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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 146:37
Catalog: live@looneys:
Source: Audience (Master MD)
Date: August 19, 2002
Location: Smirnoff Music Center, Dallas, Texas, USA

Intro / Tom Sawyer   05:33
Distant Early Warning   04:47
New World Man   04:09
Roll The Bones   06:08
Earthshine   06:08
YYZ   04:45
The Pass   05:11
Bravado   06:14
The Big Money   06:08
Between Sun and Moon   04:57
Freewill   05:35
Natural Science   08:07
One Little Victory   05:41
Driven   05:09

Ghost Rider   06:01
Secret Touch   06:57
Dreamline   05:15
Red Sector A   05:15
Leave That Thing Alone   04:57
Drum Solo   07:37
Acoustic/Unplugged: Resist   04:20
2112: Overture/Temples of Syrinx   06:59
Limelight   04:27
La Villa Strangiato   08:10
Spirit of the Radio   05:08
Bytor and the Snowdog / Cygnus X-1   07:52
Working Man   05:31

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Average Rating:Audio: 8.75

   (Audio - 9)

What a great show. I recorded from section 202 in the back, just beyond the lawn facing speakers, so I got some great vocals. The guys seemed on fire and were having a really fun time. The audience seemed to all be dancing and into the show. The wafts of fresh pot flowed throughout the much older crowd in attendance.? This is the complete show with encore and the famous alex rant during La Villa Strangiato.?The audience all went nuts during the 2112 banter and the version of By-tor is just incredible!!!

