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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 75:39, 46:40, 56:39
Catalog: GG Productions: GG-Rush-003
Source: Audience (Master DAT)
Date: September 14, 2004
Location: Glasgow SECC, Glasgow, Scotland

Intro   0:16
R30 Medlay   6:41
The Spirit of Radio   5:11
Force Ten   4:51
Animate   5:59
Subdivisions   6:18
Earthshine   5:50
Red Barchetta   6:56
Roll the Bones   6:09
Bravado   6:16
YYZ   4:52
The Trees   6:09
The Seeker   4:25
One Little Victory   5:39

Darn That Dragon Intro    3:07
Tom Sawyer   5:10
Dreamline   5:20
The Secret Touch   7:11
Between the Wheels   6:10
Mystic Rythms   5:29
Red Sector A   5:10
O Baterista   8:57

Resist   4:47
Heart Full of Soul   2:47
2112 Overture - TOS/GF   8:06
La Villa Strangiato   9:20
By-Tor & the Snowdog   4:42
Xanadu   6:45
Working Man   7:01
Summertime Blues   3:41
Crossroads   3:14
Limelight   5:17
Outro   0:52

adafd37e5ffb40d9a41c7f07f0bf61ba *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t01.shn
ca71851c66205940454da07713845f7d *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t02.shn
62f7a072c512241768ca8469b6723431 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t03.shn
03134b2126774e1b7ce6f90af1d3a8fa *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t04.shn
1858294c78e91e458f8137be134d4068 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t05.shn
e133d084f069d44b4a01e9baecaeed9d *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t06.shn
9fb3c790382e10c64ba1b5ed25b0f475 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t07.shn
109b9bce18c0afba4910436e8ed18eb9 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t08.shn
d7d2b17ee466e4a17df889dc7c0b9f1e *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t09.shn
4b7355697a70c11fca7a878caa45aabd *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t10.shn
2bce793b9602d10dfc28119b5fa286d8 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t11.shn
ae73901a031136eea0ee1cbe01d91210 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t12.shn
33a64d0762cbdd6359559b6cb5e78189 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t13.shn
4d4b15b19925f2d997b2032c258f4041 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t14.shn
cadd08b8e43105ac75d7300a3d1a59d2 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d2t01.shn
4c1d36df218b9319e4b1455f93e3966a *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d2t02.shn
32182a7e757a3d1b978d6b0bb291a82a *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d2t03.shn
30a86241fee7e109011bedf230840165 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d2t04.shn
68dab19b5b4b438ebebfefc7252fa29b *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d2t05.shn
2a42329eb6a4ca9070eb6e44f626186a *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d2t06.shn
c399c1b53c7f3eda222990060630b803 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d2t07.shn
de3a46181265413c714dbec0cd186fb9 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d2t08.shn
94c7815bf9ba6f5a5e803a715e819de1 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d3t01.shn
f6ec3bdbc57939df605fa0c189c46374 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d3t02.shn
37cd8862516864b380482db6950c86b7 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d3t03.shn
c6bf58e7ad238d65093d740f57dd21a5 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d3t04.shn
174e5d998ed29a146554c686becf6ec6 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d3t05.shn
0cdd922747a3eca627eba9b00e946466 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d3t06.shn
fd9aa53334428f8839f2bf59d213e25a *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d3t07.shn
d563d689e2edaca3db55f9bad25c8e4a *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d3t08.shn
f0d02202b822fef932d35cea080d6e81 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d3t09.shn
13cecb0b23c96ba43f67bdb2d0aaa78b *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d3t10.shn
4bd272ce80d1b05281b8556488be692c *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d3t11.shn

