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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 77:28, 46:55, 56:29
Catalog: Sirius Records: SIR0960/0961/0962
Source: Audience (DAT master)
Date: July 29, 2004
Location: Sound Advice Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Intro   2:52
R30 Overture Medley   6:34
The Spirit of Radio   5:01
Force Ten   4:49
Animate   5:56
Subdivisions   6:13
Earthshine   5:50
Red Barchetta   6:58
Roll the Bones   6:04
Bravado   6:14
YYZ   4:50
The Trees   5:47
The Seeker   3:42
One Little Victory   6:38

Darn That Dragon Intro   3:25
Tom Sawyer   5:02
Dreamline   5:08
Secret Touch   7:19
Between the Wheels   6:17
Mystic Rhythms   5:43
Red Sector A   5:10
O'Baterista (Drum Solo)   8:51

Resist   4:46
Heart Full Of Soul   2:51
2112: Overture/ The Temples Of Syrinx/ Grand Finale   8:07
La Villa Strangiato   8:46
By-Tor & The Snow Dog   4:38
Xanadu   6:59
Working Man   7:01
Summertime Blues   3:56
Crossroads   3:13
Limelight   4:42
Outro   1:30

dedea81b459872653a9d128b977744c2 *d2t02.shn
a806b64c72c9caf17098f02987de502b *d2t03.shn
f262ef8b7f3db84e2e9c35328e8f3dc5 *d2t04.shn
4647d64f2908668337fee1bea39c1d37 *d2t05.shn
d99edb14955907b7abf5345b9ff08344 *d1t01.shn
e86467c534c15698eeae6334c3431941 *d1t02.shn
941f4e9fcecd755d8c49010d2aaee39a *d2t06.shn
b1ed9608bd62188579f53328663f8d8a *d1t03.shn
b099b295594f7cbd1781ed0e7ac43b75 *d1t04.shn
1a71276fdfc9e4900acf79a76b9ef051 *d1t05.shn
cd468bfb5191911291a94b972fc5f7a7 *d1t06.shn
d93956cfe66a62cc9ca89a5fc32c8772 *d1t07.shn
7521b1acdd86138e0f5039181251fc48 *d1t08.shn
bbe2766146fbfc4a7df0a745c6bd2a85 *d1t09.shn
377caa7feb386cec0ccb4579e24e3ea9 *d1t10.shn
06b5629e8e0b715299b9e0042f543a67 *d1t11.shn
3d7cda4a9e5fd87fa5e6230428c47446 *d1t12.shn
7ebf04732ceb30ba8c732c03befc3d00 *d1t13.shn
e468d9df224178ad9d8fd27b5212a826 *d1t14.shn
186861220888d1843a4336eb14964e30 *d2t07.shn
5afed585b1f10b6910c539061174c8f9 *d2t08.shn
088858f4c645e7ebb777db580dfce941 *d3t01.shn
4fdf1addb2e65e46b90cb3cca00b21cb *d3t02.shn
72fe5ea0b3c276313d8541b2a7f4029d *d3t03.shn
c16c54613293c2e3e4487fbe802bbc5d *d3t04.shn
45bea0af2f46eb079afec40344bca069 *d3t05.shn
65ef9979d0547630518d90a83741bb3d *d3t06.shn
a1e82018bad8484028a6d75e495a8b9d *d3t07.shn
af74cc090a4854a48d5c369bc64b9654 *d3t08.shn
e4ac56a2f02c6ff8f4405a580caa27fa *d3t09.shn
9be1c9548e0b8600c511a07f07e4b3c0 *d3t10.shn
f47b5d6dbb4e625879a15829cd69111c *d3t11.shn
2cf6696e774ab70053eab6a6bac35e24 *d2t01.shn

