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Extremely Tight


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-043
Source: Audience (Master MD)
Date: August 15, 2004
Location: Darien Lake, Buffalo, New York, USA

Intro   0:53
R-30 Overture   6:39
The Spirit of Radio   5:06
Force Ten   4:48
Animate   5:59
Subdivisions   6:10
Earthshine   5:47
Red Barchetta   6:50
Roll The Bones   6:09
Bravado   6:17
YYZ   4:49
The Trees   6:08
The Seeker   4:21
One Little Victory   5:39

Darn that Dragon Intro   3:06
Tom Sawyer   5:07
Dreamline   5:12
Secret Touch   7:28
Between The Wheels   6:00
Mystic Rhythms   5:27
Red Sector A   5:10
Drum Solo   8:32

Resist (cut in)   3:47
Heart Full Of Soul   2:48
2112 Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx/Grand Finale   8:10
La Villa Strangiato   9:53
By-Tor And The Snow Dog   4:40
Xanadu   7:07
Working Man   7:03
Summertime Blues   3:45
Crossroads   3:14
Limelight   4:56
Outro   1:06

Disc #1
55716668604e2b5ab224b4047b13ca23 *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D1T01.shn
49b761bda2ff435171fad4346779373e *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D1T02.shn
8e33bf42a641a8dcdcf75c1796f65053 *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D1T03.shn
609e74a4f17bca066f5d43fde060fe2a *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D1T04.shn
bfcb3a559a5ef6fd2de950cd1ebc1c71 *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D1T05.shn
cec591d64e4412c3bd391893f24f26c1 *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D1T06.shn
4f3d638a51b5bd80bc9e46a1e6798ee4 *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D1T07.shn
8b760716fa76cdfd8663d5887433c37b *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D1T08.shn
7dc2e9531d24de6fe32cfc4dc9077c78 *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D1T09.shn
311fe329b523fc4fb0d13c9788a20b92 *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D1T10.shn
d3d46ad01d74d43ad212824a054fe37a *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D1T11.shn
2c04ca6eabcb885f63860a03428a5794 *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D1T12.shn
458cfec8544c91e038858fd62543bf45 *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D1T13.shn
910170ddaf704cb6cd18654082ceb170 *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D1T14.shn

Disc #2
144129c6c099066c935e95d6992ef132 *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D2T01.shn
5fe95b6180a256b89793be53bba3c47d *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D2T02.shn
20a62dd347aea8e32ea53240371e585f *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D2T03.shn
29bd6f2e5cdd86564c3abee2c31faf2e *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D2T04.shn
abbf352e9ad96b49eb00497b9bd45689 *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D2T05.shn
9897c1ee46798d9e1419cf1bceaba54c *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D2T06.shn
58f8cd688d3783124c3a74baa186141e *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D2T07.shn
6e1ca2634b661f941226cffe2269388f *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D2T08.shn

Disc #3
7febaa5fe9eb1ae35ab58a99d7653364 *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D3T01.shn
6adad768cd732b049aa6e5940be905ea *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D3T02.shn
fa7b67f55856af2825941ac81a3b0f98 *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D3T03.shn
da51fd24a2ddcbc748bc3ca9d7e9d98e *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D3T04.shn
950577a0fae0f0e4615f91e715b27b69 *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D3T05.shn
ce87d5cebf7167de2c4fb0ef219c5049 *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D3T06.shn
2d5f33ee1b6be07061b58bacd8774645 *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D3T07.shn
a9d7b88bbdc2bc310d6fd7ec91033f93 *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D3T08.shn
2da55c9fd6eff2840c73e4818452d8c6 *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D3T09.shn
3885fd08d111139281dc0d643b97048d *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D3T10.shn
743880d2d79019f8523e5d1fd7b51e38 *Rush_2004_08_15_ET_D3T11.shn

Extremely Tight Back.jpg
Extremely Tight Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7.5

Producers Notes:

Production Notes:
A really nice sounding show from the R30 tour.? Taped from up close, directly under a stack of speakers on a MD.? This was the tapers third attempt (I think) at taping and he certainly has gotten better as time has gone on.? There is a little bit of crowd noise for the first track or two but after that they really quite down.? Considering this was taped in a venue known for horrible sounding shows (it was where I was sitting I know that), this source is surprisingly good.?? Originally released on The Alien Shore ( March 2005

Special thanks must go to the taper and to Tim for the artwork.?

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! As is the Simple Man norm, this show is available on Direct Connect and will be traded freely to all comers.


   (Audio - 7.5)


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