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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: Rusherman Productions: RMP-081804-M
Source: 2 Master DAT sources
Date: August 18, 2004
Location: Radio City Music Hall, New York, New York, USA

Intro   2:44
Finding My Way   1:05
Anthem   1:33
Bastille Day   :46
A Passage to Bangkok   1:10
Cygnux X-1   1:12
Hemispheres Prelude   :44
The Spirit of Radio   5:06
Force Ten   4:47
Animate   5:59
Subdivisions   5:41
Earthshine   6:21
Red Barchetta   6:46
Roll The Bones   6:09
Bravado   6:16
YYZ   4:50
The Trees   5:41
The Seeker   4:20
One Little Victory   6:01

Darn That Dragon Intro   3:09
Tom Sawyer   4:58
Dreamline   5:05
Secret Touch   7:12
Between The Wheels   6:18
Mystic Rhythms   5:25
Red Sector A   5:08
Drum Solo   8:33

Resist   4:48
Heart Full of Soul   2:54
2112 Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx/Grand Finale   8:03
La Villa Strangiato   9:44
By-Tor And The Snow Dog   4:36
Xanadu   7:01
Working Man   6:57
Summertime Blues   3:48
Crossroads   3:13
Limelight   4:46
Outro   :54

507674436ebd4a06989b34eb95a8f40e *Rush_Crossing_The_Stage_disc-one01.shn
e6716f7521bea9570183c3f5675adc19 *Rush_Crossing_The_Stage_disc-one02.shn
3cfa02ac0a44967be62b73ed9b521972 *Rush_Crossing_The_Stage_disc-one03.shn
9725d1384aca4ad4f8b7893f56f1fc8d *Rush_Crossing_The_Stage_disc-one04.shn
f53ef2a9d7d185bd0a38e07aa3d1c5d7 *Rush_Crossing_The_Stage_disc-one05.shn
56e05327ecca4d7b7c12d74284d073ad *Rush_Crossing_The_Stage_disc-one06.shn
6d7b9c25f16c528533b757b6430c2f0f *Rush_Crossing_The_Stage_disc-one07.shn
18658f09b3b450be3d051ca151b077be *Rush_Crossing_The_Stage_disc-one08.shn
f94d9368a5ec4a920ecfda2a2f6682a2 *Rush_Crossing_The_Stage_disc-one09.shn
e1e173e1eed8a58c26052a7743702654 *Rush_Crossing_The_Stage_disc-one10.shn
27b6c517165680129243c9bf5835c5d4 *Rush_Crossing_The_Stage_disc-one11.shn
fdb027dfbee44aaf513eba1a5ccba5a0 *Rush_Crossing_The_Stage_disc-one12.shn
12cc7c863ee1d564a4551aa1c6c1a0d0 *Rush_Crossing_The_Stage_disc-one13.shn
b04aa7b196189576a031c05d1a79017b *Rush_Crossing_The_Stage_disc-one14.shn
b97dd69a499ef6c98577d2f8a7f129ca *Rush_Crossing_The_Stage_disc-one15.shn
2b3f2a2692b9815f87142dbf7e02f78a *Rush_Crossing_The_Stage_disc-one16.shn
e0f80ce72c006049b6f596f85a68f8ee *Rush_Crossing_The_Stage_disc-one17.shn
1c3b6c39d1d862ce0a7ee361ac7fdcd4 *Rush_Crossing_The_Stage_disc-one18.shn
2be6bfbc25263625e26f4b8da8596da5 *Rush_Crossing_The_Stage_disc-one19.shn

cec3824d3df10fa031cd7911ce46e4fb *Rush_08_18_04_cts_d2_01.shn
5326e2d49891f3a601706bdc193656d2 *Rush_08_18_04_cts_d2_02.shn
a39cadd765346d4b6d5177a939b9ab25 *Rush_08_18_04_cts_d2_03.shn
a5a4a8f83031892e3d93f9785e583627 *Rush_08_18_04_cts_d2_04.shn
e53cd7192e512b2645ba28b64c36e57d *Rush_08_18_04_cts_d2_05.shn
5b5405c19be074d13f007e129361480b *Rush_08_18_04_cts_d2_06.shn
106fbb317e0522d7e70b170c00344aec *Rush_08_18_04_cts_d2_07.shn
805e755bd97081f9103210c319332a2a *Rush_08_18_04_cts_d2_08.shn

20e578aaf5f7b3b856ba2fadc3c3993f *Rush_CTS_8_18_2004_D301.shn
badbb797b18b831f002ffdda96d6d994 *Rush_CTS_8_18_2004_D302.shn
bb1a4ef86f00ea7f454d02ef46adf519 *Rush_CTS_8_18_2004_D303.shn
eec39881dfda6aa85c1c279bf76fc064 *Rush_CTS_8_18_2004_D304.shn
5a0320ed413b103a6296a1acd5ce2c50 *Rush_CTS_8_18_2004_D305.shn
e6fe00ffa7fc160116ef42a6c32abb4f *Rush_CTS_8_18_2004_D306.shn
5cfb103bb1f6c8b23fbeb92eaf5b5246 *Rush_CTS_8_18_2004_D307.shn
7e108cf05b5e364f61b70080e25cdffd *Rush_CTS_8_18_2004_D308.shn
afaf58ced1e860b5bf012e9b1db09d2d *Rush_CTS_8_18_2004_D309.shn
0fef429b8d0b37ecd888740614e551ef *Rush_CTS_8_18_2004_D310.shn
a1d97f0cff71e1370867a439fcf2f863 *Rush_CTS_8_18_2004_D311.shn

Rush Crossing the Stage Back ver2.jpg
Rush Crossing the Stage Frontver2.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8.75

   (Audio - 9.5)

Production Notes :: i'll try & make it short ?? This is a 2 source matrix of one of the best Rush performances I ever witnessed. I played around with this over a year ago & when i started playing back some test tracks I couldn't believe the fidelty & stereo separation i was getting without even trying. I concentrated on getting as much from Geddy's side as possible & at the same time eliminate the clappers & abnoxious fan to my left , you'll hear that he's been eliminated almost completely. I continued to mix several different ways & had planned to release this on 8-18-05 but i still was not 100% satisfied with the sound . Taking time & a lot of patience was the key to getting this right. This sounds better than it did when i was there &* that is no lie. That raw sound they have had the last 2 tours was not something i heard on the official release "R-30 ". I play this NY show & I hear the way it sounded when I was there + all the sound i didn't hear from Geddy's side. I want to thank ModernDayWarrior (Al Horta) for letting me do my thing all this time & matrix our 2 masters. The show sounds twice as good as the original solo version i released & the sound is just so up-front & you can easily hear everything all 3 of them are doing at all times. Al : thanks again dude ! I also want to thank Rochinante30 for his time into creating the artwork. & EPR66 (ED) for his ears Note::The few who have this show ,please get a copy of these shn's. This is the release ,so check your checksums !! I will get the shn's in the hands of those who will weed it out . Please do not sell for profit & do not convert to mp3 , never pay any $$ for shows of this nature. You can always get a copy by download or free trade. Hope you all enjoy . John Rusherman Productions    (2006-01-31)

   (Audio - 8)

EX-   (2007-02-16)

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