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Media: 2 CD Audio
Time: 59:39 60:24
Catalog: Cygnus: Cygnus 003/004
Source: Soundboard
Date: November 07, 1991
Location: The Arena, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Thus Spoke Zarathustra > Force Ten   5:31
Limelight   4:26
Freewill   4:07
Distant Early Warning   4:31
Time Stand Still   6:15
Dreamline   5:10
Bravado   7:02
Roll the Bones   6:21
Show Don't Tell   6:18
The Big Money   6:10
Subdivisions   3:34

The Pass   5:23
Where's My Thing ?   5:15
The Rhythm Method   7:12
Closer to the Heart   4:53
Xanadu   6:50
Superconductor   5:15
Tom Sawyer   5:55
Medley: The Spirit of Radio~   5:12
2112: Overture~   3:23
Finding My Way~   2:09
La Villa Strangiato~   3:17
Anthem~   1:43
Red Barchetta~   1:36
The Spirit of Radio (reprise)   2:21

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0c3896e023104240c1e1a90a472c1187 *Rush_911107_RtB_d1t04.flac
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461bd8d29a6d093fd591f31e8a576004 *Rush_911107_RtB_d1t08.flac
37533ceb866f52eeb09097f6e2eeba6b *Rush_911107_RtB_d1t09.flac
3bf3d974cb90c2185e345626358db25a *Rush_911107_RtB_d1t10.flac
953822f9e0c17486bf565cee48e118c8 *Rush_911107_RtB_d1t11.flac
21dc2f2e28a705f67650e40a3ac76abb *Rush_911107_RtB_d2t01.flac
7dbe878efe19027ab258aa44c1ad7fd1 *Rush_911107_RtB_d2t02.flac
1994b611ec1d5c9bdee55a8f574ffddf *Rush_911107_RtB_d2t03.flac
0168950e5eabdfe24aec5ac3e8e15c4a *Rush_911107_RtB_d2t04.flac
712c271f0209cf7f381f2c3c783b436c *Rush_911107_RtB_d2t05.flac
9349f342de2503e5fbb5cec3c2b51360 *Rush_911107_RtB_d2t06.flac
ea721543114ee0a2ca7b512886f3f897 *Rush_911107_RtB_d2t07.flac
90defa247beca2653c7654c901968419 *Rush_911107_RtB_d2t08.flac
2943b0081869698f7fda7693450e512a *Rush_911107_RtB_d2t09.flac
7fd2e2ee7a3d8fa0c3f0d18830382ace *Rush_911107_RtB_d2t10.flac
2e3052b233802be03a85c90a80a91ba8 *Rush_911107_RtB_d2t11.flac
c9b7a3dbf7003ff914acad7093baa3ae *Rush_911107_RtB_d2t12.flac
9fa2a3929734c91617fa506fa09ff4d8 *Rush_911107_RtB_d2t13.flac
9b5d381d69e6184c908bc8f35e7e88bd *Rush_911107_RtB_d2t14.flac

Rush 911107 RtB back1.jpg
Rush 911107 RtB back2.jpg
Rush 911107 RtB discs.jpg
Rush 911107 RtB front1.jpg
Rush 911107 RtB front1 tn.jpg
Rush 911107 RtB front2.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8.8

Jun'ya aka the_sphere
   (Audio - 9)

?? Released in early June 2005, under the new RUSH specialized label CYGNUS, from the bootlegger who runs Ayanami, Langley, Masterport, Sirene, Power Gate, Reel Master etc. This title is the second CYGNUS release. Sold at about US$48. Pressed Silvers, limited 300 copies.

?? Recorded at Nov. 7, 1991, The Arena, St. Louis, MO. 2 weeks after the opening night for RTB tour. Complete soundboard (line) recording for the night.

? This recording was listed on "Tape Holders" lists sometimes and circulated VERY limited amount of copies as 90 mins incomplete version (missing later 1/3) but this time revealed the complete form of the recording and finally launched on our planet.

? The sound quality is pretty good, almost excellent but lacks punch of low-range sound so a bit thin. However, the freshness of the sound, especially the guitar and vocal sound is excellent and can listen to the exact point of changing effecter settings etc. Very informative one.

? The show itself is of course excellent. Although the mix for keys and samples ware low at the beginning but it seems the issue of PA and it turnd good at the middle of the show. At the beginning of "Finding My Way", Ged sang unique line and it maybe was due to over stage action at the time... Ged act AL's guitar posing sometimes through the encore. Funny. And guitar sound was missing at the middle of "Finding My Way" and it was guitar changing break due to the trouble on it.

? You know, there is an audience recording video for this particular night and I have 3rd gen. VHS copy. If it is not possible to get more low gen. copy soon, I will add this sound on the 3rd gen. video and will release as "Row the Boats - the Video". If you have better VHS copy of this, please let me know.

? Anyways, MUST-HAVE for all RUSH collectors.

Jun'ya aka the_sphere

Jul. 3, 2005


   (Audio - 8.5)

EX-/EX IMHO theres been a lot of talk about this boot, and I think its one of the most over rated boots Ive seen in a while. If you like the VT studio album you'll love this one! To me it sounds way too compressed, with too much in it,way over processed, it literally gives me headcahes if I listen to it too long. I would love to hear the raw source, or better yet a properly produced one.   (2005-09-19)

   (Audio - 9.5)

This is probably the second best overall sounding show from the RTB Tour in my humble opinion. The sound quality is as good as Big Money Meets The Big Apple, however unlike that show this one is complete. If you really want to be extremely critical of recordings then I am sure you can find problems with this one. If you are a beginner looking for an overall excellent sounding show from this tour then this one is definately worthy!    (2005-10-02)

   (Audio - 8)

A RTB tour soundboard recording, what's not to love? Right? Wrong. This show should be called Skin and Roll the Bones. Because, the sound is so THIN. You can't EQ this show in any way to help. When you listen to it you'll think someone unplugged your Subwoofer. The bass has no punch at all. Sonically the whole show is flat. This may also be true of our heroes performance as well. Geddy's between song banter is very vanilla and his vocal performance, average and uneventful. This show reminds me of 84's Cool Under Fire. You want to love it, but, you can't. The sound just isn't pleasing to the ears. Greg (Rush 0212) is right this one is over rated and hard to listen to all the way through. Having said all that it is a SB and that beats 9 out of 10 Audience recordings any day. Put this in your collection and break it out on a rainy day.   (2007-03-03)

Aramis K. Vidaurre
   (Audio - 9)

RTB has a very particular characteristic of all Rush boots rated as soundboards: the sound is a little bit distant at times -“Subdivisions” intro is as if it was placed in a different sound channel - but nothing annoying. By the way, "Subdivisions" has a was cut off. Normally this one takes from 5:10 to 5:20; this time it takes 3:42. The second part of the song was wiped out –perfectly edited -. Was it done for any particular reason? Some songs seem to have nothing new to offer. Don’t get me wrong, they are performed fantastically, but still sound too stuck to a script. Neil as usual – except for some historical mishaps, but not this time – performs flawlessly; “Big Money” and “Where’s My Thing?” (why should you worry about it Geddy?) are perfect samples. The guitar in “Closer to the Heart” sounds as if emerging from the crowd noise, but again the in-the-middle-section where they seem to change the script gets you to a nowhere point. RTB is not as great in sound as other soundboard ones, but a piece to be considered though.    (2007-08-06)

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