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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 48:56 47:13
Catalog: JS REMASTER: JSR R-018-019
Source: Audience
Date: June 04, 1977
Location: Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK

Intro/ Bastille Day   5:14
Anthem   4:48
Lakeside Park   4:05
2112   20:04
Xanadu   10:53
Something for Nothing   3:49

By-Tor and the Snow Dog   12:29
The Necromancer   6:07
Medley: Working Man~Finding My Way~Drum Solo   14:28
Fly by Night/ In the Mood   4:54
What You're Doing   5:32
Best I Can   3:37

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0a35914109a7ce5e837e846a5ab15fba *Rush_770604_TYfYWW_d1t2.shn
a7064e70b0f9e8503653fe937778ebec *Rush_770604_TYfYWW_d1t3.shn
f959a9d630eb102b4410b243bc25999d *Rush_770604_TYfYWW_d1t4.shn
755d6a68512e22117e3f877adccc0d61 *Rush_770604_TYfYWW_d1t5.shn
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a150ef58c24348b928f6ed4a04c99ef8 *Rush_770604_TYfYWW_d2t1.shn
9718a927de479e4018e3daee7b243c8f *Rush_770604_TYfYWW_d2t2.shn
55cfab547802ea6ceab10d487eabcfef *Rush_770604_TYfYWW_d2t3.shn
6983f2b5759d4beb69712ee2ad16e2b4 *Rush_770604_TYfYWW_d2t4.shn
e35c07b5f1a0ed68abd1ffb434294163 *Rush_770604_TYfYWW_d2t5.shn
250dcadf2b813d22cd35ff07af948de5 *Rush_770604_TYfYWW_d2t6.shn

Rush 770604 TYfYWW back.jpg
Rush 770604 TYfYWW front.jpg
Rush 770604 TYfYWW front tn.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 5.25

Jun'ya aka the_sphere
   (Audio - 5.5)

?This title sourced the same show but different recording for the special concert, the first ever RUSH in London at famous Hammersmith Odeon concert. The other source was used for "Live at the Hammersmith (Digital Reproductions)" but this one is completely different recording and much longer version that has 2nd encore and also 3rd encore that we can only find on Apr. 17, 1977 concert in AtWaS tour shows (also Dec. 31, 1976 show has 'Best I Can' but played at the middle of the show).

?Although this recording has some cuts between the tracks (between d1t05 and d1t06, d2t02 and d2t03, d2t03 and d2t04, d2t04 and d2t05 and d2t05 and d2t06) that seems due to pause the recorder for save the remaining amount of the tape, the sound quality and feelings are just stable and the MC before and after 'Best I Can' is unique in my knowledge then I think this belongs to this show but not sure. Anyways very interesting thing.

?The concert itself is VERY HOT. Skip Gildersleeve introduced this is the first concert in London in particular, and boys played loud and hot. Also the audience's reaction is excellent so Ged says "Thank you for your warm welcome !" before the 2nd encore. The sound resolution is low but here are excellent version of '2112', 'Xanadu' and 'By-Tor/ Necromancer' medley.

?In the remastering process, I made MAJOR edit that is discarding the left channel on the source tape because it has serious damage. Very low gain, large amount of hum & hiss noises, random volume change etc... So I deceided to use only right channel and this turned mono recording. Up until someone find better lower gen. copy, this is the best way to listen to this recording. Also done speed correction, some EQ and gain alignment.

?For artworks, used pics taken from CIRCUS mag. Mar. 17, 1977 issue, Contents Under Pressure (concert ad) and MP tourbook (front image: modified).

Jun'ya aka the_sphere

Feb. 28, 2005


   (Audio - 5)

VG-   (2005-09-05)

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