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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-041
Source: Audience (MD Master)
Date: July 16, 2004
Location: Cricket Pavilion, Phoneix, Arizona, USA

Intro   2:20
R-30 Overture   6:41
The Spirit Of Radio   5:08
Force Ten   4:48
Animate   6:03
Subdivisions   6:15
Earthshine   5:57
Red Barchetta   6:51
Roll The Bones   6:09
Bravado   6:14
YYZ   4:52
The Trees   6:14
The Seeker   4:21
One Little Victory   5:34

Darn that Dragon Intro   3:02
Tom Sawyer   5:10
Dreamline   5:10
Secret Touch   7:30
Between The Wheels   6:16
Mystic Rhythms   5:39
Red Sector A   5:11
Drum Solo   8:27
Resist   3:47
Heart Full Of Soul   2:42

104faad310e82471d9d81668b3a82ea2 *2004_07_16_Rush_First_Attempt_D1T03.shn
e090c6012d58d1d4f006e8ddd2119669 *2004_07_16_Rush_First_Attempt_D1T04.shn
2f837145cd43fb123c0c18fe1fbfccdb *2004_07_16_Rush_First_Attempt_D1T05.shn
a2fefbee3a2f06a21a8e8124db281a3b *2004_07_16_Rush_First_Attempt_D1T06.shn
79454daaeddd9aa00b1e055fabc3cf59 *2004_07_16_Rush_First_Attempt_D1T07.shn
5107e03b3950d3a777dfa54a66690754 *2004_07_16_Rush_First_Attempt_D1T08.shn
f71f4c3dbb29e241f84fc75262835866 *2004_07_16_Rush_First_Attempt_D1T09.shn
d608f5905346b8b20481dc0d023321b9 *2004_07_16_Rush_First_Attempt_D1T10.shn
8454fe833dd5c88899a9f5ccf31734d2 *2004_07_16_Rush_First_Attempt_D1T12.shn
5e2f5b547a9bdf440d86a4bbd6f48240 *2004_07_16_Rush_First_Attempt_D1T13.shn
34d85705e5e4a436aebfff64366c43b0 *2004_07_16_Rush_First_Attempt_D1T14.shn
79192f2966c0e56b4285d537afec8317 *2004_07_16_Rush_First_Attempt_D1T15.shn
f30dacb7bcd543b8c34ee23432f1c431 *2004_07_16_Rush_First_Attempt_D1T01.shn
21e470af94c6c2fdb9c956dde0b85cc2 *2004_07_16_Rush_First_Attempt_D1T02.shn
85e9a66701d958d02acdf9d43e9de267 *2004_07_16_Rush_First_Attempt_D2T02.shn
6d6b03ceeb805366af0db18103ab6a5b *2004_07_16_Rush_First_Attempt_D2T03.shn
5969cc794586de410c99fa42031bd522 *2004_07_16_Rush_First_Attempt_D2T04.shn
d64a22e2a925dc884317edc677d7a80e *2004_07_16_Rush_First_Attempt_D2T05.shn
366bd2eeaebe781195be74112bc662f2 *2004_07_16_Rush_First_Attempt_D2T06.shn
f426056eedda5c7cc6ad7765ac7a2109 *2004_07_16_Rush_First_Attempt_D2T07.shn
26fac62e6e1d438e8a50951c8141440c *2004_07_16_Rush_First_Attempt_D2T08.shn
d9c1291637728096d070a552cc5c5119 *2004_07_16_Rush_First_Attempt_D2T09.shn
acf03ed89eaaf8f6e926f810a7279a02 *2004_07_16_Rush_First_Attempt_D2T10.shn
b0346ac963159ad1e16a60aea0f8aea1 *2004_07_16_Rush_First_Attempt_D2T01.shn

First Attempt Cover Thumbnail.jpg
First Attempt Back.jpg
First Attempt Cover.jpg
First Attempt Disc 1.jpg
First Attempt Disc 2.jpg
First Attempt Foldout.jpg
First Attempt Tray.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7

Producers Notes:

This was the Southwestern?s Branch of Simple Man Productions first attempt at recording a show and they actually did a decent job.? All the instruments are clear and upfront.? Unfortunately due to some technical difficulty the complete show is unavailable.? As always, a thank you goes out to the taper for the source and to Daneck for the artwork.? It's great when fans get together and share the music!? This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! As is the Simple Man norm, this show is available on Direct Connect and will be traded freely to all comers.?


   (Audio - 7)


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