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Only Half The Story


Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: Disc 1 (77:29) Disc 2 (13:23)
Catalog: GG Productions: GG-Rush-001
Source: Audience (Master DAT)
Date: September 15, 2004
Location: NEC, Birmingham, UK

Intro   2:40
R30 Medley   6:42
The Spirit of Radio   5:08
Force Ten   4:52
Animate   5:55
Subdivisions   6:16
Earthshine   5:52
Red Barchetta   6:50
Roll the Bones   6:07
Bravado   6:13
YYZ   4:44
The Trees   5:59
The Seeker   4:31
One Little Victory   5:32

Summertime Blues   3:44
Crossroeads   3:13
Limelight   4:39
Outro   1:44

59dfc30d97c70ad2c32167532a951bdf *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t01.shn
26397b7db5b35fef78426de4ba469e28 *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t02.shn
3c25acb857639acf775d664529cbbf91 *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t03.shn
f175ae8c27b0ca894ba9749b132daac3 *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t04.shn
1dcf7a9a534e8d9405b1a64f34d4b3cb *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t05.shn
ae9e2c41c8ed4201c3776d1cf0d51a8b *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t06.shn
b79afd4ca6c66e90d9d20274777839e8 *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t07.shn
54789f9246734e4d4ef7dbde76461717 *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t08.shn
7caf6339eca81eca4d9cad413577042e *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t09.shn
531b38be5b6bc6b7ebd90d7da61d6b37 *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t10.shn
961cd8963c46c7f80dc2d1a28b722d8d *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t11.shn
570cb1e4ae3af9a30bcdf5c216039044 *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t12.shn
6be430f16f3bbe543c4204d315514612 *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t13.shn
b81c173fdd45371f99a97adc781ce69e *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t14.shn
e794a20f4cbfc7d15af07dca374c551f *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d2t04.shn
5c511fc48f907d4c576d5b1d63129fce *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d2t01.shn
06cd3e4ef90e3beb8a49c0c904ca9a8c *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d2t02.shn
2f6b02ba788ad800fd8b0f4abbd46cd6 *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d2t03.shn

759a594c3438e70f31ba47bc21682a1f *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t01.wav
a9bae93f444709c85b2394146f605299 *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t02.wav
3e7358db033233b80f7fba393e91d447 *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t03.wav
77ed4cd9495a593c6f3da931befa2f1f *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t04.wav
ced58d5ba551ac7f796424ef49263554 *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t05.wav
32196e2d05c1bd54385a231be32a0dac *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t06.wav
285810d17b2a5086aca9200ea354b890 *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t07.wav
891c98cf8800cbf8f8eb0b2ecd5cbe01 *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t08.wav
bb24fa2b40b3709462277489f2a72f29 *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t09.wav
6838d8e26b64d3720c745e308c2d28a3 *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t10.wav
e753a3edaad73bc4d74311c137ca318d *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t11.wav
0096f7e6894ea5133bfee3e1b13fee84 *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t12.wav
daf1d260ba561e9cc0b922fc16219d66 *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t13.wav
5f622112bdfdad016ddf9c9516a0371c *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d1t14.wav
b3d16da86503ffd51f3ed456f48ed1fd *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d2t01.wav
2d1f9669fa6f0fcc260345c46c0cc1d8 *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d2t02.wav
cf33bd0cb4ca7751ce5bb05bb4d35665 *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d2t03.wav
0ef6d290e6b4d5e153399c0a6c39fc25 *Rush_2004-09-15_OHTS_d2t04.wav

Only Half the Story Back.jpg
Only Half the Story Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7

Producers Notes:

Recording info
Sony DDS-1 DG90P X 2: PCM-M1 (48Khz)---> SP1 (107Hz roll off)---> AT933/H (Nephronic) Line in 7.25
Tapers Notes

Recorded from row 14 dead centre on the last night of the UK tour.? After the success of my second night at Wembley and SECC recordings I felt pretty confident about capturing another stellar Rush performance.? Alas I managed to mess up the second set, so the first set and the encore is all I managed to get on tape. What is there is another excellent Rush recording for all to enjoy. Many thanks to Gebs for doing his magic.? Nephronic

Mastering Notes

This is my first ever Rush mastering...although I have taped them a lot in Europe on the 04 tour and have over 50 recordings under my belt I have never been confident enough to remaster a Rush show....until now.? I hope everyone enjoys it.? Big thanks to Neph for his master DAT's and his great taping.? Gebs


   (Audio - 7)


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