264b23e33 *rush2004-08-19at853hd1t02.shn
4e7af299cdffe27d46d451de2e7ee536 *rush2004-08-19at853hd1t03.shn
370e8b0c5503ea6d3a8a5003146b206e *rush2004-08-19at853hd1t04.shn
b2a993228b0202be911232655c4ee2fa *rush2004-08-19at853hd1t05.shn
cf595658f9ae0b87992e04478f4c3d89 *rush2004-08-19at853hd1t06.shn
243654c0e2ae4639579e805793440c03 *rush2004-08-19at853hd1t07.shn
82b11f6e0cc009969c9697c75bd7e2fb *rush2004-08-19at853hd1t08.shn
22e8179e41a433c08e98cbbf1f03f2db *rush2004-08-19at853hd1t09.shn
e5b9313c6b9730076d1f41bfd384b0c2 *rush2004-08-19at853hd1t10.shn
9158aa1deb8a660048fb071f2f7b76f2 *rush2004-08-19at853hd1t11.shn
473be8392d861fd32938f63a7dff60cc *rush2004-08-19at853hd1t12.shn
b2bbd2c9fcc6d4056c35d3deff8f5c8f *rush2004-08-19at853hd1t13.shn
eea2d2260c4962842c9d4d8bda2ead7c *rush2004-08-19at853hd1t14.shn
3c73a83cb68ccda0563d1247478e31a1 *rush2004-08-19at853hd2t01.shn
7b6c31afe4c58029eb2aec24688b8ee9 *rush2004-08-19at853hd2t02.shn
dcfabbef96f5fe765d6f836c06f13f27 *rush2004-08-19at853hd2t03.shn
26e10312b56260fd87561391857d3816 *rush2004-08-19at853hd2t04.shn
34ff18cf110786fa623f082c9b0efd38 *rush2004-08-19at853hd2t05.shn
e8144a3b1bba12aa4e1bfadd21fe3325 *rush2004-08-19at853hd2t06.shn
2b41dad5ca783140fc50db73b692007a *rush2004-08-19at853hd2t07.shn
1187427ba12bd96fd70fed238ad31cb8 *rush2004-08-19at853hd2t08.shn
fc21fe2f7e513f7b70bd2116bbda9ed6 *rush2004-08-19at853hd3t01.shn
04d19682b18811e85d30f909ebddfec4 *rush2004-08-19at853hd3t02.shn
063afbc0d0557fc755bcfea01e6b1809 *rush2004-08-19at853hd3t03.shn
1e967fcd85b63b7909e5c6067c6f12b7 *rush2004-08-19at853hd3t04.shn
2706d97939179026871e915d9f4865e0 *rush2004-08-19at853hd3t05.shn
8559dcdaa99ee533ac4b16624e5558a4 *rush2004-08-19at853hd3t06.shn
a7cc0c9878c3ddedc75bf36d4361eec8 *rush2004-08-19at853hd3t07.shn
e1ea15f86cd380f5a89df2714016f208 *rush2004-08-19at853hd3t08.shn
9a6991d64d77f44e6f4a3ebb4623cc4d *rush2004-08-19at853hd3t09.shn
d8b7337d58e46d60aaa80a1f71a77fa0 *rush2004-08-19at853hd3t10.shn
559f90aa2d6b6ab69317ab21fc5ccf29 *rush2004-08-19at853hd3t11.shn

R30 Project R30 NY02 Back Thumbnail.jpg
R30 Project R30 NY02 Back.jpg
R30 Project R30 NY02 Front Thumbnail.jpg
R30 Project R30 NY02 Front Tray.jpg
R30 Project R30 NY02 Front.jpg
R30 Project R30 NY02 Tray.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8


