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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 48:01, 57:01
Catalog: Stealth Productions: 002
Source: Audience (DAT)
Date: May 17, 1997
Location: The Gorge Amphitheater, George, Washington, USA

Driven   5:10
Half The World   3:58
Red Barchetta   6:48
Animate   6:29
Limbo   5:41
The Trees   5:21
Virtuality   5:42
Nobody's Hero   5:28
Closer To The Heart   5:24

2112: Overture-Temples of Syrinx   6:52
2112: Discovery-Presentation-Oracle-Soliloquy-Grand Finale   15:03
Test For Echo   7:03
Red Sector A   5:11
Roll The Bones   5:55
Resist   4:28
Leave That Thing Alone   4:52
Force Ten   4:47
Tom Sawyer   4:50

a10725381cba4fd1f9f3e7d95cb314a3 *Rush_1997_05_17_GG_D1T01.shn
09459221079901408e494912004d0645 *Rush_1997_05_17_GG_D1T02.shn
f6a91d991042f3587daf6c3606746cb9 *Rush_1997_05_17_GG_D1T03.shn
5bbbf9500fb740af8f391b366e5e61b7 *Rush_1997_05_17_GG_D1T04.shn
b6e4d31926272a56c1b6029ea6b89211 *Rush_1997_05_17_GG_D1T05.shn
3e008c0800709a726a068374d0823cfa *Rush_1997_05_17_GG_D1T06.shn
0840756bcd5f80f7aec5ec6c5bf44137 *Rush_1997_05_17_GG_D1T07.shn
45462081f5c0f5266c83626bb50fe1db *Rush_1997_05_17_GG_D1T08.shn
0e8376862c2c2d82f8033625162d68ae *Rush_1997_05_17_GG_D1T09.shn

fb23ecd6fe07d4d5dc476259c4a28482 *Rush_1997_05_17_GG_D2T01.shn
e1a72f3832e86ed88e3f35a2655bd6a3 *Rush_1997_05_17_GG_D2T02.shn
93057ebd01b3e16f1a7cdeee55e8423d *Rush_1997_05_17_GG_D2T03.shn
d1ed67802fde49d967a530faeaa91050 *Rush_1997_05_17_GG_D2T04.shn
a4856cb07ece192e3e3d0da2914dd7e2 *Rush_1997_05_17_GG_D2T05.shn
395e11fe8589c45ba7a6e7c940628a29 *Rush_1997_05_17_GG_D2T06.shn
f12a36bbfb0f2bb1ffae16d28330da28 *Rush_1997_05_17_GG_D2T07.shn
d87cf84f20377ee6febbc6d27d27ffd2 *Rush_1997_05_17_GG_D2T08.shn
2a2e763528e0616ae3dc6906ca9a12f2 *Rush_1997_05_17_GG_D2T09.shn

Rush 1997 05 17 GG Back.jpg
Rush 1997 05 17 GG Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8.75


Production Notes by Cabin Music:

This is a really (and I mean really) nice show from the T4E tour.? All the instruments come through clearly and the vocals are really upfront.? There is a wee bit of wind noise on occasion but nothing that is too distracting.
There were a few things that needed some work when I originally received the source but the taper did an excellent job and as always, should be commended.? However there is one big flaw in the recording.? When it was originally transferred from the master tape, the person doing the transfer added fades at each track separation. There is no practical way to correct these fades.? Alas the master tape has been destroyed and lost to us forever thus this is indeed as good as it gets.?

Since there are fades at each track, you might be tempted to burn this show DAO.? DON'T!? That will add yet more separation between tracks.? Please burn it TAO as you would any other show.
It is currently available on the Rush Traders Direct Connect hub.

This live unofficial recording was produced by fans for fans. It is never to be sold and only traded freely. If you enjoy this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases.

Released April 2005


Pete Beshuk
   (Audio - 9)

This is a terrific recording, so my remarks below should be taken as minor complaints. At first, I thought this was a soundboard recording, since the vocals have that sort of "close" sound and the drums are bit "dry" sounding, but I guess it isn't. There are also a few moments of close fan noise/talking, but not bad. It starts off with an almost-chopped Driven and it ends with YYZ, so I guess that means it's not a complete show; too bad. During disc 1 there is sort of a volume "swirl" effect, but it's minor. I guess that is the wind sound referred to in Area 51's review ? The fade-in/outs referred to Area 51's review occur only during the audience noise, not the music, and they are not extreme so it's not very bothersome. They sound like not-very-good crossfades where the CD maker wanted to delete the boring crowd noise sections. They are not bad and it would be easy to fix them in any wave file editor by simply shaping the volume. The "swirling" volume effect is goes aways towards the end of Disc 1. Disc 2 is terrific, almost a 10 rating, especially 2112 and RTB. The Synth sounds in the beginning of 2112 are particulary good. The CTTH acoustic into has a rare minor Alex mistake, if you find that sort of stuff interesting.    (2007-03-02)

   (Audio - 8.5)

I don't know if it is or not, but it sounds like you're talking about my recording, there! I taped this show (and Vancouver the night before) ona Sony WM D3 analog Cassette walkman. First half I was up the hill on the grass, second half I was moved down the hill into the terraced area... hence less of that wind swirling sound... My masters still exist, and there's only breaks when I had to flip tapes. I never mastered it to digital yet, only made a few tape dubs. Someone maybe hacked it up? O.K. maybe there's more than one taper?   (2007-05-13)

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