d193d536360b7f999f170073ef8301e9 *d2t02.wav
a3c8af238a917532d73e85608e82b532 *d2t03.wav
4b67f6883cbb6ab1a9e69f18c653800b *d2t04.wav
a21ad42eb5112c9ca10b4a65bbc9701e *d2t05.wav
40043851bf8af6f3a17d03d7a60d7f74 *d1t01.wav
7031c7cd11dc84a7647cc388915d66c4 *d1t02.wav
013df7cdbc0409181d899cee733f62dc *d2t06.wav
2e32a01210d99244f6140c21da168b9a *d1t03.wav
3ada6d82aa4fd098e9f8d192243f4378 *d1t04.wav
e69eb3287d4281b4e3a08e1faee7f11f *d1t05.wav
458b066407f54eb50ca06de2a9311fa0 *d1t06.wav
0c2130b37816de242ff2f4a53525c22a *d1t07.wav
f82e9a66ba63fdf00cffd317b12a652f *d1t08.wav
902f22390c11ac55d7dbc4fcbf71ef1e *d1t09.wav
f315d30bc2632465692a971c5c4d6f15 *d1t10.wav
b62356c8d28192f7e0215f1b531f9b24 *d1t11.wav
00e605ce633337644fe2d60ed955967d *d1t12.wav
99aa77a134b4b9c07004601fd5b94664 *d1t13.wav
b45827e3370e04d1970858234c9465d9 *d1t14.wav
7fe50ec015c70fba8b723ff57ac8362e *d2t07.wav
b2fe8867c65130b491257e1ff8e5c081 *d2t08.wav
d7840a3aba30185777f3a4bfed2122c6 *d3t01.wav
466bd91e132916b24a5aa468e0c297d8 *d3t02.wav
920b139477489a817c50a859142f933f *d3t03.wav
678d6e636776e036c68f25eb63224d1a *d3t04.wav
c0bc405e235abefcbead4b7a30be72d2 *d3t05.wav
491fccc51bf2a491231f0ee334c4a4a1 *d3t06.wav
716ddd5f0bd1955b92c8a7b994285f34 *d3t07.wav
83bc307625494f8ad1c344d6a5e7fdd3 *d3t08.wav
8eb169fd315113132f8aa2e0ea168543 *d3t09.wav
4c66cea07a8df3632905bb5d613e3f64 *d3t10.wav
ea173cf0ec411ba8a14da0aee7bc54b1 *d3t11.wav
d0d1f93a3655d0a1463cf477a4749c6a *d2t01.wav

rush 072904 pandp back.jpg
rush 072904 pandp front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8.642857142857142

Producers Notes:

Recording Equipment: Audio Technica 933 cardioid mics >
Audio Technica 8532 Power Modules >
Sony PCM-M1 DAT recorder

Location: Section 2, Row V

Taper: kinglerxst

Mastering: siriusjoe

artwork: kinglerxst


   (Audio - 9)

Another excellent release from kinglerxst/siriusjoe! The R30 shows really have much better sound (and sound less muddier) compared to the VT show and these audience recordings capture that quite well. I hope Rush's future tours have this sound quality. And what can you say about this release other than Wow! Definitely right up there with the best of them. Its a good performance as well, and also Ged's birthday and the anniversary of Neil joining the band. Recommended!   (2005-05-17)

   (Audio - 7.5)


   (Audio - 8)


   (Audio - 9.5)

Great gig and the sound is great too! Driven to the Edge PE 6/22/97 was one my favorite audience shows but this show may unseat it. If this show gets a 7.5 then I suggest a new set of ears. It is a well balanced recording- Neil's cymbals really shine here. A perfect example would be Bravado. Geddy mentions that it is the 30th Annv. of Neil joining the band. Plus, we find out it is Geddy's birthday with Mr.Lerxst himself doing "I wish it was my B-day" rant. I'm surprised there are not any more reviews for this fine show!   (2007-05-30)

   (Audio - 8)


   (Audio - 9.5)

This is underrated IMHO. Very natural sound, not to much of anything, great mid-range definition, nice stereo separation, levels are excellent. Kinglerxst and siriusjoe really nailed this one big time! The performance is average, but hey! average Rush equals bl**dy good!!! Highly recommended.   (2007-12-14)

   (Audio - 9)

I was at this awesome show and after 30 years of working together, I wasn't expecting quite the level of enthusiasm and good vibes that the band displayed that beautiful July night. They seemed truly happy to be playing, and the delirious crowd on the lawn didn't even seem to notice the warm summer rain shower that passed overhead. This is probably one of the most balanced, dynamic audience recordings I have heard to date of any band. Very well done, I have heard rumor of a video of this concert as well.   (2010-02-03)

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