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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 2:04:49
Catalog: Private:
Source: audience
Date: March 12, 1994
Location: Centrum Centre, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Nuts & Bolt Intro   1:37
Dreamline   5:10
Spirit of Radio   4:59
Analog Kid   6:00
Cold Fire   4:32
Time Stand Still   5:46
Nobody's Hero   5:25
Roll The Bones   6:06
Animate   7:47
Stick It Out   4:52
Double Agent   5:14
Limelight   4:31

Mystic Rhythms   6:02
Closer To The Heart   5:29
Show Don't Tell   5:28
Introductory Movie   1:20
Leave That Thing Alone   4:38
Drum Solo   7:19
The Trees   5:17
Xanadu (abbreviated)   6:44
Hemispheres Prelude   4:16
Tom Sawyer   6:39
Force 10   4:40
YYZ   4:24
Cygnus X-1 (Teaser)   0:49

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Average Rating:Audio: 6.166666666666667

   (Audio - 7.5)

Hello RUSH FANS!!?? Here is the second show?at the Worcester centrum from the Counterparts tour in 1994.

???? I attended both shows and sat in the front row for this show, 5th row for the first. This was my second rush show ever the night before being the first. I was totally blown away. They played many of the songs I wanted to hear and played them with even more passion that the night before.

???? I searched for this recording for a long time and when it fianlly came to me it was studded with digi noise and had no artwork. as far as I know this was the only version available.

???? Since I wanted to re-live this concert I took the time to remove each and evey click, { of which there were hundreds} and created inserts too. Also , there was a small skip at the begining of Xanadu. I have completely fixed the track transision so that you can not tell that the first few notes of Xanadu are missing. the results are stunning.

??? Once for completists only, this concerts is now worth hearing, having and trading. The only thing left is to try and remaster the sound.

??? Digital Dan, I am hoping?YOU will work your magic and make this one of the best Rush Boots ever.


   (Audio - 5.5)

VG/VG-   (2007-03-25)

   (Audio - 5.5)

VG/VG-   (2007-03-25)

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