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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-083
Source: Master MD
Date: June 13, 2004
Location: ?, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Intro   2:21
R-30 Overture   6:33
The Spirit Of Radio   5:04
Force Ten   4:44
Animate   5:56
Subdivisions   6:21
Earthshine   5:50
Red Barchetta   6:55
Roll The Bones   6:11
Bravado   6:10
YYZ   4:50
The Trees   6:14
The Seeker   4:13
One Little Victory   5:36

Darn that Dragon Intro   3:09
Tom Sawyer   5:02
Dreamline   5:17
Secret Touch   7:35
Between The Wheels   5:59
Mystic Rhythms   5:33
Red Sector A   5:07
Drum Solo   8:14

Resist (Cut)   3:19
Heart Full Of Soul   2:45
2112 Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx/Grand Finale   8:11
La Villa Strangiato   9:41
By-Tor And The Snow Dog   4:36
Xanadu   7:03
Working Man   5:38
Summertime Blues   3:37
Crossroads   3:12
Limelight   4:48
Outro   :55

Master Checksums

Disc #1
6cc8ed148604220ee60a97d50af9a566 *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D1T02.shn
681fb160ac43a2e5258c8f96bab578cf *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D1T03.shn
02f8b73d9070a40502af20dbfc046fe5 *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D1T04.shn
45460b53233a755bf06e284a161650d1 *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D1T05.shn
e2139764ddc124272e3b31c2f43a60af *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D1T06.shn
9d5dbe00050abf334c39d40e7543c770 *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D1T07.shn
44d8eefc43f350f4c9419c63b39876cc *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D1T08.shn
94f48e6f31f7d6207a626973b73fc99e *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D1T09.shn
79988ebee03e39a0209abac35d3e5c58 *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D1T10.shn
200dada8247be77e4b15b6ebafe12155 *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D1T11.shn
870c62017e48fafe30eb884d7eeec9cb *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D1T12.shn
5c0be4bfea6f919bb25d50dc306b2093 *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D1T13.shn
9574fba37560a8c6045d7d90e9c7c225 *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D1T14.shn
ce3d6e85f60815c989074381c357a7f4 *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D1T01.shn

Disc #2
1876a4ba6448ec48de9c4af631f764a1 *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D2T02.shn
30a49c48dde9e0b08a18e36b34d91fcf *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D2T03.shn
ab804b515459521684ceafcb4325fa0c *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D2T04.shn
a9cc6e1acdccb823d9d895c9edc4d769 *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D2T05.shn
6484af6a569cca435008e949d8173278 *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D2T06.shn
4b5d69eb43f791487ea804a124b6a1ab *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D2T07.shn
a3e89369b071b0c41eb55ddf78349b45 *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D2T08.shn
f119746c7df05b3ba06676154e26315c *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D2T01.shn

Disc #3
44eb3589ec364b5a4b1a0f2308a365f0 *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D3T02.shn
7bc6463cd432233bfd890f55d4dfe4d9 *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D3T03.shn
8ec7cce34e842c32daee382d3fe01210 *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D3T04.shn
f3f6d2d88c62570d4847816138a2f790 *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D3T05.shn
06b6049e9a9b3034dadf65cf76e1c0c3 *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D3T06.shn
5bfa5b3d8e6bbd4f05d5101732e9ada5 *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D3T07.shn
4439d21e16b2c14f32b171fa7a083e09 *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D3T08.shn
30e215d736cd4230ce86db42487b6135 *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D3T09.shn
1e32a0551fc5e935565c1e37cf87f077 *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D3T10.shn
6716a5205f890a66e9f3d34d7ee2f911 *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D3T11.shn
ab62601119f0ad853f6561b31b2f9c56 *2004_06_13_RMtDH_D3T01.shn

2004 06 13 RMtDH Back.jpg
2004 06 13 RMtDH Disc Label 1.jpg
2004 06 13 RMtDH Disc Label 2.jpg
2004 06 13 RMtDH Disc Label 3.jpg
2004 06 13 RMtDH Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 6

   (Audio - 6)

Production Notes A great show? No. Not even a good show but there is something to be said for having the nerve to go into a venue and tape and pull it off successfully. This was Xembla's first complete recording of a Rush show. Considering poor seats, poor audience around him and fairly crappy equipment he did a good job. Practice makes perfect after all! Taper's Notes: So the next night, I carried all the gear and had a small flashlight. My seats weren't as good, but there was no raging wind and I could hear everything okay, so I hoped the sound would be good. My friends made a little noise (note for next tour: new, mute friends), but I don't know why this one didn't turn out better. I think I did everything I could have done (except get closer and move away from people) but I know so little about the recording technology. Anyway, I enjoyed the show, the performance was great, as usual, and it made me confident enough to want to try again in Dallas in ten days (On Rush's Secret Service). Please consider this show apprentice-level work (or imagine how much smarter we are now about how bad our clothes used to look). Thanks to Simple Man for the gear and the transfer, I'm sure what quality there is is due to him! Here's to the next tour! Thanks goes out to Xembla for the taping effort and the artwork. Thanks! This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! Released April 2006 on The Alien Shore - As is the Simple Man norm, this show will be traded freely to all comers.    (2004-06-13)

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