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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: Sirius Records: SIR0420/0421
Source: Analog (2nd gen)
Date: December 20, 1981
Location: Civic Center, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

2112: Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx   6:33
Freewill   5:55
Limelight   4:48
Hemispheres: Prelude   4:30
Beneath, Between, Behind   2:44
Subdivisions   5:00
The Camera Eye   10:58
YYZ / Drum Solo   9:14
Broon's Bane   1:38
The Trees   4:39
Xanadu   12:35

The Spirit of Radio   5:39
Red Barchetta   6:51
Closer to the Heart   3:26
Tom Sawyer   5:00
Vital Signs   5:02
Working Man   1:35
Hemispheres: Armageddon   0:49
Bytor and the Snow Dog   4:00
In the End   1:41
In the Mood   1:32
2112: Finale   2:33
La Villa Strangiato   9:33

579d85a4a8e657afdaeb75e6919a8202 *d1t01.shn
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2bfb0f349df8b0cabacc970b90ecdce6 *d1t03.shn
8727e16be6cd42663510ed6fef8164b1 *d1t04.shn
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947c183830634c6a97021019348f624f *d1t06.shn
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d34db763525e97b3c3197d7bae8fba55 *d1t09.shn
39c75ce4a5dc0fe3f70e8cd8a6c7de8d *d1t10.shn
402ea90e01578937ec5916d1fd78c08e *d1t11.shn
b144f5d274bba36346f742b93566c071 *d2t01.shn
1401d6f40c64cdc0b2b898617c0b1072 *d2t02.shn
9b21211cde0f627774472c9d43eaef45 *d2t03.shn
154d353c76d33169688a8aacaa0d25d1 *d2t04.shn
51d165977ac064a95302738923a4e81f *d2t05.shn
6d935bce490f8a427d88066e01c7930d *d2t06.shn
4e3de80cd619b51d17739af67bf1f8b8 *d2t07.shn
7a723e973212a7a23b00c13555216594 *d2t08.shn
1791c143de540fe8eb584b30e1bb1bbf *d2t09.shn
2074c979d05e1df0d1a722742bbe9a54 *d2t10.shn
111aad502f9e32783576b7fad0162f22 *d2t11.shn
e5f1f53293538a91bc2f2ebe3b2c2d4e *d2t12.shn

25dc1edca2a830c58b6be3104387211d *d1t01.wav
22395501277c359b9388ce9bb6ad811e *d1t02.wav
25fd8dbf67a8d03cbc5fcddbd7439b0a *d1t03.wav
e699fa50508644d196324b821e5ccb66 *d1t04.wav
5e64d7127f42b4fabfefdc929be1b4f5 *d1t05.wav
bdff96f9398a3a3f87da58e69f450ad4 *d1t06.wav
d83d1e85332da4db0fb22cc635eda5d1 *d1t07.wav
cb81b03585d6fcd60ea0dfdc40f7394c *d1t08.wav
977f52da781c3f0e40f1d330b646e171 *d1t09.wav
25e6f9edc7772aed7b52a86a3626182e *d1t10.wav
59204a7986ab56818d7d574e1c7c9529 *d1t11.wav
d4ae883909b563ec32b6ac68531a5a94 *d2t01.wav
4aa480f751a22208b99ff3fbfa2b5ff2 *d2t02.wav
e1407b91ee3f8c167d66deff307fed0b *d2t03.wav
2ff6de4bb78c5ddd5dff4bca1ec78b48 *d2t04.wav
26293fb636b91e84b00779b7540a18ac *d2t05.wav
b6e544b7b0091638e4adede22b82e5d0 *d2t06.wav
27c189f1f950e6ab7ab4f3841cf47701 *d2t07.wav
72e2b47a28c6bb7a1bd033e138fecc81 *d2t08.wav
633d44e661bee8669a58207993320b9a *d2t09.wav
cc132ab4fbf154c65dc6dfc1741ccaca *d2t10.wav
3883b2e23ef0473f4b1d3384e6066dbc *d2t11.wav
9fd75053580c79135416355f12980aa5 *d2t12.wav

70a25c5f94211955f4a9cb17cd6d5538 *permanentpictures-back.jpg
a4282dc26276f6e3f64198b947f531f8 *permanentpictures-front.jpg

permanentpictures back.jpg
permanentpictures front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7.666666666666667

Producers Notes:

This show from near the end of the Exit Stage Left tour features a preview of "Subdivisions", which would appear on the subsequent album "Signals".? The drum and guitar parts are very slightly different from the recorded version, and the guitar solo hasn't been defined yet.? Otherwise, the setlist is similar to the Moving Pictures tour.

This source has been produced on CD many times by many people over the years, with widely varying quality.? This 2nd generation tape was fairly well-preserved but suffered from some of the same problems as all the others - a bit of distortion in the high frequencies which causes the cymbals to feel harsh and some sibilance on the vocals, and occasional changes in channel balance and volume.? Still, it's the best sounding copy that I have been able to find after several years of searching, and I have spent lots of time correcting the volume/balance issues and repairing the tape flips and glitches.? I think you'll like it better than any of the commonly traded versions of this show.

Thanks to Rick at Daletona Studios for the artwork. This is his first contribution to a Sirius release, and he did a great job.? Released to The Alien Shore message board on May 13, 2005


   (Audio - 9)

This show is one of my favorites, and when I heard about this release I knew I needed a copy. The show is definitely an upgrade to Tempest and Hartford '81. I always thought Tempest and Hartford '81 were a little muddy (bass heavy). PP has more clarity and has a better EQ mix IMHO. It is a little harsh in the high end but that is probably the result of the general high end problems with the show mentioned in the producers notes. If you enjoy this show it is worth your time to find a copy of PP.   (2005-05-23)

   (Audio - 6)

Its been a while since I listened to any of the other sources of this show, but being a home show it stands out in my mind, and this seemed to be a nice upgrade to the other versions of it! And The Camera Eye!   (2005-07-25)

P. Beshuk
   (Audio - 8)

This recording has a slight bit of bright hiss throughout, but it's not very bothersome. It gets a bit worse during about tracks 2-4 on disc 1. It has a quick fade-in at the start of the show (2112) that almost feels like the very beginning is missing. Other than that, it's a gem. I really think it's better than a 6 that someone else gave it.   (2006-02-13)


Before I rant, I should say that I don't have the technical knowledge most people here seem to have. I just listen to the music. I'm also brand new to the trading arena and have virtually no experience RoIOs of any band. You can now stop reading if you don't want the opinion of a rank neophyte. That having been said, I'm not sure I'm listening to the same show the other reviewrs are, or maybe I have a REALLY bad version. This show sounds like GARBAGE. To me, it is almost unlistenable. I'm now listening to "Camera Eye" and on this track as well as the first 6, there are: numerous drop outs; static-like noise throughout that sounds like it was recorded off an AM broadcast in the middle of Montana; either Alex and Geddy, or both, sound they are inside a tin can, the mix is moving all over the place like somebody's kid was playing with the soundboard; etc. I think this show is junk, pure and simple. If this is what passes for good, my time in RoIO world will be very short indeed. I am so bitterly disappointed, becasue this is the 1 tour I REALLY wanted. Contrast this w/ the "St. Loius 80 Remaster". If this show is like 8.5, the St. Louis is about 57,498. I welcome responses. Please tell me what an idiot I am; an unsophisticated rube; a ignorant moron. I'm now listening to YYZ, and it is getting even worse. ARRRRRRGH!!!!    (2008-09-16)

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