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Playtime In The Garden (Part 2)


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-040
Source: Audience (MD Master)
Date: July 17, 2004
Location: MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Intro 2:38
R-30 Overture 6:32
The Spirit of Radio 5:02
Force Ten 4:43
Animate 5:58
Subdivisions 6:11
Earthshine 5:50
Red Barchetta 6:53
Roll The Bones 6:07
Bravado 6:11
YYZ 4:51
The Trees 6:02
The Seeker 4:18
One Little Victory 5:35

Darn that Dragon Intro 3:08
Tom Sawyer 5:03
Dreamline 5:15
Secret Touch 7:12
Between The Wheels 6:12
Mystic Rhythms 5:23
Red Sector A 5:10
Drum Solo 8:21

Resist 4:05
Heart Full Of Soul 2:50
2112 : Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx/Grand Finale 8:11
La Villa Strangiato 9:45
By-Tor And The Snow Dog 4:36
Xanadu 6:57
Working Man 6:09
Summertime Blues 3:42
Crossroads 3:12
Limelight 4:30
Outro 1:15

caefb752cb83ba58bbdc72d5488b1adc *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D1T01.shn
bbd93afdf8d5a9e1a86ba3683dc509d3 *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D1T02.shn
b5079e1735b84c99d17f4ad16544aca5 *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D1T03.shn
40abea825a71567bb438f5ca0d5937b8 *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D1T04.shn
4c97f62886cc221f8c954a377e763291 *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D1T05.shn
b7a59800b8bc80ae97d11436dbe6138e *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D1T06.shn
cf9ec732feca5bbb9237217067ecf2f8 *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D1T07.shn
5b53323f254818e32039e86394eea505 *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D1T08.shn
0531969f86fcb5c86fde79a74465f1a2 *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D1T09.shn
e087798ebb817b6da75a96b75d8a25f6 *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D1T10.shn
d606d0481d2aeae736eb81272a44fdf7 *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D1T11.shn
7e8b96d87423b5a4c5caaacb83c4def4 *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D1T12.shn
dadb79ed4c39ebbb0c8811d4a238d9e5 *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D1T13.shn
e96600ed26d51b1f4129e8764ad1a01a *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D1T14.shn
1c8ee14c0be2b58e8e9b532793c3bc71 *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D2T01.shn
69211753926a804eb06f007ab6855080 *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D2T02.shn
6f981c8d916f668fb5b848a8c9689ed7 *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D2T03.shn
836446d70cb10d39160b1c9ef5ca6569 *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D2T04.shn
a6e030739021aac17a3ee4552ba60ea2 *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D2T05.shn
86b45b654bf865f2323bbf8592f3e550 *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D2T06.shn
fb3e21e1ef0b0c278867700b826663e3 *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D2T07.shn
246c4567a20ca69f2078ecb162c191c5 *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D2T08.shn
4a17e8a94a8329e84fee486cbb2acc65 *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D3T05.shn
9bf77018ad880ffa0229341573d31f12 *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D3T06.shn
a2b8d66b438a260041225193354ac939 *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D3T07.shn
38e8a987f67a7c58413364b88d4dc77e *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D3T08.shn
928d15a6468d33328cf56246f96f85dc *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D3T09.shn
a4d638b3467883f3adf583626890df2d *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D3T10.shn
031172f4b747254a0970b8141100a808 *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D3T11.shn
7f5c2d35077d3d69231e8e70d8f596b9 *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D3T01.shn
5e3c18b54057010b180b0413faebbce1 *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D3T02.shn
299db8ef5daf03e68e66ad6ee2893184 *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D3T03.shn
db1e1b3db4c1db1c498ce1cae8862f43 *Rush_2004_07_17_Rush_PtitGP2_D3T04.shn

Playtime in the Garden, Part 2 Back.jpg
Playtime in the Garden, Part 2 Cover.jpg
Playtime in the Garden, Part 2 Disc1.jpg
Playtime in the Garden, Part 2 Disc2.jpg
Playtime in the Garden, Part 2 Disc3.jpg
Playtime in the Garden, Part 2 Foldout.jpg
Playtime in the Garden, Part 2 Tray.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7.5

Producers Notes:

A new mini disc source from the Las Vegas show.? Since the MGM Grand employs metal detectors, you would think that sources would be pretty rare.? Apparently it wasn't near as difficult to record in this venue as was rumored prior to the show.? This source was recorded up front and the instruments and vocals certainly are also.? Perhaps not as good as some of the other sources already available or as good as the sources soon to be available from this night but still worth having in your collection.

Special thanks goes out to the taper for providing the source and to Daneck for providing the artwork.? One more way that fans share the music with others.

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! As is the Simple Man norm, this show is available on Direct Connect and will be traded freely to all comers.


   (Audio - 7.5)

VG+/EX- Pretty nice show from the R30 tour, with some nice artwork too! There are two small hiccups at d1t5 5.16 & 5.26.   (2005-09-05)

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