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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: Snowdog Productions: SDP~006
Source: Audience (MD Master)
Date: August 15, 2004
Location: Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, Darien, New York, USA

Intro   2:32
R30 Medley   6:38
The Spirit of Radio   5:04
Force Ten   4:49
Animate   5:57
Subdivisions   6:12
Earthshine   5:44
Red Barchetta   6:51
Roll the Bones   6:09
Bravado   6:16
YYZed   4:49
The Trees   5:47
The Seeker   3:51
One Little Victory   6:32

Darn That Dragon Movie   5:12
Tom Sawyer   5:05
Dreamline   5:08
Secret Touch   7:18
Between the Wheels   6:08
Mystic Rythms   5:27
Red Sector A   5:10
O'Baterista   8:33

Resist   4:32
Heart Full Of Soul   2:55
2112 Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx/Grand Finale   8:09
La Villa Strangiato   9:54
By-Tor And The Snow Dog   4:34
Xanadu   7:14
Working Man   6:53
Summertime Blues   3:46
Crossroads   3:14
Limelight   4:47
Outro   1:22

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cd1b4255f517e610d79a50c339cecb10 *d1t04.shn
e0b269bd5c36615ec32dc21945089bdd *d1t05.shn
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cd686c7b983ed04e7106393e7f69e7d4 *d1t12.shn
70a681cff414918d89ffd30fb7507743 *d1t13.shn
0b309076be91d3fc00fd400bddfb4290 *d1t14.shn
4e7a6c2dd1601e4096602286d6246199 *d2t06.shn
40f491259b75b46e17f6f130e0c3c862 *d2t07.shn
308bbc2f2eda0b156a1ab48ddf0cc78e *d2t08.shn
f655c8880018476011f37a925832fd53 *d3t02.shn
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0db61135ff3750548773f8654e525618 *d3t04.shn
dd14c69571a92615cb5ace700597ff5b *d3t05.shn
47ac7ada911ef6a2dab8c16a304b3dfa *d3t06.shn
38d3eaa498af71eaab2d95f0421d70c2 *d3t07.shn
b6bf9178d7b18ddd8ddd79f5711d77c4 *d3t08.shn
1c497b5268e8b71436a4e828be747810 *d3t09.shn
96aaf3a4677b7b4eea484ce94320a97a *d3t10.shn
04d3728548e47ae39b8fb846fae371df *d3t11.shn
954f683df759a2ff58089d168bb6c4ad *d2t02.shn

0256b883b7b90e8c6a14e60ae7237235 *d2t03.wav
14974d7cd06c97dbd03e5dbb5be14b89 *d2t04.wav
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3c76e4d114a7a9b6ae11ca279cc2e208 *d1t07.wav
dcca2fe1325d4d4626de8a93f5f24e65 *d1t08.wav
3eeb3f8d944766998f7f216112bfb7a6 *d1t09.wav
ecf403f887a690458afa6356ec1bb974 *d1t10.wav
86eb702ee4485f548b9498d77c784dcc *d1t11.wav
d7acdffd8f3bdfeb64a96ad9ca13034d *d1t12.wav
5a2540e79157bba75aba9130434eec06 *d1t13.wav
0a75f210f2dc19a72a090bfdfa58df50 *d1t14.wav
4ea409a941a2eb65e250d5b13a077c4d *d2t06.wav
d5643602fd7a509f883f7d3a8d24d41e *d2t07.wav
060c5a98490001cf5d1d3408dd8e7a23 *d2t08.wav
7064fc0283579d8debce5ea39e4bc673 *d3t02.wav
01776800851cd2460efab3bab57ca2ea *d3t03.wav
6579d5311851793e8ffcb33b6fc6dcc1 *d3t04.wav
a1c8e9e34bd4767ea0a61b0b35699e47 *d3t05.wav
6325317f93f09273d50d64bf22a3a094 *d3t06.wav
d0fd8a73da64e2297771a7a3f0f5c639 *d3t07.wav
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4349de2bd646d5f900cce9cb6a98a96b *d3t09.wav
f096f853714d52bdba6782cecc841534 *d3t10.wav
4a1a33e39fdba52e8b75897178dead46 *d3t11.wav
ca843de5d4fa6980b9ce701475a13953 *d2t02.wav

Between The Ferris Wheels Back.jpg
Between The Ferris Wheels Back Thumbnail.jpg
Between The Ferris Wheels Cover.jpg
Between The Ferris Wheels Cover Thumbnail.jpg
Between The Ferris Wheels Disc 1.jpg
Between The Ferris Wheels Disc 2.jpg
Between The Ferris Wheels Disc 3.jpg
Between The Ferris Wheels Foldout.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7.25

Taper's Notes:

Another fine show...of to meet up with Jeff T and his buddy from TO for the first time and that was cool hanging, drinking and just having a good time........thanks to Jeff for the title suggestion and the *crew* for their efforts once again.......vine/2:1/b&p/trades...whatever....the hub should have these at some point and maybe a BT.....rock on....the show was good, my seat was decent but i had some major PINHEADS directly in front of me that disrupt it a bit in the second set i think.....i've been lucky in most of my gigs where the people are quiet so its bound to happen....hope you all enjoy.? SP CMC-8 (AT933)->BB->Sharp MD-MT877.? ninjadave ~ May 2005.??

   (Audio - 7)

VG+   (2005-09-12)

   (Audio - 7.5)


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