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From Rain To Earthshine


Media: 3 CD Audio
Catalog: Rusherman Productions: 081204
Source: Audience
Date: August 12, 2004
Location: Tweeter Center, Mansfield, Massachusetts, USA

R-30 Overture: Finding My Way
Bastille Day
A Passage to Bangkok
Cygnus X1
Hemispheres: Prelude
The Spirit of Radio
Force Ten
Red Barchetta
Roll the Bones
The Trees
The Seeker
One Little Victory

Tom Sawyer
Secret Touch
Between the Wheels
Mystic Rhythms
Red Sector A
Drum Solo

Heart Full of Soul
2112 (Overture, Temples of Syrinx, Grand Finale)
La Villa Strangiato
By-Tor and the Snow Dog
Working Man
Summertime Blues
Limelight (with outro)

Disc #1
62e7ddae5f52995f87fc26577cd976b7 *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d1-t01.shn
5c53f4a76ef9fe936e6a01f1861523ea *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d1-t02.shn
32162c9b0c226ccf6edc6fa556f57aec *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d1-t03.shn
fb503b6e7118999254b415ec3346577a *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d1-t04.shn
c13d1c71ddd3bf220f820e1e7f9c5bc1 *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d1-t05.shn
10e1133c158ce8994e8406aa9da65b70 *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d1-t06.shn
247dedff735d1a5eee035adf5be81f20 *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d1-t07.shn
66c803d4470781a1937be1947f703558 *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d1-t08.shn
ff3d69b433eb26606744df430ff86a73 *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d1-t09.shn
8b5a810915713cf3af09fb6c94fd9868 *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d1-t10.shn
e4a2e7e5ed4d3d5027e20fdf4f3b88d6 *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d1-t11.shn
c897b0cdc72caf7a4b40098d51dc5ef8 *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d1-t12.shn
5d51b3a22a52e4f8585319d92c5b4ad7 *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d1-t13.shn
c130bf60d943871c405363814b2982f9 *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d1-t14.shn
6d7a648dddbf496a9446a6ed5911019e *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d1-t15.shn
5c58c37a39faea8dee9a2661c9066599 *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d1-t16.shn
1c9a45ff253f64e6dccff293e7e65730 *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d1-t17.shn
3bc8bd74273ec1d9a7625032fbad2d63 *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d1-t18.shn
48fce1c7db68eb4ca3c3786ac3e67a30 *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d1-t19.shn

Disc #2
bb28c9a095474e573f0dc63e1b87d3ea *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d2-t01.shn
3bc65c56c8df1c1905a7c8aeff95aecb *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d2-t02.shn
1277b4cf2500cc39eb793351366a549c *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d2-t03.shn
ea4cfef8e9aa1cf6dd6b56071955d3d3 *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d2-t04.shn
dd59f8ecfcb7fdf583a860eadcba430a *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d2-t05.shn
eca89218b7d9f3ea8004865e66ec70c2 *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d2-t06.shn
5c4a7f8f378f335284144ff157fa578c *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d2-t07.shn
ba0932c20963aef960da35f5561ae0c1 *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d2-t08.shn

Disc #3
c326465d3eaacde6678ecf7d5411d6a5 *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d3-t01.shn
32ada12fe25e33b1b59aa4b4df52ba3e *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d3-t02.shn
c58e477774607c472a9a587547b578a1 *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d3-t03.shn
7d87213a399efcdee05fa29be9ea07a6 *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d3-t04.shn
1fb07babeb4612470f3c219b89403d15 *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d3-t05.shn
13a9988d22aaa44ffd5eef01292129c9 *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d3-t06.shn
32dd718b811750ef90c73df3a6130b37 *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d3-t07.shn
f6b2b1eecc6538d1e3f0741891cfe45b *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d3-t08.shn
88aeb74c72d9dc462e7a04a27724e6f3 *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d3-t09.shn
a7862ac866064c7b5cb4e3521fe76149 *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d3-t10.shn
4d124db7dcc49167d5bd09070857d8ad *Rush_FRTE_08-12-04_d3-t11.shn

From Rain to Earthshine 081204 Disc 1 Label.jpg
From Rain to Earthshine 081204 Disc 2 Label.jpg
From Rain to Earthshine 081204 Disc 3 Label.jpg
From Rain to Earthshine 081204 Front.jpg
From Rain to Earthshine 081204 Gatefold Front.jpg
From Rain to Earthshine 081204 Inner Front Tray.jpg
From Rain to Earthshine 081204 Inner Rear Tray.jpg
From Rain to Earthshine 081204 Rear.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7.666666666666667

Ed R (on behalf of Rusherman)
   (Audio - 8.5)

Hey guys , i got a sec to finally log in . Thanks to all the help from EPR66 . He has been a great friend & partner in getting this out finally !! Also DT & BH (for the second source) I know i've been out of the woods lately , lots of issues with my wife that are fixed now(Thank the lord)So i've been keeping in touch with mainly just Ed (who keeps me in the loop) & just making a living & working has taken up so much of my time. I hope you enjoy this release , it was a rainy night & very humid & i got there in the nick of time after listening to the NJ governors story on the way about his homosexuality. I must say though, i love the indoor acoustics much better than outdoor venues but this came out very nice for an outdoor venue & i hope you all enjoy it. This was almost like Rush when they had to return to the studio to create Signals after Moving Pictures. In relation to my last release 8-18-04 Crossing The Stage. It's hard to top a show like that,EVERYTHING just went fantastic on the mixing & there was so many good mixes that made it difficult to choose the one to release. I would be thrilled if all the shows came out like that one. This is up there in quality & I thought the mix was great for an outdoor venue & the 2 sources were very similar in clarity that made the matrix possible. A very nice listen & up front sound. Rush had there up's & downs that night , made a few boo boo's & had some close calls , but a very energetic crowd kept the band making up for those little mishap's. A big disaster could have happened at the beginning of Between the Wheels but as professional as they are , they saved themselves & got right back in the pocket (as they always do). I hope you like it & there's more to come real soon , i should be settled in the new home shortly after Thanksgiving & once I do, I will be back up & running on a much more consistent basis rather than popping my head up every 6 months claming i'm back for good & then vanishing. I had to work out my problems & back then they weren't completely worked out. I am happy to say , i finally got it all together again. Thanks to everyone that made this release possible & as always . It's not for sale , only for free trade for fans to enjoy . Talk to you all soon & have a great holiday !! John Rusherman Productions    (2007-01-06)

   (Audio - 7.5)

VG+/EX-   (2007-03-25)

   (Audio - 7)

Pretty good, this is the first Rush show I took my (then 15-year-old) son to, and it was POURING. The remnants of a hurricane were passing through, torrential rain and windy too. Feel sorry for all the guys who bought lawn seats and had to hide under vendor awnings. Thankfully for some reason I jettisoned my tightwad nature for this show and bought reserved seats under the roof (Mansfield is an outdoor venue, but part of it is roofed). Anyway it was a great show, and my son is a huge Rush fan now. We also saw Snakes & Arrows tour at Mansfield, and now have tickets for the 9/14/2010 show in Boston.   (2010-06-20)

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