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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-053-06
Source: Audience (Analog)
Date: April 26, 1988
Location: Scottish Exhibition Centre, Glasgow, Scotland

Three Stooges Intro   .24
The Big Money   6.02
Subdivisions   5.27
Limelight   4.40
Marathon   7.00
Turn the Page   4.51
Prime Mover   5.30
Manhattan Project    5.11
Closer to the Heart   4.55
Red Sector A   3.08
Red Sector A continued   2.22
Force Ten   4.59
Time Stand Still   5.16

Distant Early Warning   7.22
Lock and Key   5.27
Mission   5.56
Territories   6.18
YYZ/Drum Solo/Red Lenses   9.18
The Spirit of Radio   5.31
Tom Sawyer   5.41
2112:Overture/The Temples of Syrinx   6.12
La Villa Strangiato    5.22
In the Mood   2.23

Disc #1
fd1fc23f71eaac58ade2b8c8de133616 *1988_04_26_KoF_D1T01.shn
6c31241781a7c74d7039695253734b58 *1988_04_26_KoF_D1T02.shn
72d3ad57ebdd435a5f7f9618e76f4ea0 *1988_04_26_KoF_D1T03.shn
3cea6c4d26469a933ec53a11fbd37b40 *1988_04_26_KoF_D1T04.shn
c70ff5af1beca128ef7df82c719b2641 *1988_04_26_KoF_D1T05.shn
8af98448b33ad12e42cf6e71429bf0f6 *1988_04_26_KoF_D1T06.shn
a91be528feb7e801784f3128f8bb2977 *1988_04_26_KoF_D1T07.shn
d7f81d2b66df3f2923ce082e0c8c3755 *1988_04_26_KoF_D1T08.shn
6859d338fc3ed131070bb64ece217896 *1988_04_26_KoF_D1T09.shn
deb6168afeab8c8529e83c7bfc3c1935 *1988_04_26_KoF_D1T10.shn
ed00c36618500e55a59ee2bf4832030f *1988_04_26_KoF_D1T11.shn
742ba26963f16215c848452a4015c69e *1988_04_26_KoF_D1T12.shn
56175861ce4ef12996c8dcb5350c56f9 *1988_04_26_KoF_D1T13.shn

Disc #2
ad05d0add6b4840aee25590bf2510622 *1988_04_26_KoF_D2T01.shn
622a7fa6fc2b7acd3dea2fc1013fceb4 *1988_04_26_KoF_D2T02.shn
0ab691ea65046865d9cdd210a0c9693f *1988_04_26_KoF_D2T03.shn
085746a6695f7f5af7c95b2271dc13fd *1988_04_26_KoF_D2T04.shn
59850f7d766a847baa3818457b6d2da7 *1988_04_26_KoF_D2T05.shn
76513384d4593002ecddd163deb35281 *1988_04_26_KoF_D2T06.shn
75e033c7d03e4850cc18faaaef572fb7 *1988_04_26_KoF_D2T07.shn
06e5bb3c18d4e006051e8af3f913adb9 *1988_04_26_KoF_D2T08.shn
9658712bd3592b3828108bac97a0d80f *1988_04_26_KoF_D2T09.shn
90f18092f0e35d5f5c2960bd129b54bb *1988_04_26_KoF_D2T10.shn

1988 04 26 KoF Back.jpg
1988 04 26 KoF Disc 1.jpg
1988 04 26 KoF Disc 2.jpg
1988 04 26 KoF Front.jpg
1988 04 26 KoF Tray.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 5.5

Producers Notes:

This has been three months in the making and it was well worth it, even if I will probably never listen to another Hold Your Fire show again.? :)? Seven shows, 3 soundchecks?. All the Hold Your Fire UK shows.? Some of the shows are pretty good, especially the later dates.? Most of the soundchecks stink but they do give the listener a brief window into the making of the show and are worth a listen at least once.? There are a few cuts here and there, especially in the early dates.? All in all though, this is a worthy addition to any collection.?

Note ? the artwork is designed to fit into started jewel cases as ?separate? shows (which they are of course).? Finding a 17 disc jewel case proved to be slightly difficult.

Special thanks goes out to Neph for the artwork, Gebs for providing the source and of course Mick for providing the tapes to Gebs?

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! As is the Simple Man norm, this show is available on Direct Connect and will be traded freely to all comers.


   (Audio - 5.5)

VG/VG-   (2005-10-09)

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