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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-070
Source: FM Scanner
Date: June 12, 1992
Location: Redbird Arena, St Louis, Missouri, USA

Force Ten (cut in)   .46
Limelight   4.25
Freewill   4.08
Distant Early Warning   4.18
Time Stand Still   5.20
Dreamline   5.04
Bravado   6.27
Roll the Bones    6.07
Show Don?t Tell   5.06
The Big Money   6.02
Ghost of a Chance   5.39
Vital Signs   4.50
The Analog Kid   5.14

The Trees   5.58
Where's My Thing?   5.00
Closer to the Heart   5.54
Xanadu   6.47
Superconductor   2.23
Tom Sawyer   5.03
The Spirit of Radio   5.01
2112: Overture   4.26
Finding My Way   1.03
La Villa Strangiato   3.15
Anthem   1.43
Red Barchetta   1.35
The Spirit of Radio    .55
Cygnus X-1   .21

Disc #1
7bc2c962419bfb1e3d4cc65c94c08c1b *1992_06_12_Rush_SaNP_D1T04.shn
cf08552c6a6bd1be5adfa6eded0d87e8 *1992_06_12_Rush_SaNP_D1T05.shn
83d6c46a5dd77db3ed9b224e2c04db27 *1992_06_12_Rush_SaNP_D1T06.shn
dba3d6abb2e704c9804df9ce195f6e88 *1992_06_12_Rush_SaNP_D1T07.shn
3848022204c8ea47c31500de7d575a5f *1992_06_12_Rush_SaNP_D1T08.shn
2923311620860e64838fd36a7863e498 *1992_06_12_Rush_SaNP_D1T09.shn
06ca938da0decbb807a2f7b60fc396e1 *1992_06_12_Rush_SaNP_D1T10.shn
d2ed32b412c930da66c46d3a33f373a3 *1992_06_12_Rush_SaNP_D1T11.shn
617787d14eb963771b402ea411abba7f *1992_06_12_Rush_SaNP_D1T12.shn
2c9ae6484ec57a6812494c0375281dc0 *1992_06_12_Rush_SaNP_D1T13.shn
55283e78cc9686eb6eceac3bcd63d601 *1992_06_12_Rush_SaNP_D1T01.shn
9a8d04e8f32ae29c89b0c9f5b63162e0 *1992_06_12_Rush_SaNP_D1T02.shn
0db5689c3df3f3d8dbf5c12aaedad0b8 *1992_06_12_Rush_SaNP_D1T03.shn

Disc #2
e5cdcdedcb255123cdf690879df3138f *1992_06_12_Rush_SaNP_D2T02.shn
fb035258f47409c8c4aceff82c427621 *1992_06_12_Rush_SaNP_D2T03.shn
dc2f2c8742233910ce4ba01fb32b09b0 *1992_06_12_Rush_SaNP_D2T04.shn
49216920f1a30516b40ed504c97b2a82 *1992_06_12_Rush_SaNP_D2T05.shn
a23d8e15c383b15ca30d07a36609c61d *1992_06_12_Rush_SaNP_D2T06.shn
941d0d2d00da3b288ee8b3c823db0e8d *1992_06_12_Rush_SaNP_D2T07.shn
a9290e975d4964e57e5ac5c98c5f95bc *1992_06_12_Rush_SaNP_D2T08.shn
6aa4eccb7f1fec1347a1f906e41557a2 *1992_06_12_Rush_SaNP_D2T09.shn
8b248cd52969773c6137e3c318164c9c *1992_06_12_Rush_SaNP_D2T10.shn
0c48decb0ffdd702d48cf5b49d90d0d8 *1992_06_12_Rush_SaNP_D2T11.shn
faf733ca7ce69fd9b8cf60b5ca28b174 *1992_06_12_Rush_SaNP_D2T12.shn
97f47637a7671324f2f1dded9fc00300 *1992_06_12_Rush_SaNP_D2T13.shn
027533aa81badd6e2e9f139232d2b4ea *1992_06_12_Rush_SaNP_D2T14.shn
c5a79d356a61df81f90090fba5c48eae *1992_06_12_Rush_SaNP_D2T01.shn

1992 06 12 Rush SaNP Back.jpg
1992 06 12 Rush SaNP Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 9

Producers Notes:
   (Audio - 9)

First of all, do not adjust your stereo.? This is a scanner of Alex's guitar only.? Occasionally a small amount of bleed through will occur and you might catch a hint of another instrument or perhaps some of the prerecorded tracks but 99.99% of this is guitar only.? Listening to this recording it gave me a new "perspective" of Alex's playing thus the name.? From a production standpoint, it was sort of odd to do.? For example there are stretches were Alex may not play for several minutes (during the "Hello St Louis" section for example). This mostly happens between songs but not always.? What I tried to do was cut out the "dead air" but leave in at least 3 seconds or so between songs.? What I did not do was cut out this dead air during a song, for example Closer to the Heart has about 23 seconds of dead air in the middle of it.? That stayed.? It's mostly complete but we are missing part of Force Ten and a bit of Superconductor. Even though there is the occasional static this is perhaps the best sounding scanner of Alex only currently available. Enjoy!

Thanks goes out to Neph for the artwork.? How he finds the time only he knows!

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! Released November 2005 on The Alien Shore - As is the Simple Man norm, this show will be traded freely to all comers.


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