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Paz's Attic Release #5


Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: PAR-005
Source: Audience (Analog)
Date: July 07, 1984
Location: Richfield Coliseum, Richfield, Ohio, USA

Three Stooges Intro   0:49
The Spirit of Radio   5:15
Subdivisions   5:47
The Body Electric cut out   2:39
The Body Electric fade in   3:10
The Enemy Within   5:08
The Weapon   8:06
Witch Hunt   5:13
New World Man   4:47
Between the Wheels   5:41

Red Barchetta   6:36
Distant Early Warning   7:20
Red Sector A   5:41
Closer to the Heart   4:05
Afterimage   5:18
YYZ/ Temples of Syrinz   5:18
Tom Sawyer   7:09
Red Lenses   3:29
Drum Solo   4:53
Red Lenses fade in   2:18
Vital Signs   5:21
Closing Medley   3:37

Disc #1
2ac5bcb62842055766acd0e978bb78c6 *PAZ-005 Rush 1984_07_07_D1T01.shn
f88a5c9ab98dc8b509edc3b0fd4e6533 *PAZ-005 Rush 1984_07_07_D1T02.shn
a894f5a066d2eed932ed7512bac648e8 *PAZ-005 Rush 1984_07_07_D1T03.shn
dd91051436fd8f6393f17b7236b5a792 *PAZ-005 Rush 1984_07_07_D1T04.shn
e4b1b6b559af67a5d21b06f7d53a23ea *PAZ-005 Rush 1984_07_07_D1T05.shn
5574ef4c5b2d9e7a21291107d74d92db *PAZ-005 Rush 1984_07_07_D1T06.shn
3163b2e57cd50bacdd27198ea522b733 *PAZ-005 Rush 1984_07_07_D1T07.shn
7f545eaf2a10f1f0d95eebcbadf81564 *PAZ-005 Rush 1984_07_07_D1T08.shn
816e752d1b6f203686cfddc5d674fb18 *PAZ-005 Rush 1984_07_07_D1T09.shn
be5685a2835371fe99764439944e37d8 *PAZ-005 Rush 1984_07_07_D1T10.shn

Disc #2
14f542eb9746f422411b8b14c7aea3e9 *PAZ-005 Rush 1984_07_07_D2T01.shn
15bd7d6df3a37945636d2a7e718153f8 *PAZ-005 Rush 1984_07_07_D2T02.shn
b3c99555c3d70378631700b2cfb783fc *PAZ-005 Rush 1984_07_07_D2T03.shn
27d40a7b2676e44f05007feb960f96bb *PAZ-005 Rush 1984_07_07_D2T04.shn
b53527ba3583904e8e8b409c3fe1cc50 *PAZ-005 Rush 1984_07_07_D2T05.shn
8377b7956481ebf4da6a6875c5e9bb99 *PAZ-005 Rush 1984_07_07_D2T06.shn
8f0b3b74b2c95754d0aaef5cc1b8f1aa *PAZ-005 Rush 1984_07_07_D2T07.shn
20dfaf2652474431dccad365a3e8edc9 *PAZ-005 Rush 1984_07_07_D2T08.shn
c90eb4bdf6dfbb66289f4049293dc22e *PAZ-005 Rush 1984_07_07_D2T09.shn
c4cc37fd7d66365d5ed5d06796d9b7ba *PAZ-005 Rush 1984_07_07_D2T10.shn
b5fefb1b9220271daac4690c7572da3c *PAZ-005 Rush 1984_07_07_D2T11.shn
ff1b31ff66ef9a6cf94360eff0f15603 *PAZ-005 Rush 1984_07_07_D2T12.shn

PAZ 005 Rush 1984 07 07 Back.jpg
PAZ 005 Rush 1984 07 07 Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 5.5

Producers Notes:

Yet another rare show comes along.? This is a complete show (minus a few cuts here and there) and sounds pretty decent.? Distant sounding at times but all the instruments are present and Geddy's vocals, again while distant are clear enough. Released March 2005 on T.N.M.S. ( and The Alien Shore (

A big thank you goes out to the Paz's Attic Release Team.? They put the "team" in teamwork!?

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! This show is available on Direct Connect and will be traded freely to all comers.


   (Audio - 5.5)

VG-/VG   (2005-08-19)

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