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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 75:40; 78:25
Catalog: Secret Studio Productions: SSP 001/002
Source: Various: Listed in Tracks
Date: January 01, 2005
Location: Various

1974 08/24 SB NiT Drum Solo (Digital Reproductions)   01:50
1974 12/16 SB HAaA Drum Solo (Digital Reproductions)   02:11
1975 05/15 SB JD Drum Solo (Digital Reproductions)   02:28
1975 11/15 AUD SS Drum Solo (Digital Reproductions)   02:45
1976 10/25 SB BtB Drum Solo (Digital Reproductions)   03:12
1976 11/28 AUD WoGH Drum solo (Digital Reproductions)   04:18
1977 06/02 AUD SN Drum Solo (Digital Reproductions)   04:39
1977 12/10 AUD CB Drum Solo (Digital Reproductions)   04:52
1978 11/20 SB ADP Drum Solo (Digital Reproductions)   04:30
1980 02/11-13 SB St. Louis Drum Solo (Grande Kielbasa Prod.)   04:42
1981 03/01 AUD ESR Drum Solo (JKR Productions)   03:05
1981 6/16 AUD Anaheim YYZ!Drum Solo (JKR Productions)   03:33
1981 12/20 SB Hartford Drum Solo (Sirius)   04:34
1983 05/21 AUD CtL Drum Solo (Digital Reproductions)   05:58
1983 09/18 AUD CtDwn Pl Drum Solo (Digital Reproductions)   06:02
1984 06/25 AUD EtE rm Drum Solo (Atlas Productions)   05:29
1986 01/12 AUD Dallas rm Drum Solo   05:31
1986 03/24 AUD MidAmDr pe Drum Solo (Digital Reproductions)   05:51

1987 Pieces of Eight (1st Gen. Tape from Master Tape)   04:51
1988 04/05 The Rhythm Method (Scarred Records)   06:53
1990 05/08 The Rhythm Method (Digital Reproductions)   05:19
1991 BRMSC Cotton Tail/Drum Solo   04:49
1992 01/30 The Rhythm Method (Oxygen)   07:41
1994 04/02 The Rhythm Method (Audio Collections)   07:30
1996 12/05 The Rhythm Method (Rush Signals)   08:12
2002 08/24 The Rhythm Method (Rush Signals)   08:17
2002 11/04 The Rhythm Method (Sirius Records)   08:12
2004 05/26 The Rhythm Method (Matrix)   08:01
2004 07/29 The Rhythm Method (Sirius Records)   08:41

Disc #1
03c5f5250be28c6f4d59504439316e1b *Neil_Peart_1978 11-20_TDM_D01T09.shn
be09c157e1cd58c73a163fa2f9b650dc *Neil_Peart_1974 12-16_TDM_D01T02.shn
488a034c16d1ae92cbcfee7648bdb17d *Neil_Peart_1975 05-15_TDM_D01T03.shn
d3afd6c17076af87ce1a363f5b3b4351 *Neil_Peart_1975 11-15_TDM_D01T04.shn
9e0ba957d327c98b32b811b17ddb5b3d *Neil_Peart_1976 10-25_TDM_D01T05.shn
9a2358627d5cfa4630f031cdb1f42217 *Neil_Peart_1976 11-28_TDM_D01T06.shn
ff219782528c2a5d8d3e356353e3d764 *Neil_Peart_1977 06-02_TDM_D01T07.shn
feba3c954728c52fc55d2143784c4fc8 *Neil_Peart_1977 12-10_TDM_D01T08.shn
d12dc657655585bd888e37b3454b569b *Neil_Peart_1974 08-26_TDM_D01T01.shn
eeb24af66adb22a92e933d9003b12f38 *Neil_Peart_1980 02-11_TDM_D01T10.shn
b6541a696856a80abe1ad3575fcbfe57 *Neil_Peart_1981 03-01_TDM_D01T11.shn
63fadb30d13e9da6df3ad1faedb753dc *Neil_Peart_1981 06-16_TDM_D01T12.shn
f104a03ef6e5b1ab1871b173f61d82fd *Neil_Peart_1981 12-20_TDM_D01T13.shn
1f82203f8d00a49bc3942ee3ab2111ad *Neil_Peart_1983 05-21_TDM_D01T14.shn
bb0f73b462830ca964e6226cd8334c5b *Neil_Peart_1983 09-18_TDM_D01T15.shn
58f7e5c51d91d5e31c3a6291780c2e08 *Neil_Peart_1984 06-25_TDM_D01T16.shn
ab15d15ed911c19f26ac451da3c3911c *Neil_Peart_1986 01-12_TDM_D01T17.shn
9e4500e92b0f2a3922bc3d119f3d3606 *Neil_Peart_1986 03-24_TDM_D0iT18.shn