Source: Audio Technica AT853 hyper-cardioid > AT8533 > Beyerdynamic MV-100 (48V phantom, +20dB) > Sony TCD-D8. Orch 6, Row N, Seat 609 Transfer: Sony PCM-R500 > Canare AES/EBU > S/PDIF > M-Audio DeltaDio 2496 > CDWave > CoolEditPro 2.0 > CDWave > SHN (mkwACT) NOTES: Taper's Notes: I'm standing in Grand Central Station. The place is huge, the ceiling almost turns into the sky it's so high. I can't believe I actually made it here. The last 10 days have been spent driving more than 3,500 miles alone and hanging out with 60,000 or so people in Coventry, VT at the last Phish shows. The last 5 days have been pretty much traffic (only 10+ hours getting in), rain, mud, very little sleep, the end of an era, emotions, home sickness, more mud, and even thinking one night I'd dropped my Rush tickets somewhere between the shitters and my tent. It actually got to the point where I made myself accept the fact that THEY WERE GONE. I even went back and searched all the porta-potties I thought I might have been in hoping they weren't in a cesspool of ass and funk. Turns out I'd put them in my truck because I knew I'd end up losing them. :) But all that behind me, I'm here in NYC for the first time ever. It's crazy, this place doesn't stop moving and there's this hum, it's a constant, like the whole city is plugged in somewhere. I find my room and soon realize that it is just a few blocks from RCMH just like they told me it was on the phone back in Portland. Even if I get caught sneaking my gear in I can still run back to my room and make it back in time for the show. Wait....the starts in a few hours, better get ready. I hunt down the closest liquor store I can find and buy the most expensive bottle of cheap Vodka I've ever had. That's OK, I made it here, and it's all worth it. I crotch all the gear just like I learned at the Leegeddy School of Stealthing which I graduated from just a few weeks earlier while on vacation in So. Cal hanging out seeing Rush and Ozric Tentacles. I still can't believe such little mics record such big sound. What's great is that at the door both nights they paid no mind to me or anyone else, come on in, and enjoy the show. Get set up in the bathroom and take my seat on the rail of the second mezzanine for the first night, directly in front of the stack on Geddy's side, on the floor the second night in front of Alex's stack 14 rows back. Make friends with my neighbors and let them in on the little secret and just wait for the show to start. LOUD. What? What was that? I said LOUD! It's fucking LOUD, my ears are bleeding. Right on....I like clouds too. Having seen 2 shows already and knowing what to expect I was thoroughly impressed at how into it the boys were. This however pales in comparison as to how pumped up the crowd was and that just pushed them to play harder. There was a time in Vermont where I actually gave up on coming to these shows becuase I was so spent. But, a good nights sleep in a little out of the way motel room somewhere near New Hampshire made all the difference in the world, and I remember thinking how pissed I'd have been if I hadn't come. Everything was on both nights, the band, the crowd and the DAT!!! I was so happy to be able to tape these shows, I was completely out of my element and running gear I'd never used before with the exception of my D8. These shows felt so good to be apart of, they weren't just concerts, they felt more like a homecoming of sorts. There wasn't a single person in that place that didn't truly want to be there, and it felt like you were just hanging out with a bunch of friends watching one of your favorite bands play your favorite music. I actually haven't heard these tapes, I mailed them off on the way home somewhere in Nebraska so leegeddy could work on transferring and EQ'ing them. Do they sound OK? I hope so. If not, you drive cross country to tape Rush, see if I care. I already did it. No..... you shut up. No..... you're a stupid head. Nah-ahhhh.... I'm telling Mom. -Chris M. (October 23, 2004) leegeddy: What a wonderful recording from the 2nd (and final) night of the RCMH run. This show would be the final show of the American leg of the R30 Tour. The boys headed up to Canada then it was off to Europe! Remastering included minimal EQ (mid cut, bass and high end boost), amplitude adjustments and normalization to 0dB. No dynamic compression nor other processing were done to the recording. The sound is powerful with full range dynamics and a nice punch in the bass/mid-bass. Highs are nice and crisp with Geddy coming through superbly. Kudos to the taper for a fine recording as usual and for taking care of my recording gear. Please do not convert to MP3 or other lossy formats (except for your personal use) and TRADE FREELY.    (2004-11-00)

   (Audio - 8)

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