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Paz's Attic Release #8


Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: PAR-008
Source: Audience
Date: January 15, 1988
Location: Reynolds Coliseum, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Three Stoogies Intro   .32
The Big Money   5.52
Subdivisions   5.18
Limelight   4.44
Marathon   6.51
Turn The Page    4.41
Prime Mover   5.21
Manhattan Project   5.06
Closer To The Heart   4.28
Red Sector A   5.20
Force Ten   4.57
Time Stand Still   5.04

Distant Early Warning   7.01
Lock and Key    5.27
Mission   6.06
Territories   6.08
Medley   10.16
The Spirit Of Radio   5.33
Tom Sawyer   5.10

Disc #1
e5cbc541aaf044b5230e686253bfe2e5 *PAZ-008 Rush 1988_01_15_D1T01.shn
abc294c61e1c576b8e851c6fe0eb8861 *PAZ-008 Rush 1988_01_15_D1T02.shn
b4eba64be200f1fad9689adb8e304908 *PAZ-008 Rush 1988_01_15_D1T03.shn
5bcbb72133e102e0b8035f46fae8685a *PAZ-008 Rush 1988_01_15_D1T04.shn
49447c6121e56ca8b171c13816516bf0 *PAZ-008 Rush 1988_01_15_D1T05.shn
426b8a8c3667aef2deaec9fc082c4f74 *PAZ-008 Rush 1988_01_15_D1T06.shn
a709253a70b7e145a065abcc6e470e58 *PAZ-008 Rush 1988_01_15_D1T07.shn
08a19b013433e84d32fbc5490f33f339 *PAZ-008 Rush 1988_01_15_D1T08.shn
f4fb6a420aa0dbccbd7054c6b112e365 *PAZ-008 Rush 1988_01_15_D1T09.shn
f99d6495119e5e889331917b6838ce82 *PAZ-008 Rush 1988_01_15_D1T10.shn
c3d561768e780002231222cb1dbbda77 *PAZ-008 Rush 1988_01_15_D1T11.shn
c940091696e4be1c52473142407cee7a *PAZ-008 Rush 1988_01_15_D1T12.shn

Disc #2
ea41592fd4b75797b5e5c70eebeb83c3 *PAZ-008 Rush 1988_01_15_D2T01.shn
86c365aedc59d2fa25a1eb7a9c69e991 *PAZ-008 Rush 1988_01_15_D2T02.shn
27941de35dcf9840ca8162bce175d246 *PAZ-008 Rush 1988_01_15_D2T03.shn
9ba98f35eceb62a54b03f277899c83a7 *PAZ-008 Rush 1988_01_15_D2T04.shn
9ff7514e38f42785225e8526832f8ee4 *PAZ-008 Rush 1988_01_15_D2T05.shn
a9e1b1eea9efb43b7b7041241112617b *PAZ-008 Rush 1988_01_15_D2T06.shn
5aa36019f0936a181658674d58dc7c5a *PAZ-008 Rush 1988_01_15_D2T07.shn

PAZ 008 Rush 1988 01 15 Back.jpg
PAZ 008 Rush 1988 01 15 Front.jpg

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Producers Notes:

In keeping with the Paz Attic theme, here is another rarely heard of show. Rather it's complete or not is up for debate as the encore is missing. The sound quality is OK at times and at times it''s not. The audience is really into the show but generally only between songs but not always. If you were there, grab it. If you are a completist, grab it. If you love the Hold Your Fire shows, what the heck grab it!

Released October 2005 on T.N.M.S. ( and The Alien Shore (

A big thank you goes out to the Paz's Attic Release Team. They put the "team" in teamwork!

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! This show is available on Direct Connect and will be traded freely to all comers.

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