f7db74c4245a8f10c2b8c8f2c132d10b *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t01.wav
e3a7beb315e5d3e0c79ce1eaf779edd0 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t02.wav
24c8c782ec36ca828146f316666c6eaf *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t03.wav
5edab067cd414b81166891126902fde0 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t04.wav
d12cd3f7dcfe9c3070d91a06d28d19b6 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t05.wav
bac96eb4f3d46be50c8f582850397245 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t06.wav
9815825371634618774a8c7364ca7c3b *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t07.wav
e50782e77a42d484b48018cde844e999 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t08.wav
26ecee6ae376cc117e10cf73122d620f *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t09.wav
1beac73d85a1fc1564cd5a06bdd6fa70 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t10.wav
aaa833f3d9b91f7ea067974db85dddf9 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t11.wav
a07e822ea59338d930ca54d9108c874c *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t12.wav
dfaa5be17ee8c39eb0600106102806b0 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t13.wav
9e55224c086d30c47d1fc9defd8c3727 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d1t14.wav
46e6c28062fbab6fd7743fa49b1e4a57 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d2t01.wav
753d9fda862d585dc7ce1ba1dc2be62b *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d2t02.wav
38bef53abddefb31077bad28a7b88b6f *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d2t03.wav
5b0c8913d18b5f0c1d117d1208833405 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d2t04.wav
f301e6adf24442b7b48edc01b083ded7 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d2t05.wav
a191c64ae40c4f89584dbfdf6ec3c557 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d2t06.wav
7d83aebd79322e426e9f24044b7564d1 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d2t07.wav
32851740c54e060e834a2f5e884fd735 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d2t08.wav
2b50eba233645760e81f5e81efe957c0 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d3t01.wav
27949ad220cb6691fc4d9268a217cf24 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d3t02.wav
b9ddcf58e4eb14d601cd068c9c38cb68 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d3t03.wav
45eef9faba99f37b8c4cb0a61d2a3afc *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d3t04.wav
e10a799b0d10ee6bc86009bfa17a0da4 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d3t05.wav
96e44361dbb5994960c545623c428c7f *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d3t06.wav
de6a6acac53f3b2dba53a396741e0afa *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d3t07.wav
a17a7a9282de869aa035f1eed09d5943 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d3t08.wav
87b10a3097096e46350bc60608fe5d55 *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d3t09.wav
a5628a3fc8fd096303aa407da00d211e *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d3t10.wav
29cf9aa43c024e499188fc17a551c4ca *Rush_2004-09-14_FITB_d3t11.wav


Average Rating:Audio: 4

Producers Notes:

Recording info
PCM-M100 (48Khz)---> SP1 (107Hz roll off)---> AT933 (Dave64K)
Tapers Notes

Recorded way back on the backseats, hence the title name.? Do not ever convert this show to mp3.? Please do not ever torrent this release on a public tracker unless Dave64K says so Please do not remaster and release this release without the permission of the taper.? Please share and trade freely in your own fan base domain.? Support the artist and always buy official releases.? And always get this text file you know ;)? SMP?Released May 2005


Aramis K. Vidaurre
   (Audio - 4)

The name really fits the boot. For the intro, you hear just noise. Then you hear that someone is playing. If you pay attention, you realize there are some guys that play something that resembles Rush. When you leave the tape play for some minutes, then you hear NOTHING!!! It is funny: in the files I got somewhere, at mark 3:31 of the first song, which is the medley or R30 Overture, the music “disappears” and the tape goes along 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Ok, then I played the next tune where you hear first the drums and then the rest, and it sounds in the bridge of the intro and Geddy’s singing, Alex gets stuck in a strange note; and it’s obvious when Neil has to change the cue. Then Geddy vanishes because what you hear is people singing and clapping. Man, how difficult!! Well, at least you know for sure that the audience was enjoying themselves. When I thought it could not get worse, it did: in “Subdivisions” after 3.21 again the music vanishes but the tape continues up to mark 6:20. But this time I was prepared, though the music stopped I continue with the lyrics imaging Geddy changing from the keyboards to the bass and viceversa. Aha!! If someone got this one and has the tunes complete, just let me know if something relevant happened. Just remember: “NOT FOR SALE – FOR TRADE ONLY”. In other words, if you paid something for FITB, I AM SORRY!!!    (2007-08-20)

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