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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-063
Source: Audience (Master)
Date: March 09, 1990
Location: The Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA

Force Ten   4.54
Freewill   3.56
Distant Early Warning   4.21
Time Stand Still   5.56
Subdivisions   5.35
Marathon   6.31
Red Barchetta   6.22
Superconductor   5.17
Show Don't Tell   6.23
The Pass   5.06
Closer to the Heart   4.58

Manhattan Project    5.05
Medley   19.37
War Paint   6.02
Mission   5.38
Tom Sawyer   6.07
The Big Money   5.53
Closing Medley   11.17

Disc #1
3364c79e1a083cde9382130e87aa029d *1990_03_09_DtR_D1T01.shn
9da00dec386c8a6a2562fcd9220aa1b3 *1990_03_09_DtR_D1T02.shn
22b20d36eb3bb535d0c656ce7a32b6d0 *1990_03_09_DtR_D1T03.shn
0eaed92200fc48065b7a26779d25e270 *1990_03_09_DtR_D1T04.shn
bbbdee48b74e20fdfd73e67c09456b57 *1990_03_09_DtR_D1T05.shn
60b4fe45a41a2fb5b19942be7ae76d26 *1990_03_09_DtR_D1T06.shn
daba4ad58da3e2c83bd79a7b0c3a2cf3 *1990_03_09_DtR_D1T07.shn
5aa71421e3f42931bae1bf484f5cda66 *1990_03_09_DtR_D1T08.shn
a743cda9d1f1c4d0893be9e1b5c0a2d3 *1990_03_09_DtR_D1T09.shn
d21373fe9cfaaaa6af98d11437c9dc8d *1990_03_09_DtR_D1T10.shn
8f6de591d3b871cb0265f937e52f1495 *1990_03_09_DtR_D1T11.shn

Disc #2
b2272cee6458ad60790fe3d466d95d26 *1990_03_09_DtR_D2T02.shn
09ea4f7071af20c699bc3352964b9515 *1990_03_09_DtR_D2T03.shn
19f979901e38dcc088b3c51cd8c46ff7 *1990_03_09_DtR_D2T04.shn
1bf17b7fd02948e6d04afa0fec9558fb *1990_03_09_DtR_D2T05.shn
4cb0ebf1a7e1114c5831b1bc0ce204c4 *1990_03_09_DtR_D2T06.shn
9eee48cc51e14c343339d24648b3cecb *1990_03_09_DtR_D2T07.shn
0116096257629a40757020e90f57b875 *1990_03_09_DtR_D2T01.shn

1990 03 09 DtR Back.jpg
1990 03 09 DtR Back thumb.jpg
1990 03 09 DtR Front.jpg
1990 03 09 DtR Front Thumb.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7.5

Producers Notes:
   (Audio - 7.5)

Quality: 7.5

A decent show from my favorite Rush era.? The quality tends to come and go a little bit, especially in the first few minutes but the taper eventually settles down and does a nice job.? Also the show is lacking in some bottom end which keeps it's rating (in my opinion at least) from being a little higher.? That being said it's still a great show! It's early enough in the tour that there are still the occasional flub here and there.? Geddy is nice enough to confirm for us that this is indeed the second night in Detroit.? Since there is a pro-shot video available from the previous night, perhaps someday a pro-shot video of this night will see the light of day as well.? One can hope.....

A special thanks goes out to Neph for the artwork.?

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! As is the Simple Man norm, this show is available on Direct Connect and will be traded freely to all comers.


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