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A Bowl Full Of Rush


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-044
Source: Audience (Master DAT)
Date: July 06, 2004
Location: Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, California, USA

Intro 2:12
R-30 Overture 6:37
The Spirit of Radio 5:02
Force Ten 4:44
Animate 5:58
Subdivisions 6:19
Earthshine 5:47
Red Barchetta 6:52
Roll The Bones 6:08
Bravado 6:12
YYZ 4:48
The Trees 6:07
The Seeker 4:20
One Little Victory 5:38

Darn that Dragon Intro 3:09
Tom Sawyer 5:17
Dreamline 5:06
Secret Touch 7:39
Between The Wheels 6:02
Mystic Rhythms 5:34
Red Sector A 5:11
Drum Solo 8:26

Resist 4:40
Heart Full Of Soul 2:49
2112: Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx/Grand Finale 8:05
La Villa Strangiato 9:10
By-Tor And The Snow Dog 4:37
Xanadu 6:58
Working Man 7:13
Summertime Blues 3:43
Crossroads 3:12
Limelight 4:39

Disc #1
8178086ac046a7b203e41752ad1714cd *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D1T01.shn
2114163d3828871647a243f13263c4a4 *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D1T02.shn
24ae7cf43264607fc08def6b40a54f57 *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D1T03.shn
ed2853a8a6f1fe75cbdb44c7ef1843b8 *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D1T04.shn
ef546dde0e864c4f6a9195822ea1c034 *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D1T05.shn
ce115fe4e21fa5c0f3add7d6181923dd *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D1T06.shn
ae1e3d278c2075fa451a2557546730e8 *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D1T07.shn
e5b8576aaaca8009e8ec806ed7bfd7eb *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D1T08.shn
33e17e408703dcb0c0246516b73629e6 *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D1T09.shn
e5c14da3ff58808e1685bf3257aba01e *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D1T10.shn
d5af553167801c60abffff0d7ea538a1 *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D1T11.shn
93c89b9ef11e57bf582732258c01bcb1 *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D1T12.shn
6c64553abe635027f2cfbe69a3ecc58a *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D1T13.shn
5aaf009fda79c0a23cb5888aef14c193 *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D1T14.shn

Disc #2
ef324c9403e1e116c7114d927b1bdf1e *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D2T01.shn
a793ed36266b3b9864de4d161d5f063b *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D2T02.shn
ea2c53ab4a5a87f55d0a44619daa47d6 *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D2T03.shn
0cbe5b656727f4f4a03e34212a446b2b *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D2T04.shn
0b6df049b7f70bafbe7a90bd7cdb8b0c *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D2T05.shn
51ebe3a32ea428627f150077ee7f35d1 *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D2T06.shn
ca3afe94b1cdddbafd86c34e5b7e29f5 *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D2T07.shn
61eafb482103892c8fafde9126ce3a69 *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D2T08.shn

Disc #3
5703c95a6fc6a6c099b265f3ddb99722 *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D3T01.shn
0dd72b67c43f5831f4473d20cb51dadb *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D3T02.shn
13c3682f9fa62681afdf34af9c2818dc *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D3T03.shn
6318bac46b3c05f2b09454e0f6a87bbe *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D3T04.shn
52d5426c947628b6eb3d1cc40cfea0ca *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D3T05.shn
f09f1aa1a094789dd002788032f25db9 *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D3T06.shn
eb9de0cfd70e0814b20c041d4a8968c9 *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D3T07.shn
689796649545a6a34cd2d7e4fb7052d3 *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D3T08.shn
75c94b445b33a73fef558b67517c6ae4 *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D3T09.shn
5404e544656d61119537b0a8294868cd *Rush_2004_07_06_ABFoR_D3T10.shn

A Bowl Full of Rush Back Tray Outside.JPG
A Bowl Full of Rush Front Tray Inside.JPG
A Bowl Full of Rush Front Tray Outside.JPG
A Bowl Full of Rush cd 1.JPG
A Bowl Full of Rush cd 2.JPG
A Bowl Full of Rush cd 3.JPG

Average Rating:Audio: 7.5

Producers Notes:

This show was originally torrented on Sharing the Groove but the taper was kind enough to loan me his master DAT tapes to work on both this audio release and the DVD of the same name.? All in all, it's a pretty nice show.? There is a slight taping "snafu" in the first few minutes with the volume levels.? This was evened out as much as possible but it is certainly still noticeable.? All the instruments are very clear.? As most R30 shows, it is very loud and tends to be heavy in the low ends but nothing that is too distracting.? Certainly a worthwhile addition to anyone?s collection.? Originally released on The Alien Shore ( Decemebr 2004

Special thanks must go to the taper and to Nephronic for the artwork.? This hobby is indeed a cross continent and cross cultural experience!

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! As is the Simple Man norm, this show is available on Direct Connect and will be traded freely to all comers.


   (Audio - 7)


Jesse G.
   (Audio - 8)

Good show. I especially like it cause I was there. The guys played a good show this night. The sound here is bright and crisp. Get it!   (2005-10-02)

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