Disc #2
095f32c7d0717ba82cd43d1ba8867574 *Neil_Peart_1991 BFB 2 Cotton Tail Drum Solo_TDM_D02T04.shn
44cde1947b91a4c2adb3328ab74ba95e *Neil_Peart_1988 04-05_TDM_D02T02.shn
e7b6882b871b8fcf6801ac57cc9f71d3 *Neil_Peart_1990 05-08_TDM_D02T03.shn
1fe5f718c5ca1ca53f0fb664ed2e66a4 *Neil_Peart_1987 Pieces of Eight_TDM_D02T01.shn
fdf3c94b77508b4f24c933ae0fc66d58 *Neil_Peart_1992 01-30_TDM_D02T05.shn
d6d3447025d3acf8f198bcbebdc89e0a *Neil_Peart_1994 04-02_TDM_D02T06.shn
a998011001877f14d547cde1ae43eee2 *Neil_Peart_1996 12-05_TDM_D02T07.shn
bbe4d6b751f970a4436bcac4c4d3c341 *Neil_Peart_2002 08-24_TDM_D02T08.shn
b960aca9a7f50d4261746e65195b737d *Neil_Peart_2002 11-04_TDM_D02T09.shn
d854e496f9e13322018fb0b65e14ed73 *Neil_Peart_2004 05_26 AUD Matrix_TDM_D02T10.shn
45e554284440253fc74a9611644bc271 *Neil_Peart_2004 07-29_TDM_D02T11.shn

01 The Digital Man artwork front thumb.jpg
02 The Digital Man artwork back thumb.jpg
The Digital Man 5.0 artwork.pdf
The Digital Man 5.pdf

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Production Notes:
First of all, thanks to all the people who helped, inspired, suggested and facilitated this project.? I have probably been working on this in some form for 20 years.? I am a big fan of Neil and this is a tribute to him and his playing.

The idea behind the release was to listen to the development of Neil?s solo over the years.? This release will not be for everyone.? If you take a bathroom break during Neil?s solo at the Rush concert, this probably isn?t for you.? The solos were picked from the RoIO shows that are in my collection.? It is a mix of the best solos and best sounding solos over the years.? I tried to keep it to a 2-disk set but I probably could have made it 3 or 4.? A couple of rarities are the 1986 Dallas solo from a rare source, Pieces of Eight from a tape source as opposed to the flexi-disk (no pops) and the Cotton Tail/Drum solo (from Buddy Rich Memorial Scholarship Concert (VHS)) where you get to here Neil play a solo on a 4-piece drum kit.? The last track is also unique because it fell on Neil?s exact 30th Anniversary of joining the band.? Thanks to Lerxstian?s suggestion it ended up at the end of the show as a nice exclamation point.?

Special thanks goes to Digital Reproductions, Sirius, Atlas, GKP, JKR, Scarred, Oxygen, Rush-Signals, AC, Cabin Music, Lerxstian, Edison Baggins, and everyone else that has been good enough to trade with me.

This production is for trade only!!? Please support the artist buy purchasing the official releases in mass quantities.


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