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Paz's Attic Release #6


Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: PAR-006
Source: Audience Analog
Date: September 30, 1984
Location: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York, USA

The Spirit of Radio   5.19
Subdivisions   5.43
The Body Electric (cut out)   6.15
The Enemy Within   4.54
The Weapon   8.35
Witch Hunt   5.08
New World Man   4.46
Between the Wheels (cut)   4.26

Between the Wheels (cut)   1.14
Red Barchetta   6.35
Distant Early Warning   6.35
Red Sector A   6.03
Closer to the Heart   4.23
Afterimage   4.28
YYZ   3.15
2112: Temples of Syrinx   1.54
Tom Sawyer   4.53
Red Lenses (cut)   3.17
Red Lenses (cut)   2.07
Drum Solo   5.10
Red Lenses (fade in)   2.06
Vital Signs   5.05
Finding my Way   1.12
In the Mood   2.14

Disc #1
49f04d24556988a45a06136a629a36e1 *PAZ-006 Rush 1984_09_30_D1T01.shn
4f38fd9ee2ded9aa3652f97a8795bf9b *PAZ-006 Rush 1984_09_30_D1T02.shn
1be365bd911153d46ec097900832fd5a *PAZ-006 Rush 1984_09_30_D1T03.shn
d10c5b385820ed103a71f44338de315d *PAZ-006 Rush 1984_09_30_D1T04.shn
83cc5859b186adb88bd730fe92f42acc *PAZ-006 Rush 1984_09_30_D1T05.shn
11c6c7fb254b85dc8668da8a2a0cb7e2 *PAZ-006 Rush 1984_09_30_D1T06.shn
72ec70387052018f0bd629f9317e85c2 *PAZ-006 Rush 1984_09_30_D1T07.shn
2c058528b620bdbc09d78e2ce789279c *PAZ-006 Rush 1984_09_30_D1T08.shn

Disc #2
ed98df445b44c67b4e188aa63b852318 *PAZ-006 Rush 1984_09_30_D2T01.shn
c259e37662cef24be1b87474f3baadc5 *PAZ-006 Rush 1984_09_30_D2T02.shn
f4773c140d1c17c5635c07239568d8da *PAZ-006 Rush 1984_09_30_D2T03.shn
c111be232a9a22371e7e08b08824bac7 *PAZ-006 Rush 1984_09_30_D2T04.shn
b2171356a40589c4c64ed21b6f22a274 *PAZ-006 Rush 1984_09_30_D2T05.shn
becd9976e6e177993342bbc4bf06f637 *PAZ-006 Rush 1984_09_30_D2T06.shn
7c5065a623964b26ae40c1bd17a43c10 *PAZ-006 Rush 1984_09_30_D2T07.shn
456f05de7a9a074b3e939c7c4052b6ec *PAZ-006 Rush 1984_09_30_D2T08.shn
702fa773404dec36ad857cb08b79e400 *PAZ-006 Rush 1984_09_30_D2T09.shn
a07328af8fdb9610ca81582f13f8dc09 *PAZ-006 Rush 1984_09_30_D2T10.shn
04d6096dd922abecaa38c4b87a5f589c *PAZ-006 Rush 1984_09_30_D2T11.shn
7571b169aced91438474b33168b68133 *PAZ-006 Rush 1984_09_30_D2T12.shn
f2f5d34b589a6008a31e121ae6012e9d *PAZ-006 Rush 1984_09_30_D2T13.shn
bc3b37359fc2abda010b235d9ed720ab *PAZ-006 Rush 1984_09_30_D2T14.shn
61a490c499f49d54a95a1d95bfc06b5d *PAZ-006 Rush 1984_09_30_D2T15.shn
4131373ae6a3aa5aea8a135bb9c9d004 *PAZ-006 Rush 1984_09_30_D2T16.shn

PAZ 006 Rush 1984 09 30 Back.jpg
PAZ 006 Rush 1984 09 30 Front.jpg

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Producers Notes:

An interesting source indeed.? Keeping with the PAZ Release theme, this is another rare or unknown recording.? The sound quality is lacking somewhat as it is very distant at times and muffled.? Is is complete minus a few short cuts.? Because of the sound quality I would only recommend this for the completists, if you were there or for other similar reasons.? Released March 2005 on T.N.M.S. ( and The Alien Shore (

A big thank you goes out to the Paz's Attic Release Team.? They put the "team" in teamwork!?

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! This show is available on Direct Connect and will be traded freely to all comers.



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