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Painting Omaha


Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-061
Source: Audience
Date: June 20, 1990
Location: , Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Force Ten   5.27
Freewill   3.57
Distant Early Warning   4.21
Time Stand Still   5.58
Subdivisions   5.28
Marathon   6.36
Red Barchetta   6.58
Supeconductor   5.21
Show Don?t Tell   6.08
The Pass   5.02

Closer To The Heart   5.09
Manhattan Project   5.02
Xanadu   6.48
YYZ   3.12
Drum Solo   5.27
Scars   4.16
War Paint   6.02
Mission   5.40
Tom Sawyer   5.52
The Spirit Of Radio   4.54
Medley: 2112: Overture/La Villa Strangiato/In The Mood   11.24

Disc #1
fcce1154cadf3ca18e581d0a513ad71f *1990_06_20_Painting_Omaha_D1T01.shn
4c708524bf923be83974ee24a4a05a20 *1990_06_20_Painting_Omaha_D1T02.shn
b3c72bc44e25eb2bad111e5d1627f627 *1990_06_20_Painting_Omaha_D1T03.shn
45f73b6eb252f1ac1898e2c9de0cf5e7 *1990_06_20_Painting_Omaha_D1T04.shn
ef188edd0a5dc04a8b5f3276b38ba476 *1990_06_20_Painting_Omaha_D1T05.shn
7a2f73c5580e061aeccf74930b0ec42f *1990_06_20_Painting_Omaha_D1T06.shn
d869a0c9da1b94c4a36b0e4bff13dd1d *1990_06_20_Painting_Omaha_D1T07.shn
53498e7783fe89d1c1ae6ade11f61ddc *1990_06_20_Painting_Omaha_D1T08.shn
e4f375e433f1131e49c5cf00ffb76197 *1990_06_20_Painting_Omaha_D1T09.shn
024fb67ba2a9d44d91f8276411c6fcec *1990_06_20_Painting_Omaha_D1T10.shn

Disc #2
fb1d1688d7ebdf376d32df9f65a3c8e9 *1990_06_20_Painting_Omaha_D2T01.shn
19926238d4cab660818749ba95b28e87 *1990_06_20_Painting_Omaha_D2T02.shn
57f96fb4d2a5a440705049eaf7b4a0cb *1990_06_20_Painting_Omaha_D2T03.shn
8344e91f72e4f7da0e949d5039eed243 *1990_06_20_Painting_Omaha_D2T04.shn
7aace0872292e7d83c1f27472667170c *1990_06_20_Painting_Omaha_D2T05.shn
a9bf41814bc3655f506feaf682983c13 *1990_06_20_Painting_Omaha_D2T06.shn
256590362d5b7d8fb95f7f790c5a2291 *1990_06_20_Painting_Omaha_D2T07.shn
8bae6baaa7acb36b8fd81e725dc7b0e5 *1990_06_20_Painting_Omaha_D2T08.shn
940d9fcc0e2f70bf9e1fd27bd4d34552 *1990_06_20_Painting_Omaha_D2T09.shn
083c5ffc45b7786f34a7780accb6152b *1990_06_20_Painting_Omaha_D2T10.shn
59c4104c10d8aab83fcd62ffabbcfede *1990_06_20_Painting_Omaha_D2T11.shn

1990 06 20 Painting Omaha Cover.jpg
1990 06 20 Painting Omaha Disc 1.jpg
1990 06 20 Painting Omaha Disc 2.jpg
1990 06 20 Painting Omaha back.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 6.75

Producers Notes:
   (Audio - 8)

Production Notes
Nothing really too special about this night.? Quaility of the show is fairly decent and the band by now is playing "quite right indeed."? There is a small flub in the beginning of the Pass (Geddy!).? I don't think I've seen this date on too many people's trade lists so it seems to be one of those "out of the woodwork dates" perhaps.

Thanks go out to Xembla for the artwork and Tim O for the source (yet again).? Thanks guys!

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! Released August 2005 on The Alien Shore - As is the Simple Man norm, this show is available on Direct Connect and will be traded freely to all comers.


   (Audio - 5.5)

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