Aiwa AM-F70 MD recorder, custom mics, Santa Cruz Turtle Beach, Audition 1.5, CDr


J. B.
   (Audio - 8.5)

"I recently downloaded a duel mix; two sources of MD recordings of this show with incorrect artwork. Elsewhere in a thread the same incorrect artwork was given! Stay off the Smirnoff!" and I quote from After Mike surfaced with another source of the show, we enlisted Jeff at Simple Man Productions to re-master the two sources. It took some time, and great artwork with a result that is quite impressive. Enjoy Looney Artist - Rush Name Stooges Two Step Media: 3 CDr (3 CDr SHN) Catalog: SMP-087 Source : Source #1 Master MD : Source #2 Master MD Quality: 8.5 Date: August 19, 2002 Location: Dallas, TX Track Listing Disc One: 3 Stooges Intro :50 Tom Sawyer 4.51 Distant Early Warning 4.58 New World Man 4:03 Roll The Bones 6:43 Earthshine 5:41 YYZ 4:53 The Pass 5:07 Bravado 6:16 The Big Money 6:17 Between the Sun and Moon 4:58 Freewill 5:31 Natural Science 8:14 Disc Two: One Little Victory 5:37 Driven 5:14 Ghost Rider 5:46 Secret Touch 7:00 Dreamline 5:23 Red Sector A 5:18 Leave That Thing Alone 5:55 Drum Solo 8:25 Resist 4.09 2112: Overture/The Temples of Syrinx 6:50 Limelight 4:36 La Villa Strangiato 8.31 The Spirit of Radio 4:50 Disc Three: Bytor and the Snow Dog ;5:00 Cygnus X-1 3:13 Working Man 5:22 Taper's Notes: What an incredible Rush show this is! The guys were on fire and having a really fun time on stage. The whole audience seemed to be dancing and really into the show. The fragrance of fresh pot smoke flowed throughout the much older crowd in attendance. This is the complete show with encore and the famous Alex rant during La Villa Strangiato. The audience all went nuts during the 2112 banter and the version of By-tor is just superb!!! The taper's (and many thanks as a result of) are Taper Looney - "Smirnoff Stooges" - Aiwa AM-F70 MD recorder > custom mic, recorded from section 202 just beyond the lawn facing speakers Taper Mike Rowefoen - "We Want Bytor... Give Me Bytor" - CoreSound LC binaurals > SONY MZR-700 MD, recorded from section 101, row 12 in front of the stack speaker Mike would be remiss if he didn't thank The Elegance for the hookup, Stepfret and Big Jon for the security and Gabster for the laughs. Production Notes: Looney has the original idea for this matrix but thanks must also go out to Joe at Sirius Records for helping to get the tapers and SMP together. Tapers working together, producers working together and fans enjoying the effort. Kind of gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling doesn't it? We do get to hear Ghost Rider on this night. Please (please) let the boys bring that back on the next tour. Don't know if Rush has a more elegant, meaningful or beautiful song. Thanks goes out to the tapers for sharing their efforts and all that helped them in their endeavors, for Sirius Joe in helping with the hookup and to Neph for the artwork. Thanks! This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! Released November 2006 on The Alien Shore - As is the Simple Man norm, this show will be traded freely to all comers. Fingerprints: Disc 1 32047a536330c23c79e2e18b0785ae81 *2002_08_19_S2S_D1T01.shn 8a84c4db31b77da7a13a81b123e8af7d *2002_08_19_S2S_D1T02.shn 977d001b1d85a075611348c419aebc8b *2002_08_19_S2S_D1T03.shn a7925728a435830a4bd95ef84d72dd95 *2002_08_19_S2S_D1T04.shn 4f8be973938cbbc799fcfadfca4a3595 *2002_08_19_S2S_D1T05.shn 387e1e91fb9f79874c7bdaa8a8666787 *2002_08_19_S2S_D1T06.shn a79076d0c6b9ef0f09eb7f75aab2f0d6 *2002_08_19_S2S_D1T07.shn 9a22a1ab7d5d810efd36754fecca8945 *2002_08_19_S2S_D1T08.shn 9d0ff4012d9fa9e375b8201327501e62 *2002_08_19_S2S_D1T09.shn a9473269f87f21b3a2715431db85e78a *2002_08_19_S2S_D1T10.shn 1da4379379eb2e774f77249bffb01bfe *2002_08_19_S2S_D1T11.shn cea42a2185aea273c500370424b8e311 *2002_08_19_S2S_D1T12.shn e0631bbdf77b3a5cca6cc2bd17fe0fc2 *2002_08_19_S2S_D1T13.shn Disc 2 bbca3314484632bf473ba315ea9f74a1 *2002_08_19_S2S_D2T01.shn ba124db5546656f7a94bbff5e17e2c95 *2002_08_19_S2S_D2T02.shn d1bbfa0bfa5994612170b235cb9680e1 *2002_08_19_S2S_D2T03.shn a9aa57115f640e40c57a51e696f187cf *2002_08_19_S2S_D2T04.shn 0cb997cefecc678664a3084b2c474e1a *2002_08_19_S2S_D2T05.shn a463b67d49e6bdf88f44ffc5f7a98881 *2002_08_19_S2S_D2T06.shn 89fea86891eec3d1cefd762e13656ee9 *2002_08_19_S2S_D2T07.shn da9c5d235fd703ee19fca40ce14c6511 *2002_08_19_S2S_D2T08.shn 89771547583174de44a1fbbac1270adf *2002_08_19_S2S_D2T09.shn 2fcd22e46eaee05c1d0b6561316cceaf *2002_08_19_S2S_D2T10.shn 6dbb683cf19df54c29e6e5c50d816a18 *2002_08_19_S2S_D2T11.shn 463d204ebd79fc868e152d19c1363f97 *2002_08_19_S2S_D2T12.shn 0d419e8157a754c29be5bdb7ee1fd8e9 *2002_08_19_S2S_D2T13.shn Disc 3 6696e93d18a350b939470b48bc1f8a08 *2002_08_19_S2S_D3T01.shn df99a445c41381ed4ace08caf38a5b98 *2002_08_19_S2S_D3T02.shn 99a4cb0e217f3725839b49b274c0419f *2002_08_19_S2S_D3T03.shn    (2006-11-25)

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