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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-071
Source: Audience Analog (1st Gen)
Date: April 08, 1994
Location: , Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Intro   :41
Dreamline   5:05
The Spirit of Radio   4:59
The Analog Kid   6:06
Cold Fire   4:32
Time Stand Still   5:58
Nobody's Hero   5:09
Roll the Bones   6:13
Animate   7:23
Stick it Out   5:24
Double Agent   5:08
Limelight   4:30

Mystic Rhythms   6:03
Closer to the Heart   5:49
Show Don't Tell   6:55
Leave That Thing Alone   4:44
Rhythm Method   7:33
The Trees   5:13
Xanadu   6:35
Hemispheres: Prelude   4:15
Tom Sawyer   6:34
Force Ten   4:39
YYZ   5:02

Master Checksums

Disc #1
d7a1f9a268e3ab3145723eaa67881bdb *1994_04_08_Rush_MJMTV_D1T01.shn
e6a5a58170a11f9a00591b21436d637f *1994_04_08_Rush_MJMTV_D1T02.shn
33aa544f38dedd89b62696a2a37f6ee6 *1994_04_08_Rush_MJMTV_D1T03.shn
277cc7013e58334cbbc63fd7ba047201 *1994_04_08_Rush_MJMTV_D1T04.shn
97b7d6f0af1f45eff009c31d3bd5ab56 *1994_04_08_Rush_MJMTV_D1T05.shn
fd03f8db30d493b4a2a6b7ccdb43b83e *1994_04_08_Rush_MJMTV_D1T06.shn
e3d98213fb792e6557e72739ddfec9fe *1994_04_08_Rush_MJMTV_D1T07.shn
517d760ca9de0dcd00e92f75d28d3e2a *1994_04_08_Rush_MJMTV_D1T08.shn
f0d6833c3ce90063d8c92ea55e05ebc2 *1994_04_08_Rush_MJMTV_D1T09.shn
47b198cbdbfaa47d7cac639acb2d0e5b *1994_04_08_Rush_MJMTV_D1T10.shn
9f27ce6c83c87f19f16d71ebe73e9ac4 *1994_04_08_Rush_MJMTV_D1T11.shn
fdd5dbeb098b109676b818e4d78a9c16 *1994_04_08_Rush_MJMTV_D1T12.shn

Disc #2
9f4bbc095a56a60151b5beabf326ccc2 *1994_04_08_Rush_MJMTV_D2T03.shn
3c7d8e523689f885c7f7f6522624f158 *1994_04_08_Rush_MJMTV_D2T04.shn
08683d45c261f7a7e309723cf5377985 *1994_04_08_Rush_MJMTV_D2T05.shn
77681f0567bcce22b7be4d97dda89412 *1994_04_08_Rush_MJMTV_D2T06.shn
662d2f9c9ad6f9ee0525d306d55a6e60 *1994_04_08_Rush_MJMTV_D2T07.shn
dd61d33393f0422eb4ecb045906e581b *1994_04_08_Rush_MJMTV_D2T08.shn
e690e6afdcf53f2e3f4d1e9ccb1ce8cf *1994_04_08_Rush_MJMTV_D2T09.shn
e3b0f6cd773fa3d9ab755aed5a2fd5e9 *1994_04_08_Rush_MJMTV_D2T10.shn
86789dd2211c4e9be74b170968992753 *1994_04_08_Rush_MJMTV_D2T11.shn
a8448f86ad804d3675a4dd4f15b2e47e *1994_04_08_Rush_MJMTV_D2T01.shn
8b76304038418e3eecc36b727fffddad *1994_04_08_Rush_MJMTV_D2T02.shn

1994 04 08 Rush MJMTV Back.jpg
1994 04 08 Rush MJMTV Disc One.jpg
1994 04 08 Rush MJMTV Disc Two.jpg
1994 04 08 Rush MJMTV Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7.25

   (Audio - 8.5)

Production Notes: A really nice sounding show from the Counterparts tour. The audience is really into the show but not overly so. For once the woo-woo guy seems to have stayed home. The instruments and vocals have a nice, warm sounding mix to them. There were two tape slices that because of the way the masters were transferred to the first gen tape, ended up sounding a little "odd." Alex, the comic that he is, introduces the band as Mary Tyler Moore, Ed Ensor and Kevin Costner. That, along with the show's location, is where the title for this release comes from. I'm dating myself aren't I? Anyway this is a great sounding show on a great night. Thanks go out to Xembla for the artwork and Tim O for the source (again!). Thanks guys!This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! Released November 2005 on The Alien Shore - As is the Simple Man norm, this show will be traded freely to all comers.   (2005-12-11)

   (Audio - 6)

VG   (2007-09-13)

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