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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 56:32, 54:03, 60:47
Catalog: Duley Digital: AN-69910102A
Source: Audience (1st gen VHS)
Scanner (digital master clone)
Date: October 20, 1996
Location: Marine Midland Arena, Buffalo, New York, USA

Thus Spoke Zarathustra   0:48
Dreamline (cut)   4:05
The Big Money   7:04
Driven   4:58
Half the World   3:52
Red Barchetta   6:52
Animate   6:48
Limbo   5:26
The Trees   5:09
Red Sector A   5:23
Virtuality   6:03

Nobody's Hero   5:16
Closer to the Heart   4:35
2112   19:39
Test for Echo   7:16
Subdivisions   5:39
Freewill   5:29
Roll the Bones   6:06

Resist   4:48
Leave That Thing Alone   4:40
The Rhythm Method   7:40
Natural Science   7:59
Force Ten   4:44
Time and Motion   4:59
The Spirit of Radio   5:01
Tom Sawyer   6:39
YYZ   4:25
Cygnus X-1   0:53
Red Sector A (soundcheck)   5:10
Instrument Levels (soundcheck)   4:16

13551fee87f9f677642679d5d392e37a *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d1t01.shn
1a4e6d63f692c10495291c57133ce38a *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d1t02.shn
b9b7ccd6355059aae920557f5c4e60b9 *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d1t03.shn
be5e4dee3445d1500650832781bd21f6 *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d1t04.shn
38bddb9e322aa1a739601e462101cba6 *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d1t05.shn
215a0a259e891c78abc444b88c512431 *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d1t06.shn
e281614715a065fa1ee716a1f95566cf *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d1t07.shn
5983b3d62a43258a45b759640664ae13 *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d1t08.shn
e13ad6b16f13ec552ac923fd570a2632 *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d1t09.shn
1edbb38eb2a713eda8644981a2030874 *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d1t10.shn
3dd1aed7fdfe07d79f4ab1c3d82a61ef *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d1t11.shn

85433f1236fc063c5d4cc259406a04c5 *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d2t01.shn
3747171ee036ddfec6073294b18bf3fb *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d2t02.shn
7d1ea8479ddbc995416ea22505af65a0 *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d2t03.shn
2b1f344cd0b7d4678e2038ed540e594a *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d2t04.shn
f77ec0e89a01cf386acbe2f1726ce7d9 *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d2t05.shn
835deb9aeb0fedf650e20553d757e050 *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d2t06.shn
7913dba70aec12fac78126e923f99a98 *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d2t07.shn

12a1051fdb3962404b4b3bfdffce6fd8 *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d3t01.shn
ea208ef8b2eac2cf44d0b380481e5051 *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d3t02.shn
3437e2df321ec163472b36f4cb4ae067 *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d3t03.shn
04650d02fae20ce5c95388830ae55354 *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d3t04.shn
5842deb49e4ab5d865e6c57d231a18da *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d3t05.shn
839d551704ee831e7a3ab5a14f25c020 *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d3t06.shn
494ec4bef6af6feab413688677b678e6 *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d3t07.shn
2cef513432cdd5ee9eab39ad320424f5 *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d3t08.shn
54624ab45e0a1f8c7558fe4805a5217d *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d3t09.shn
7ef30eaa2b5e59e2721da10c2fc39d46 *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d3t10.shn
f276f12745c06db8f2c812089e9794ce *Rush_1996-10-20_aTuP_d3t11.shn

TFE 19961020 TornupPhotograph Audio Front.jpg
TFE 19961020 TornupPhotograph Audio Rear.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 6.5

Producer's Notes

Feb. 2003:? This is the audio version of the 2 source matrix created for the DVD release of this show.? The unique sound of the digital scanner can make for some strange "reverb" like effects at times.? The two sources are in synch, but the video soundtrack was distant enough to give the affect of "reverb", especially in cases where the video soundtrack was lower in the mix due to its own level fluctuations or where the digital scanner source picks up certain sound effects not heard in the video soundtrack.?

"Dreamline" is cut up quite a bit on both sources, so what is available is as much as can be found.? The rest of the show is uncut, but there are a few spots here and there where one source or the other was cut.? The ends of the cuts were faded so that the transitions for 2 source stereo to 1 source stereo was as even as possible.? The digital scanner source had some sound issues and there are some occasional transients including static noise and some occasional high end "crispiness".? Included at the end of disc 3 is the soundcheck for "Red Sector A" and instrument levels.??This recording would not have been possible without the contributions from?Rubicon for the digital scanner source and AppleJack Studios for the video soundtrack source.? Artwork by Duley Digital.?    (2005-03-13)

   (Audio - 6.5)


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