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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-053-04
Source: Audience (Analog)
Date: April 23, 1988
Location: National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK

Three Stooges Intro   0.49
The Big Money   6.01
Subdivisions   5.23
Limelight   4.48
Marathon   6.53
Turn the Page   5.00
Prime Mover   5.39
Manhattan Project   5.05
Closer to the Heart   4.25
Red Sector A   5.48
Force Ten   5.03
Time Stand Still   5.25
Distant Early Warning   7.16
Lock and Key   5.29
Mission   5.27

Territories   6.27
YYZ/Drum Solo/Red Lenses   9.44
The Spirit of Radio   5.33
Tom Sawyer   5.14
2112:Overture/The Temples of Syrinx   6.28
La Villa Strangiato   5.30
In the Mood   3.14

Disc 1
ec1a718e5610a04934b4aad5595aeecf *1988_04_23_KoF_D1T01.shn
6ee741273dc8552379333ca2ae634706 *1988_04_23_KoF_D1T02.shn
2415e97291708691fb2c2f5134de3da4 *1988_04_23_KoF_D1T03.shn
438fbe10acf2a75f9173c8195ed75d29 *1988_04_23_KoF_D1T04.shn
63a572ec36937f2e331e9f61834cd941 *1988_04_23_KoF_D1T05.shn
5ff2114bcd83bf4703e80c27028c2e94 *1988_04_23_KoF_D1T06.shn
91ebf09155ad654b5cfd6384961bcfa7 *1988_04_23_KoF_D1T07.shn
9b937a1d4094550e73a8b061dfe9e742 *1988_04_23_KoF_D1T08.shn
c16ae718ea4d4b6dea8f58a9121ba72b *1988_04_23_KoF_D1T09.shn
c205b317b58801829df5afb554048dc2 *1988_04_23_KoF_D1T10.shn
781312eab30127fbbe699f44518aa220 *1988_04_23_KoF_D1T11.shn
8cc8ef773578d0455c9a700b049b353e *1988_04_23_KoF_D1T12.shn
ae3ebec1492c360c0d900a52116b0ff4 *1988_04_23_KoF_D1T13.shn
53d5f7124fb2fcc32249c03e215f05b3 *1988_04_23_KoF_D1T14.shn
4a5d47fdfce199f11f7ee4a226d908fe *1988_04_23_KoF_D1T15.shn

Disc 2
448eec65b070e4c671fd34bbf26e88b3 *1988_04_23_KoF_D2T01.shn
b3de13255ea6e1d07cb26cc19225421a *1988_04_23_KoF_D2T02.shn
668ccaa35c5e9cb9538cfe19b1cb0fec *1988_04_23_KoF_D2T03.shn
47a9cdbb07f8c40073791ca9f70bf2b7 *1988_04_23_KoF_D2T04.shn
f6020a23be1918ac488e3114b9c63b70 *1988_04_23_KoF_D2T05.shn
fce3c0cab6f9e8d6352827650dcd529f *1988_04_23_KoF_D2T06.shn
4b6b5c151a64009b6fad74c4d9576e8a *1988_04_23_KoF_D2T07.shn

1988 04 23 KoF Back.jpg
1988 04 23 KoF Disc 1.jpg
1988 04 23 KoF Disc 2.jpg
1988 04 23 KoF Front.jpg
1988 04 23 KoF Tray.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 6

Producers Notes:

This has been three months in the making and it was well worth it, even if I will probably never listen to another Hold Your Fire show again.? :)? Seven shows, 3 soundchecks?. All the Hold Your Fire UK shows.? Some of the shows are pretty good, especially the later dates.? Most of the soundchecks stink but they do give the listener a brief window into the making of the show and are worth a listen at least once.? There are a few cuts here and there, especially in the early dates.? All in all though, this is a worthy addition to any collection.?

Note ? the artwork is designed to fit into started jewel cases as ?separate? shows (which they are of course).? Finding a 17 disc jewel case proved to be slightly difficult.

Special thanks goes out to Neph for the artwork, Gebs for providing the source and of course Mick for providing the tapes to Gebs?

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! As is the Simple Man norm, this show is available on Direct Connect and will be traded freely to all comers.


   (Audio - 6)

VG Cool ending to Tom Saywer!!   (2006-03-19)

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