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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-047
Source: Audience (Master DAT)
Date: September 14, 2004
Location: SECC, Glasgow, Scotland

Intro   2:05
R-30 Overture   6:41
The Spirit of Radio   5:11
Force Ten   4:52
Animate   5:58
Subdivisions   6:17
Earthshine   5:52
Red Barchetta   6:54
Roll The Bones   6:09
Bravado   6:17
YYZ   4:51
The Trees   6:10
The Seeker   4:25
One Little Victory   5:40

Darn that Dragon Intro   3:04
Tom Sawyer   5:10
Dreamline   5:10
Secret Touch   7:20
Between The Wheels   6:12
Mystic Rhythms   5:29
Red Sector A   5:10
Drum Solo   8:46

Resist   4:51
Heart Full Of Soul   2:47
2112 Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx/Grand Finale   8:06
La Villa Strangiato   9:20
By-Tor And The Snow Dog   4:43
Xanadu   6:41
Working Man   7:07
Summertime Blues   3:39
Crossroads   3:14
Limelight   4:48

e476a4e7ffba83c65c959c10932b4aee *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D1T01.shn
a97c71bccef7cebf61f7f02c6c25f2c9 *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D1T02.shn
7c126300d5bd3f78500c69a9f54eef49 *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D1T03.shn
daef21c91c4fca3e465c104df5a90e7b *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D1T04.shn
8d312ab68d388fbccd94cf8220d49d2c *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D1T05.shn
00cbd8825f67066d6a3aea4000083112 *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D1T06.shn
f80c3893425573f45f81b834b96e6026 *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D1T07.shn
8ff8b4ededc8d179ccb16b8598e86322 *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D1T08.shn
476da0f6f421082861424ca312d27479 *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D1T09.shn
b6cf37fbec4c3fc4782e4b94cc43e92c *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D1T10.shn
6d5c272d15008ff5b2f085e37e4b6750 *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D1T11.shn
e7712e2ac0dfeeb19dbb84e900429cb5 *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D1T12.shn
b317e594b26ef99a5a74ec6e7f2d8f7e *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D1T13.shn
cdf435e0f4b2bad66187f234911f229a *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D1T14.shn
843adadd10d1232dcdeb72cbb65f88c6 *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D2T01.shn
01f811cedef2300e95382400ec3c98ec *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D2T02.shn
29d676fdc1dbf2cf27ab0d277c36b427 *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D2T03.shn
210742eb0d64aedb60999e5266abd9f7 *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D2T04.shn
6673fa4f51982a26e78fa3e9fdef2f7f *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D2T05.shn
0296ed8bbdb592861c5f3086f28ae705 *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D2T06.shn
d7893ac34b9b4006a34e9df9329a3c0a *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D2T07.shn
40f34e229b575db687628d5fbde327dd *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D2T08.shn
0aa07dd724dcbe9a3ee831cf3c3f5c6a *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D3T01.shn
5dedcd5866e207d11395dcb4d47b1a92 *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D3T02.shn
8e0a4bcee3d399ac4b30f2ce1a44031d *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D3T03.shn
9695eea1c56a37b3f6371f7a8368f18d *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D3T04.shn
c9a3fbc9b0d77e94b85c6b634382ee89 *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D3T05.shn
0e8c835a2ba8ceeae4fa015d950afa20 *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D3T06.shn
523d4f5239f8c5cf25b321105b9a99c8 *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D3T07.shn
d9bca53e68300dfd662d0a12de88e86f *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D3T08.shn
fd0c539634f33d9db4945ced96fac980 *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D3T09.shn
d15dff00f29b80872c587350414f4d40 *2004_09_14_Still_Standing_D3T10.shn

Still Standing Back.jpg
Still Standing Backtray.jpg
Still Standing Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8

Producers Notes:

And yet still another fine recording from the European leg of the R30 tour. It's a decent show but the taper did have a few problems, not the least of which was hiding (or perhaps dropping) a mic for the first several songs.? Stick with it as it gets better after an equipment adjustment during Force 10.? Originally released on The Alien Shore ( and T-N-M-S ( February 2004?

Special thanks must go to the taper and Neph for the artwork.? Thanks!? This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! As is the Simple Man norm, this show is available on Direct Connect and will be traded freely to all comers.


   (Audio - 9.5)

After the initial taping problems this turns out to be an astounding recording. It sounds exactly as they did on that night, loads of atmosphere and a crowd really into the performance.   (2005-03-04)

   (Audio - 6.5)

VG+/VG   (2005-12-29)

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