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Paz's Attic Release #7


Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: PAR-007
Source: Audience Analog
Date: December 10, 1985
Location: War Memorial, Rochester, New York, USA

Three Stogies Intro   0.08
The Spirit of Radio   5.13
Limelight   5.21
The Big Money   6.12
New World Man   4.25
Subdivisions   5.59
The Manhattan Project   5.59
Middletown Dreams   5.43
Red Sector A   5.14

Closer To The Heart   5.22
Marathon   6.35
The Trees   5:13
Mystic Rhythms   5.58
Distant Early Warning   7.10
Territories   6.42
Witch Hunt   4.59
YYZ   3.29
Drum Solo   3.44
Red Lenses   2.30
Tom Sawyer   5.14
2112   6.35
Grand Designs   5.10
In The Mood   2.38

c20aa52480f5dbaff568dc85f1c635b6 *PAZ-007 Rush 1985_12_10_D1T01.shn
08c9945bbe30795c9338f4c21988be9b *PAZ-007 Rush 1985_12_10_D1T02.shn
d2a4145efa3cbf2536a120f96d327c10 *PAZ-007 Rush 1985_12_10_D1T03.shn
50b3a79075666b107458dbdb01e65b28 *PAZ-007 Rush 1985_12_10_D1T04.shn
a8f3e7ea73f8942ddf82ecec5bdd8d9f *PAZ-007 Rush 1985_12_10_D1T05.shn
b9d50328b3e269076d3bb9f747739cc1 *PAZ-007 Rush 1985_12_10_D1T06.shn
ae1d60ab0b72badd941cdbd810f23c3e *PAZ-007 Rush 1985_12_10_D1T07.shn
555b2821e046663c7f3103ca2ed9f2f4 *PAZ-007 Rush 1985_12_10_D1T08.shn
9155f35c3bb2c76af670d681112c5526 *PAZ-007 Rush 1985_12_10_D1T09.shn
09250ac642410121f2962cd1cd0ce44e *PAZ-007 Rush 1985_12_10_D2T01.shn
74f5bd7365224bf5f13a15ad7e55c54d *PAZ-007 Rush 1985_12_10_D2T02.shn
b4a764b45c92e92cad2a68a55e8c4580 *PAZ-007 Rush 1985_12_10_D2T03.shn
509c5f4f863933f75b3fa1e20e0696ab *PAZ-007 Rush 1985_12_10_D2T04.shn
c4238b5f48da9d8facd65ba569455e42 *PAZ-007 Rush 1985_12_10_D2T05.shn
a6a6a96de69063ca7e070648071ad3e0 *PAZ-007 Rush 1985_12_10_D2T06.shn
7242aa9ae065f808f203723b526cca7c *PAZ-007 Rush 1985_12_10_D2T07.shn
4fef01d182cb946f1cf55d4aec3424d9 *PAZ-007 Rush 1985_12_10_D2T08.shn
0ead1538b973bfe1cff2ac62c2e562b1 *PAZ-007 Rush 1985_12_10_D2T09.shn
aad4bab57cc686729b32f33ce1f0bb8e *PAZ-007 Rush 1985_12_10_D2T10.shn
137c53d25c921f1d52ffed3e61985c67 *PAZ-007 Rush 1985_12_10_D2T11.shn
bc166bf1c4afb662d71d0de257edb230 *PAZ-007 Rush 1985_12_10_D2T12.shn
f122aab7a0e7b2c8d298ace2c9a3df7c *PAZ-007 Rush 1985_12_10_D2T13.shn
3e76ec142c53b9bbdfd28afb8316629f *PAZ-007 Rush 1985_12_10_D2T14.shn

PAZ 007 Rush 1985 12 10 Back.jpg
PAZ 007 Rush 1985 12 10 Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 4.5

Producers Notes:

At last!? A complete source for this wonderful show.? Unfortunately it is an extremely poor recording.? The mics severely brickwalled in places making it virtually unlistenable.? However there are times (mostly between songs) that it's actually quite nice. :)? Recommend for completists only.? On the bright side, it is a complete source (did I say that already?)? Released March 2005 on T.N.M.S. ( and The Alien Shore (

A big thank you goes out to the Paz's Attic Release Team.? They put the "team" in teamwork!?

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! This show is available on Direct Connect and will be traded freely to all comers.


   (Audio - 4.5)

VG-/G+   (2005-10-26)

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