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The Trees Of Scranton Pennsylvania


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-040
Source: Audience (Master DAT)
Date: August 07, 2004
Location: Ford Pavilion at Montage Mountain, Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA

Intro 2:42
R-30 Overture 6:39
The Spirit of Radio 5:07
Force Ten 4:52
Animate 6:03
Subdivisions 6:16
Earthshine 5:50
Red Barchetta 6:58
Roll the Bones 6:11
Bravado 6:14
YYZ 4:54
The Trees 6:02
The Seeker 4:16
One Little Victory 5:39

Darn that Dragon Intro 3:03
Tom Sawyer 5:13
Dreamline 5:10
Secret Touch 7:32
Between The Wheels 6:03
Mystic Rhythms 5:28
Red Sector A 5:10
Drum Solo 8:31

Resist 4:51
Heart Full Of Soul 2:45
2112 Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx/Grand Finale 8:12
La Villa Strangiato 9:21
By-Tor and The Snow Dog 4:47
Xanadu 6:59
Working Man 7:00
Summertime Blues 3:42
Crossroads 3:15
Limelight 4:55
Outro 1:08

788f2d719e5084d14f9fb33119bc5aab *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D1T01.shn
4f4d213aa5b3bc37ab013514098afa95 *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D1T02.shn
bc6b1462076eced5280be65950e875b7 *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D1T03.shn
3b5006a2ae7bbcfc1ba1a02a1f3d44ca *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D1T04.shn
531523d2c33f30dd151b14770cbaba38 *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D1T05.shn
27ef6b25b6f9015aad7b61266bebe4dd *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D1T06.shn
785b8f8cf3745a7816c732675031630e *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D1T07.shn
b39a7d77d2ca38361f61c167793d96ee *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D1T08.shn
08c5e10d0f27f4c4f910b936457eb073 *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D1T09.shn
a10fc5f1d9ccd8d61fc4f345088b1d3b *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D1T10.shn
eb2bb72206d17c7160da3477bf249ce4 *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D1T11.shn
340c17e67fe2500a0eec9e8b815fedee *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D1T12.shn
71bb7f385d4f7aceddea1e07ecc21606 *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D1T13.shn
3136682683aedc4d9e98821ac8aa4927 *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D1T14.shn
35cbed83c4f878b42a2878b34828f285 *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D2T01.shn
5e45447273b38329bb77ee3a4b7a42df *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D2T02.shn
880b22cdb74a9c62e26f739fae2f71b5 *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D2T03.shn
3715e306c17488184aaffd9ca10a2a15 *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D2T04.shn
50ed907ab30251d4ca7010d8ddfb67c4 *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D2T05.shn
027fe80d5413c940160eb238c92872a0 *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D2T06.shn
271a3eb1fe11008d8fcddeb6083c176c *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D2T07.shn
fb9103ae9fff7b023299944997c2073c *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D2T08.shn
f63a9f1f935c9c30ccfa15d40ff5edfc *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D3T01.shn
b6e70dbeebc4c55b8623248cfa5d1360 *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D3T02.shn
b8ad80bb54506d9e3f959a9e2aef37c4 *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D3T03.shn
b0305126c091c3194daefa5070f901b7 *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D3T04.shn
6602a1074e293526ae13ff2a9d1fc59a *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D3T05.shn
c80d2fda5f2e501559e451eb826cfa0b *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D3T06.shn
4fa85f22873706038125d652eaed2e3d *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D3T07.shn
2614f31940aaf6f9d29b79a46aae7c72 *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D3T08.shn
1fff353bca39c31071c73e7e8d09659a *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D3T09.shn
95b41569291c0c8aebada2761fa34db9 *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D3T10.shn
4280a7f59b77137253de9f6e875b3638 *Rush_2004_08_07_TToSP_D3T11.shn

The Trees of Scranton Back.jpg
The Trees of Scranton Back Thumbnail.jpg
The Trees of Scranton Cover.jpg
The Trees of Scranton Cover Thumbnail.jpg
The Trees of Scranton Disc1.jpg
The Trees of Scranton Disc2.jpg
The Trees of Scranton Disc3.jpg
The Trees of Scranton Foldout.jpg
The Trees of Scranton Tray.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8.25

Taper's Notes:

This is a great venue, if you're an elephant. That's right, another big top! Although frankly I think that this is one of the better recordings that I've heard from this venue. The weather conditions this night (no wind and a cool night with low humidity) made this a perfect concert, and taping, evening. Even though there was a fairly large crowd, at times you have to wonder if the audience is really there as they are so quite. There is one annoying clapper but he tends to get a little quieter as the night goes on.

Again the fans are what make recordings like these available. Fans tape the shows and fans share the shows for all other fans to enjoy. This is what true fans do.

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! As is the Simple Man norm, this show is available on Direct Connect and will be traded freely to all comers.

   (Audio - 10)

Awesome show! It was one of the better Rush shows I have attended. This is a great recording. The crowd was really into it, but you would never know it from this recording. But you don't get these recordings to hear the crowd do you? This is great souvenir from a most memorable night!   (2004-12-07)

   (Audio - 7)

This was a great show, and by far the loudest of the 13 shows I saw. The artwork on it is amazing one of my absolute favorites from this tour to date, very nice cd labels too! Its a really nice sounding show, and very enjoyable, but a 10? definitely not, more like a VG+ IMHO.   (2004-12-18)

   (Audio - 8)

A very boomy venue, but this is one of the better sounding shows I've heard from it. The show was great, and so is this representation of it. Thanks, SMP!   (2005-04-18)

Aramis K. Vidaurre
   (Audio - 8)

This audience recording is quite enjoyable though the instruments are a bit distant, except for the drums which are clear enough. In deed, just in like other boots, the hi-hat is louder in “Red Sector A” which gives you that peculiar sensation that Geddy is running in the “for my father and for my brother it’s too late” trying to “catch” the drums. Also, it seems that the taper made an adjustment in the equalizer to prevent that the intro would get higher. There is also an adjustment in “Working Man” (at 2:40) to get the guitar “to the front” and make it sound powerful. With TTOS you hear what is necessary. Perhaps Geddy’s bass is quite low in some portions, but it’s an AUD, right? If you have listened to other boots from this gig then you have heard this one. Strange? Not at all; the guys are quite comfortable with their performance: Geddy interacts with the people when necessary, introduces the “new” songs or the ones not so commonly played during the tours. You already know what to expect: the music speaks by itself. These musicians do not need to raise their voice trying to get the audience involved or to curse (the usual f*** words once in a while or once in a boot, but what the heck!!!). You know, it is quite interesting when listening to the same set list from a SB and then compare it with an AUD; you can perceive different key and guitar notes that make you appreciate the songs from diverse angles. Personally, I got that sensation with “Mystic Rhythms”; there is something special this time in the guitar.    (2007-08-20)

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