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Matrix: Atlanta 02


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 69:10, 55:40, 47:18
Catalog: BumbleBee Productions: BBP 2004-19
Source: AUD: Sonic Studios DSM-6 > PA-6 > Sony PCM-M1, 10th Row SBD: SBD > In House feed
Date: October 13, 2002
Location: Philips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia

3 Stooges Intro   1:05
Tom Sawyer   4:58
Distant Early Warning   4:58
New World Man   4:11
Roll The Bones   6:12
Earthshine   6:14
YYZ   5:04
The Pass   4:58
Bravado   6:19
The Big Money   6:22
Between Sun and Moon   4:56
Virtual Signs   4:53
Natural Science   8:53

Dragon Intro   7:20
One Little Victory   5:28
Driven   5:48
Ceiling Unlimited   5:34
Secret Touch   7:03
Dreamline   5:18
Red Sector A   5:20
Leave That Thing Alone   5:01
O Baterista   8:43

Resist   5:00
2112: Overture/The Temples of Syrinx   7:01
Limelight   4:35
La Villa Strangiato   10:04
The Spirit of Radio   6:56
Bytor and the Snow Dog   4:45
Cygnus X-1   3:14
Working Man   5:40

2ab2cc1f72ed372ccefe5d86c839b2e6 *rush2002-10-13matrixd1t01.shn
0e18509bcefdede9acaeff79019896c0 *rush2002-10-13matrixd1t02.shn
17db2526a5464e5f257317e8dd2e4d62 *rush2002-10-13matrixd1t03.shn
8469e5a4015663da27526b4c6ad8d7dc *rush2002-10-13matrixd1t04.shn
f0c701bb1d01e1819a4d1e69f575062d *rush2002-10-13matrixd1t05.shn
abda0d0ee33ee78073d25d9eba7459ea *rush2002-10-13matrixd1t06.shn
893a7948d1cd164f1e9d1bc4eb4d823f *rush2002-10-13matrixd1t07.shn
14e807586dfe43846eb4e603d42ba0d7 *rush2002-10-13matrixd1t08.shn
72244901010da60bd148d39826c3e00d *rush2002-10-13matrixd1t09.shn
859f9cf524d2a3dac5d90d12d34b116d *rush2002-10-13matrixd1t10.shn
1ab832693449b2de14e0816fcc8ed885 *rush2002-10-13matrixd1t11.shn
a6fa9119b6b35808ebba912cb58bc84d *rush2002-10-13matrixd1t12.shn
5ca17871d9aca79341658bdf5809f172 *rush2002-10-13matrixd1t13.shn
b27677a88cf18dbd86c612c35b3c385e *rush2002-10-13matrixd2t01.shn
915043edf064023184e0a0869c928a7b *rush2002-10-13matrixd2t02.shn
2500508f4025ab580c287ecb02cbc329 *rush2002-10-13matrixd2t03.shn
48c7d0285321ef574c3fe639c8e4f5e8 *rush2002-10-13matrixd2t04.shn
ef57582aa7ba053450e5dff8a6f92e79 *rush2002-10-13matrixd2t05.shn
6c01b4503a933ce782db5208bffc295e *rush2002-10-13matrixd2t06.shn
069bd2247f3e00cefba548617fa6bbad *rush2002-10-13matrixd2t07.shn
b93125ec6db212c07a9ce435e5c9e82c *rush2002-10-13matrixd2t08.shn
491f4da9a79108bca2cd006922e8e962 *rush2002-10-13matrixd2t09.shn
c10bf506ecbac357efd32e0eb27a119d *rush2002-10-13matrixd3t01.shn
4f0165d4990574ca1ed7f682b0e9305a *rush2002-10-13matrixd3t02.shn
7edb6db13ecf1e24131a20fa4c57efd9 *rush2002-10-13matrixd3t03.shn
ea6f6a29aace8fca091ff23536b2699b *rush2002-10-13matrixd3t04.shn
366bf7ccff0ed05834f2eb42dfeda4b5 *rush2002-10-13matrixd3t05.shn
f9b02f33a598fdd8953e5cab53ccd18b *rush2002-10-13matrixd3t06.shn
3d7fe72cb720e2a102e3a41584fa4039 *rush2002-10-13matrixd3t07.shn
6cb85fb2576cdb31addf8146e500ca68 *rush2002-10-13matrixd3t08.shn

VT Matrix Atlanta02 Back Thumbnail.jpg
VT Matrix Atlanta02 Back Tray.jpg
VT Matrix Atlanta02 Back.jpg
VT Matrix Atlanta02 Front Thumbnail.jpg
VT Matrix Atlanta02 Front Tray.jpg
VT Matrix Atlanta02 Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 9


Recording: Matrix (Audience DAT Master + In House SBD Feed) Source: AUD: Sonic Studios DSM-6 > PA-6 > Sony PCM-M1, 10th Row SBD: SBD > In House feed Transfer: Sony PCM-M1 > Oade 7-pin > Audioquest VSD-2 S/PDIF > M-Audio DeltaDio 2496 > CDWave > CoolEditPro 1.2a > CDWave > SHN (mkwACT) This matrix comprises of an audience DAT master with a mono In-house SBD feed. Geddy\'s bass really sounds nice with an extra pop in his strings, thanks to the SBD source. The AUD recording fills out the bottom end with great emphasis and provides the overall fill in the mid-bass and the lower highend range. I decided on a final mix value of about 60/40...AUD/SBD. This mix yielded the presence of the SBD while retaining the ambiance of the AUD source. Many thanks to the KindTaper for allowing me to use his Master DAT for this project. Please do not convert to MP3 or other lossy formats and TRADE FREELY.   (2007-01-16)

   (Audio - 9)

EX   (2007-01-19)

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