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Media: 1 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-092
Source: Sounboard
Date: January 26, 1980
Location: Mid-Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, New York, USA

Jacob's Ladder   7:37
Working Man   3:34
Finding my Way   0:23
Anthem   1:39
Bastille Day   1:28
In the Mood   2:45
Dr. Draino (Drum Solo)   4:43
Working Man (Reprise)   0:48
La Villa Strangiato   9:44
We'll Meet Again (Vera Lynn)   1:34

Master FLAC Checksums

Master Shn checksums of the Flac Files
9136e85b40b74f7cdde737d26cb1fed9 *1980_01_26_Rush_NS_Back.jpg
70f69691b9486e0ed370da0b7c46501d *1980_01_26_Rush_NS_Back_Insert.jpg
99192cb4132f70500e497643ba6cb269 *1980_01_26_Rush_NS_Disc.jpg
63fbb661e80378d0942fec45006e3d64 *1980_01_26_Rush_NS_Fingerprints.txt
b79e960153410f14b147e404987f44b1 *1980_01_26_Rush_NS_Front.jpg
c5ddea6c67395aca939f30134fefb93f *1980_01_26_Rush_NS_T01.flac
cbf04a35bcdd0ffd455a7749c806e496 *1980_01_26_Rush_NS_T02.flac
ca39e96d001fef917217501e18030986 *1980_01_26_Rush_NS_T03.flac
adf92dfaccafc9e618d7c6bd1a084f69 *1980_01_26_Rush_NS_T04.flac
16f32397bb8c1c639fa90a75733fd610 *1980_01_26_Rush_NS_T05.flac
88504e05c4b3ef9f96cf3fb59097c70b *1980_01_26_Rush_NS_T06.flac
91148bbce38199ac47acf3b40f38b803 *1980_01_26_Rush_NS_T07.flac
0a7577d8832cc96a9c6445ec1094b6c3 *1980_01_26_Rush_NS_T08.flac
a376d74779fdaad850aa924061ca321e *1980_01_26_Rush_NS_T09.flac
c1218b7d058da8ff9645b9f3162cbd9c *1980_01_26_Rush_NS_T10.flac

NS back .jpg
NS back insert.jpg
NS disc.jpg
NS front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 9

   (Audio - 10)

Production Notes What a great find for the Rush community. A nice crisp soundboard from the Permanent Waves tour. While it isn't complete, what is present is excellent! One of the highlights would have to be Alex's playing in Working Man. A few years ago I read a magazine article in which the author stated that Alex doesn't have the fastest fingers in the world and perhaps he doesn't but then again I don't think that the author ever heard this show either! Geddy introduces Neil as "Dr. Draino" at the beginning of the drum solo (where did that come from?!?). Listen to this show loud and with headphones. The stereo effects are amazing. Listen to La Villa Strangiato and you might just get dizzy listening to the music move from channel to channel. It truly is great! The nice thing is that Geddy does confirm the location part way through In the Mood. Thanks Ged! From a production stand point, not too terribly much was done to the raw source. The raw source did run a tad over 5% too fast so that was corrected. There were a fix clicks and pops, a few strange transitions and volume fluctuations but those were easily fixed. Unfortunately the source for this show was never given a tape including the first half of the show so unless something comes out of the woodwork, this is all we have. Scans of the master tape are included on the artwork. The master tape is labeled Side 3 and Side 4 and is labeled with a "dub" sticker. Because of how the source obtained them, because of the dub sticker, because part of Side 3 is on Side 4 and because there is a very small amount of hiss present, I believe (for an educated guess) that this is a first generation tape. That being the case, perhaps there is a complete show out there....somewhere in Xanadu. Great thanks goes out to Neph for the quick turnaround on the artwork, to Currygoat for helping with the speed issues, to Cashman for the uncirculated pictures used on the artwork and of course to DKBroiler for the source. Thanks one and all! This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! Released on The Alien Shore - As is the Simple Man norm, this show will be traded freely to all comers.    (1006-12-12)

Stevie P
   (Audio - 10)

Well, after 26 years we finally have a partial soundboard of a PW show. You can't complain about the sound, everything is audible and just as it should be. One of the highlights is the incredible stereo panning between the speakers during Neil's drum solo. Clocking in at a mere 37 mins one wonders "Where's the rest"?   (2007-01-09)

   (Audio - 10)

EX+   (2007-03-25)

   (Audio - 8)

Great capture of a great setlist... I feel that the other reviewers are jhust in awe that they finally got a sb from PeW tour that they rated it 10.. There's no way this is a 10. Although i good recording, JL looses "headroom" about 1/3rd of the way through (probably chnages in the casette; and azimuth adjustment would correct it for placyback but since it occurs "mid-song", I'm not sure it would be possible...) There is some cool stereo separation as the others stated, just doesn't have quite the dynamic freq. range I'd expect from a SB. Nonetheless a treasure if you're a fan of this era.   (2007-10-23)

   (Audio - 7)

I personally don't think this is a really good recording. The sound, a little muffled, isn't that great. The songs are pretty good, but I just don't think this is a great performance. The performance, itself is a little boring, in my perspective. All the instruments are heard fine, its just not my favorite.   (2008-11-17)

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