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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: Snowdog Productions: SDP~005
Source: Audience (MD Master)
Date: August 04, 2004
Location: Tweeter Center, Camden, New Jersey, USA

Intro   1:34
R30 Medley   6:40
The Spirit of Radio   5:09
Force Ten   4:49
Animate   5:58
Subdivisions   6:09
Earthshine   5:56
Red Barchetta   6:58
Roll the Bones   6:13
Bravado   6:13
YYZed   4:51
The Trees   5:43
The Seeker   3:43
One Little Victory    6:33

Darn That Dragon Movie   3:22
Tom Sawyer   5:06
Dreamline   5:08
Secret Touch   7:20
Between the Wheels   6:14
Mystic Rythms   5:27
Red Sector A   5:11
O'Baterista   8:25

Resist   4:33
Heart Full Of Soul   2:47
2112 Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx/Grand Finale   8:09
La Villa Strangiato   9:15
By-Tor And The Snow Dog   4:39
Xanadu   7:03
Working Man   7:12
Summertime Blues   3:46
Crossroads   3:14
Limelight   4:47
Outro   0:56

c590329bf3624f51a9c61d0ee0a2c330 *d3t01.shn
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b1ac83020499124f32ed4ee062344f79 *d1t10.shn
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e9a9e7da1a1c134f4fd84c6e2ea19d79 *d1t12.shn
302e117720b1504673a9bb808bc0a29a *d1t13.shn
ba14065fcb61dc5a9b3043f3f96d5bbd *d1t14.shn
a11bd04b92b42f3a3fa07767c37f47dc *d2t01.shn
36e5389a9b55b514616428a7bcb01d2c *d2t02.shn
b68a12eaf17162101cbb902bf2db4250 *d2t03.shn
8aed1eec5a9139a82bbf140c06bfa69a *d2t04.shn
36d73a3e49f541168f4b8d0f218294e0 *d2t05.shn
e8b268149d22aa3064c5f4370e640b5f *d2t06.shn
ed52c5ebdbf4f6f24a1c9fa4655c9153 *d2t07.shn
c29f6049cd85960f808bd0f7c70dc601 *d2t08.shn
7f69f179f7d2d0e16ae181a2424af8be *d3t02.shn
6d21a1d5449682eaed25b1b0d08b6c48 *d3t03.shn
6de10da29b233a66c4939c7681d35d1d *d3t04.shn
fd99205ddd5a71920f33be74480906b8 *d3t05.shn
3f302a63a7dfca0fb37730200053149d *d3t06.shn
7aa99c9fac4a2a78da5f174481953b84 *d3t07.shn
0dd4d8520aaf3a56086ffbe0a6aa299e *d3t08.shn
9d34d1c5528f452815b08a688e9e5289 *d3t09.shn
12461317bfff0138d09717de7f644be9 *d3t10.shn
5c7430bafd8f82184274cc332abe2ddf *d3t11.shn
208d83228f3de0d04882147f56e27ccc *d1t01.shn

7b39ed96448c5f5e0a36bf9f566e2ad9 *d3t01.wav
df84feb2056e0331522bf8b2593aa524 *d1t02.wav
139b274c0717196ad29f47904e44d077 *d1t03.wav
81dade37f7b9f1ddf055d945fe14995a *d1t04.wav
55521a84bfc302a21ba5a75e7d66be17 *d1t05.wav
633b75619f4e915b8b584ff43e3060aa *d1t06.wav
bd86985f3f213bd16d19be182fdf446a *d1t07.wav
603b21040ce0f39f934a5464791ebdf2 *d1t08.wav
6dc5c3edb5cc688f40706b2fd31eb699 *d1t09.wav
88c27d4d35a34bb9d718e3e622aa02a0 *d1t10.wav
58425a3c9aecd20ccf102a0a149fdee5 *d1t11.wav
d018d2da6048761bcb9a20d6aa2915a7 *d1t12.wav
795fc50bbd807d2b455cd4220c6f4584 *d1t13.wav
54fd7f3b9e5a9a37b9882650a4cee27d *d1t14.wav
06719ed38991e659666530d6f303128a *d2t01.wav
ca4a2dae92b7a0f5a62b68232981cf5b *d2t02.wav
d55a0163b37abeea77da5b323cf99730 *d2t03.wav
c135d1ad1a5928b89a565369fa4f4158 *d2t04.wav
b19de1570b7dabdc87a78cb2c44ba702 *d2t05.wav
676879a5e983ec0fcb53a3499970817a *d2t06.wav
4a2a490888127f808e6a83f7441804c4 *d2t07.wav
4b41ce2ffecc8dde14ae558c2030c545 *d2t08.wav
ef7e30f703e52b01cea4fc19bdc4fa8e *d3t02.wav
230c6b14c3ed3ba3e4feacd7dad985ad *d3t03.wav
2304dbe79bd48cd13fb9a29586fab6be *d3t04.wav
50902e3440ed59ccfe304f0fe430cd69 *d3t05.wav
2c8682f830e97eb53291fa44525f7826 *d3t06.wav
14dd63e73abfb46f909c31dcd02b12f3 *d3t07.wav
88707d733ce7a3d72202697ca9b9a88f *d3t08.wav
7002aef17d5d13e7674eb4454a44346a *d3t09.wav
f8f02798ff5d2b860c3abb785556c119 *d3t10.wav
be750df50685ebf0119b748e7f680671 *d3t11.wav
70070a5c4d1801381758caabf6cbf1dc *d1t01.wav

Strippers of the Caribbean Back.jpg
Strippers of the Caribbean Back Thumbnail.jpg
Strippers of the Caribbean Cover.jpg
Strippers of the Caribbean Cover Thumbnail.jpg
Strippers of the Caribbean Disc 1.jpg
Strippers of the Caribbean Disc 2.jpg
Strippers of the Caribbean Disc 3.jpg
Strippers of the Caribbean Foldout.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7.5

Taper's Notes:

Great show again....major rain storm during Bones/Bravado/YYzed so you can hear some wind noise then...other than that, pretty decent show...the strippers came out to do the coin change during YYZed and i was having trouble seeing as you can hear on the tape :) .......i know, i should have been focusing on the music but it was my fifth show of the tour..........i will vine one and i'll take some 2:1's on this.....trades too if i find something i want right now....i've not heard the other camden show so i can't compare....thanks again to SiriusJoe for the audio and Daneck for the great artwork.? SP CMC-8 (AT933)->BB->Sharp MD-MT877.? ninjadave ~ May 2005.    (2005-05-25)

   (Audio - 7.5)

VG+/EX-   (2005-09-19)

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