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Media: 2 CD Audio
Time: 62:12/58:17
Catalog: Cygnus: 001/002
Source: SBD
Date: January 18, 1994
Location: Civic Center, Pensacola, Florida, USA

Thus Spoke Zarathustra   1:27
Dreamline   5:29
The Spirit of Radio   4:59
The Analog Kid   5:30
Cold Fire   4:19
Time Stand Still   6:00
Nobody's Hero   5:23
Roll the Bones   6:07
Animate   6:47
Stick It Out   5:07
Double Agent   6:16
Limelight   4:36

Mystic Rhythms   5:46
Closer to the Heart   4:41
Show Don't Tell   5:31
Leave That Thing Alone!   4:31
The Rhythm Method   6:42
The Trees   5:06
Xanadu   6:43
Hemispheres: Prelude   4:17
Tom Sawyer   5:03
Force Ten   4:38
Distant Early Warning   3:11
YYZ   2:01

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6a33531e1236be1f26667f466c4d80d7 *Rush_940118_FPoC_d1t09.shn
d0517587e9f57d21a70fc20c05796319 *Rush_940118_FPoC_d1t10.shn
88927281d7b3d2f0401ce9754eeba389 *Rush_940118_FPoC_d1t11.shn
029e763c26742dcd9e79853540bccaa1 *Rush_940118_FPoC_d1t12.shn
2eee31249bb4768eb8a3642f882badb1 *Rush_940118_FPoC_d2t01.shn
a6bfa3ec16afe4c1fe0cb27d82138bb8 *Rush_940118_FPoC_d2t02.shn
78e2e7123eda9586570514dc04555f09 *Rush_940118_FPoC_d2t03.shn
f49830e6e8e67f9e71798f2a05f76b0e *Rush_940118_FPoC_d2t04.shn
f79301f58716c86aad8f1b2d12f594bf *Rush_940118_FPoC_d2t05.shn
617c655b95907346836f3fcb131e6545 *Rush_940118_FPoC_d2t06.shn
b505765d0f53bfb17329633abf1c0a97 *Rush_940118_FPoC_d2t07.shn
6063f02445f36cb580bce02f491f5858 *Rush_940118_FPoC_d2t08.shn
d3494d431727ca9bfeb91055b9a02a09 *Rush_940118_FPoC_d2t09.shn
d4a33d50a5495de17d75c6fd58906dcb *Rush_940118_FPoC_d2t10.shn
0c82792bcdffb389c5a378da569d7212 *Rush_940118_FPoC_d2t11.shn
9be65012803131d84743a9ff90645100 *Rush_940118_FPoC_d2t12.shn

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Rush 940118 FPoC front1.jpg
Rush 940118 FPoC front2.jpg
Rush 940118 FPoC tn.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 9

Jun'ya aka the_sphere

Released at Feb. 25, 2005, under the new RUSH specialized label CYGNUS, from the bootlegger who runs Ayanami, Langley, Masterport, Sirene, Power Gate, Reel Master etc. This title is the first CYGNUS release.

Recorded at Jan. 18, 1997, Civic Center, Pensacola, FL. Four days prior to the opening night at the same venue. Almost complete (missing latter half of YYZ) run through rehearsal like "Echoes on the Stages" released in 2002 and the sound quality of this recording is MUCH better than that. Just INCREDIBLE. Could listen to LOTS of funny talk, misplays and fake plays with excellent sound. Also could listen to the CP version of Distant Early Warning. Really interesting recording and MUST-HAVE for all RUSH collectors.


   (Audio - 9.5)

I just finished listening to this & what else to say but WOW!! Phenominal recording of the guys in action with all the bugs being worked out before our ears. Funny thing about Alex. As with Echoes On The Stages, he has a hard time getting the string selection right at the start of CTTH. Even as many times as he's played that song, at least during rehersals, he starts off wrong. Back to the review. Get ahold of this one any way you can via the Rush Hub, trade or over at easytree.   (2005-04-01)

   (Audio - 8.5)

EX->EX. Got to agree with Alex, for a SB it starts of a little rough, but after about the 6th track it clears up nice, and is just great EX. Of course a must have for any collector, or casual listener.    (2005-06-29)

   (Audio - 8.5)

After many years, this remains one of my favorite recordings. The sound is clear and very listenable, but offers a sort of behind the scenes type of feel.   (2008-10-13)

   (Audio - 9.5)

First review just because how fascinating this recording is. You can hear warts and all e.g. Double Agent (start) and Alex tuning at end of CTTH. Firstly, just amazing to hear Thus Spake Zarathustra with no crowd noise never mind the full set for the Counterparts tour. Geddy does more singing in this rehearsal than in Echoes On The Stages for the Test For Echo tour even though it fades out at times (probably away from the mic) and you can even hear the soundboard engineer speaking at times saying how awful some things sound !! The start of Distant Early Warning reminds me of Kid Gloves in Countdown - PE from the Pre-GUP Tour. Different ! The overall mix is superb with slight drop outs here and there. Seems to be a certain amount of compression on the drums which drowns them sometimes. However, all instruments balanced with vocals to the point where this could be released commercially. There is not as much joking as you would expect which just proves their professionalism. If you are new to trading for Rush put this at the top of your list. Collectors should already have it. 9.5 (nothing should get a 10 !!)   (2010-04-12)

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