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Media: 2 DVDr Video
Time: 121:28
Catalog: TCProductions: TC0128052DVD
Source: 1st gen VHS
Date: February 12, 1994
Location: HP Pavillion, San Jose, California, USA

DVD - 1

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2c3c6474786c4fc142fee7ba33bffd52 *VIDEO_TSVIDEO_TS.IFO
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30374b9c3f77505130640f4bafc86125 *VIDEO_TSVTS_01_0.IFO
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20f349eede2959467061ccc736026abf *VIDEO_TSVTS_01_2.VOB
11fdce5b2908dcfe95920bef3dc276da *VIDEO_TSVTS_01_3.VOB
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aa2331f1ef2b45740193006eaffa3b00 *VIDEO_TSVTS_01_5.VOB

DVD - 2

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1151f5b64ab3ed302e8a8c8adcdd88f7 *VIDEO_TSVIDEO_TS.IFO
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26a186af73080a60e6d48d7a962a8c45 *VIDEO_TSVTS_01_0.IFO
6834962a86eadbabbadff6f2e6a15edd *VIDEO_TSVTS_01_0.VOB
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9cd503897477088b5eae5c6cb78cd603 *VIDEO_TSVTS_01_4.VOB
bb03a6cfce52e9a1b42c0e8688acdbf0 *VIDEO_TSVTS_01_5.VOB

rush 021294.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 6.75
Video: 7

   (Audio - 6.5, Video - 7)

This dvd features the first appearance of Rush in the new home of the San Jose Sharks. Transfered from a first gen VHS to 2 DVD's. Complete w/ motion menu's and artwork.? Filmer is direct center of stage, towards the back of the venue the close ups are not spectacular but very enjoyable. The real feature of this DVD set is the full stage shots with light show. The colors are not washed out and the lights create some very cool "halo" or circular effects w/ the camera lens.? The VHS is from an Italian bootleg company called Addicted to Video. lineage is as follows: Toshiba 4 head hifi VCR (s-video out w/ a +3db audio boost) > Pioneer DVD burner > (2) Sony DVD-RW > TMPGenc (menus and chapter edits direct to DVD-RW) > (2) Taiyo Yuden DVD- w/ Md5 and artwork for trading and archiving.

DVD specs
720 x 480 29.97 fps (4:3) NTSC
Linear PCM 48000Hz Stereo
Max. Bitrate 8296 kbps
1 cam audience

Since the show was a bit big for 1 dvd on a 2 hour mode, I kept it on the highest setting (62 min. per DVD) and kept the audio in uncompressed .wav.?? This 2 DVD set is now available for trades and B&P.? Please do not expect RCMH or even Meat Bees quality with this (we are getting a bit spoiled, aren't we?), but it did seem a bit rare to me and I did want to make it available for the completists out there. Very typical set list from that tour, and of course a typically solid performance from the band. Thanx to Edisonbaggins for the VHS and the opportunity to make this available.


   (Audio - 7, Video - 7)

This is probably more like a 2nd or 3rd gen. The guy that filmed this show used to go from his Camera to VHS and then use that VHS to make other copies that you would purchase at some independent stores that sold bootleg VHS tapes here in the Bay Area. Most people would get the impression that they were getting a first gen.   (2009-08-15)

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