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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 77:13, 54:51, 47:50
Catalog: JS REMASTER: JSR R-020-022
Source: DAT audience (Matrix of two recordings)
Date: September 27, 2004
Location: Alsterdorfer Sporthalle, Hamburg, Germany

Jerry Stiller Intro   2:34
R30 Overture   6:37
The Spirit of Radio   5:08
Force Ten   4:52
Animate   6:01
Subdivisions   6:08
Earthshine   5:55
Red Barchetta   6:52
Roll the Bones   6:08
Bravado   6:16
YYZ   4:48
The Trees   5:52
The Seeker   3:26
One Little Victory   6:36

Darn That Dragon Intro   3:14
Tom Sawyer   5:13
Dreamline   5:10
Secret Touch   7:30
Between the Wheels   6:05
Mystic Rhythms   5:30
Red Sector A   5:10
O Baterista   9:34
Resist   4:35
Heart Full of Soul   2:50

2112: Overture~The Temples of Syrinx   8:15
La Villa Strangiato   9:26
By-Tor and the Snow Dog   4:23
Xanadu   7:17
Working Man   6:42
Summertime Blues   3:41
Crossroads   3:15
Limelight~Jerry Stiller outro   4:51

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2e707e856861eb9e00db3783250f893a *Rush_040927_HSV_d1t08.flac
e444cd38a0efb373c6298b689fe693d0 *Rush_040927_HSV_d1t09.flac
74699f841b66f843b75c4f481a176c3a *Rush_040927_HSV_d1t10.flac
eacb41129ef9daaa9a321bd2f2c723ad *Rush_040927_HSV_d1t11.flac
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8ccd1ed582f7603d8f4b46642f3fa9d5 *Rush_040927_HSV_d1t13.flac
43f01cfe466d4aae7b4b1acf64a2b7c3 *Rush_040927_HSV_d1t14.flac
c56979f6dad035eb6e4c8c0b22963411 *Rush_040927_HSV_d2t01.flac
7a73f1b987c36ae2b63e9fe1c8b7d84d *Rush_040927_HSV_d2t02.flac
c12763ffa9b9b8790080f7c279d54076 *Rush_040927_HSV_d2t03.flac
b9caf2320346b8e90edc7996312d5668 *Rush_040927_HSV_d2t04.flac
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c355d095226ad5bb440babdc42a0b14a *Rush_040927_HSV_d2t06.flac
e5a670b1116d142b9571738b704b24d5 *Rush_040927_HSV_d2t07.flac
529569f2fe879afa769bbba4b19edcbd *Rush_040927_HSV_d2t08.flac
153331ff6f5b5e31efdf9316f0c11a2d *Rush_040927_HSV_d2t09.flac
9f7341c8becefb62f5636b09d283e0d4 *Rush_040927_HSV_d2t10.flac
f1880c34e95d8b9f920061626ec04ddd *Rush_040927_HSV_d3t01.flac
de8f7d1c6779cd6972aaeffd64a392a3 *Rush_040927_HSV_d3t02.flac
27b25d7a4a0a87af765fdfc84eeb38fe *Rush_040927_HSV_d3t03.flac
98eab26f44f3fc76ca5db2c53939010b *Rush_040927_HSV_d3t04.flac
d3a971f661877f4b2c5a7f7a11bf8553 *Rush_040927_HSV_d3t05.flac
b3f4d1d8cefcfb4d7710b457d23ccddf *Rush_040927_HSV_d3t06.flac
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3e61f73f24da088be501069e89164a4a *Rush_040927_HSV_d3t08.flac

Rush 040927 HSV back.jpg
Rush 040927 HSV front.jpg
Rush 040927 HSV front tn.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8.5

Jun'ya aka the_sphere
   (Audio - 8.5)

?This title is a second product for making NTSC version DVD of this night. To increase the quality of the video, I made Matrix of two DAT audience recordings for the soundtrack. This is the same as the soundtrack for "Mystic Hamburg - NTSC Edition" but complete/uncompressed version of that.

?The sources are "Earplugging in Hamburg" and "Flying to Hamburg", both recorded with D100 with OKM IIr mic but two recordings have slightly different sound. EiH has very powerfull bottom and high end but mid-range sound, especially the guitar sound is a bit thin. FtH has fat mid-range but a bit weak about bottm end. After combining EiH with FtH as 60/40 ratio, the sound turned very powerful and clear I think.

?Hope someone like this release.

?Special thanks to Harry for suggesting good words for "SV".

Jun'ya aka the_sphere

Jul. 7, 2005


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