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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: No Tech Solutions: NTS-RUS-003
Source: Audience recording. Unknown generation.
Date: May 25, 1983
Location: Royal Highland Exibition Centre, Ingliston, Edinburgh, Scotland

3 Stooges Intro   1:01
The Spirit of Radio   4:36
Tom Sawyer   5:22
Freewill   5:35
Digital Man   6:34
Subdivisions   5:23
Vital Signs   5:04
The Camera Eye   6:51
Closer to the Heart   3:14
The Analog Kid   4:43
Broons Bane   1:41
The Trees   4:21
Red Barchetta   6:16

The Weapon   8:05
New World Man   3:57
Limelight   4:32
Countdown   5:58
Temples of Syrinx   6:17
Xanadu (cut)   1:56
La Villa Strangiato (cut)   3:20
In the Mood   3:36
YYZ / Drum Solo   11:11

6af021c365b60c5a6ffd0a3bbfe40b5e *1983-05-25_Ingliston_d1t01.flac
a66d9fbead4ad9e560aa27a046a6cd05 *1983-05-25_Ingliston_d1t02.flac
c1c19fa66ed8ab6eae693722104d1fea *1983-05-25_Ingliston_d1t03.flac
d3f8e8adc849d369c5b61197b3324fa0 *1983-05-25_Ingliston_d1t04.flac
9c77ae6a1eadce6b067ad6ea113640be *1983-05-25_Ingliston_d1t05.flac
9ecb9388de5c9f85e4df1b1fcf45838f *1983-05-25_Ingliston_d1t06.flac
2584f93a3ba4c9d656c58262d4265d88 *1983-05-25_Ingliston_d1t07.flac
2ff086ad60f212b65db9d726dc991365 *1983-05-25_Ingliston_d1t08.flac
4de0e3d0e709d77801664b77c99a6f60 *1983-05-25_Ingliston_d1t09.flac
b30b4befb843d32b4809e88b69c84b01 *1983-05-25_Ingliston_d1t10.flac
89d41d2dfce70f055d8bccdf3b63eeac *1983-05-25_Ingliston_d1t11.flac
14ee709d85d152e60838c1aca1e47f09 *1983-05-25_Ingliston_d1t12.flac
4922763d9760755ff96a6230ebf2cc79 *1983-05-25_Ingliston_d1t13.flac
810f55423e0337cab3e2725a4c282d1e *1983-05-25_Ingliston_d2t01.flac
6cf5247837fe63bec056317bf66a284e *1983-05-25_Ingliston_d2t02.flac
cdefd701e3ab99d28ffbf4438a054d40 *1983-05-25_Ingliston_d2t03.flac
c831180d1c4e6ff6d20691496dd43e55 *1983-05-25_Ingliston_d2t04.flac
42333c49af8d6ec62dc767b6ba2dd154 *1983-05-25_Ingliston_d2t05.flac
f75170b9c3ed0c18f4df62cae38d385f *1983-05-25_Ingliston_d2t06.flac
b8df53af151e7227b8c57d0ba876e555 *1983-05-25_Ingliston_d2t07.flac
471fb7c01433a5eb90b520589a041ccc *1983-05-25_Ingliston_d2t08.flac
e40281a047e32a0b20646dc5140e4d24 *1983-05-25_Ingliston_d2t09.flac

MCAS back.jpg
MCAS front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8.5

   (Audio - 8.5)

Production notes: This recording has previously been available as "Last Signal". The source that was used for that had a problem with the music (especially the bass) bleeding through from the reverse side of the tape resulting in some strange distortions. The source for this, provided by The Old Dog, does not suffer from this problem so can be considered an upgrade from Last Signal. Last Signal includes a radio interview with Neil Peart. Since it was not on the tape I have not included it in this release. To the gig and the recording. A decent sounding show with a very lively audience as you can tell from Geddy's requests for everyone to calm down to prevent crushing at the front. I can testify to the beldlam at the front since I was up against the barrier right in front of Lerxst at this gig Smiley. There are a couple of cuts, Xanadu and La Villa Stangiato are both truncated. Thanks to The Old Dog for the tape. Thanks also to Nephronic for the artwork. Look closely, it's a Rush Cow!    (2006-11-25)

Pete Beshuk
   (Audio - 8.5)

A very nice sounding show, especially considering its age. It doesn't quite have the sheen of a 9+ show since it sounds just a tad distant in the vocals and bass, but occasionally, the bass comes thru quite well. There are minor discontinuties in AKid and Limelight that were not listed in the text file attached to the vine copy, as I recall. At one point Geddy announces "this the last show of our Signals tour. I just thought you'd like to know that". During 2112, Geddy sings something like: "We are the plumbers who fix your sinks, (something) we'll fix your sinks, (something) I'll fix your sink". I think those words have been transcribed better elsewhere. During Mood, Geddy sings something like "Hey Ella". There is also a reggae intro to YYZ.   (2007-02-17)

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